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THREE articles on three Lenten services-& photos

Lenten- THREE articles on three Lenten services-& photos-

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 3:21 PM

 ROCA in Moldova, Holy Ascension Monastery:

РПЦЗ: Литургия Преждеосвященных Даров в Вознесенском монастыре

ROCOR: Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts in the Holy Ascension Monastery, in Moldova 

Автор: Митрополит Агафангел. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 21 февраля 2018 February 21, 2018 . . Категория: РПЦЗ . Category: ROCOR .
Photo of Anfim Basarabeanul.
Первая в этом году Литургия Преждеосвященных Даров была отслужена 21 февраля, в среду первой седмицы Великого поста, в кафедральном соборе монастыря Воскресения Христова.

The first Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts was celebrated on February 21, on Wednesday of the first week of Lent, in the cathedral church of the Monastery of the Resurrection of Christ.
Епископ Анфим Басарабский молился в кафедральном соборе за утреней, часами, изобразительными,, после которых игуменом Дамианом была совершена Литургия Преждеосвященных Даров.

 Bishop Anfim of Besarabia prayed in the cathedral at the  Matins, the Hours, and Prime, after which  Hegumen Damian celebrated the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
В завершение богослужения Владыка обратился к молящимся с проповедью.
 At the conclusion of the service, Vladyka ended the prayers with a sermon.
Photo of Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo of Anfim Basarabeanul.
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 In the Holy Dormition Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria: The Rite of Forgiveness


Bulgarian SPC: The Rite of Forgiveness (PHOTO) Автор: Ольга. Author: Olga. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 21 февраля 2018 February 21, 2018 . . Категория: Болгарская Старостильная Церковь . Category: Bulgarian Old Calendar Church .

5.02 / 18.02 - 2018 г. В Кафедральном Храме Успения Пресвятой Богородицы в Софии Преосвященнейший митрополит Триадицкий Фотий отслужил Вечерню, Повечерие и Чин прощения в сослужении священства, клира и паствы. 5.02 / 18.02 - 2018.

At the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos in Sofia, His Eminence Metropolitan Fotiy of Triaditsa, served Vespers, Compline, and the Order of Forgiveness in the service of the priesthood, clergy and flock.

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At the Holy Dormition Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria: First Reading of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete:

Bulgarian PTS: The First Day of the Great Late Night and the Reading of the Great Canon (PHOTO) Автор: Ольга. Author: Olga. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 21 февраля 2018 February 21, 2018 . . Категория: Болгарская Старостильная Церковь . Category: Bulgarian Old Calendar Church .

В понедельник 6.02 / 19.02 - 2018 г. в Кафедральном Храме Успения Пресвятой Богородицы в Софии, Преосвященнейший митрополит Триадицкий Фотий отслужил Великое Повечение с чтением чтением Покаянного Канона Андрея Критского в сослужении священства и монашества.

On Monday 6.02 / 19.02 - 2018, in the Cathedral Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sofia, His Grace Metropolitan Photius of Triaditsky, served the Great Compline with the reading of the Penitential Canon of St. Andrew of Crete in the service of the priesthood and monastics.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Letter of GOC-K in Athens to under-ban Bp. Andronik

Informational General Sharing: Letter of Archbishop Kallinikos GOC Synod in Athens, to under-ban Bp. Andronik (Kotlaroff)-and below it, the link to read what Australian 'bishop' Andrei Erastov says in response to it-


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Dan Everiss

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 5:12 PM

     In short:  

This official GOC of Greece, declaration states their decided position: 

They call our Mt. View schimatics, lead by under-ban Bps. Andronik (Kotlaroff) and Sophrony (Musienko) to iron out mere- 'administrative  issues', which lesser non-theological issues they, The Holy Synod of our ROCA's sister church, the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and All-Greece, see as very do-able and  possible......  to make peace over,....  and THEN for them- to return to lawful canonical obedience to our canonical ROCA, lead by our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, and his Holy Synod.

Once again, as previously, the Greek GOC is offering to try to be the peace-makers between our ROCA and our schismatics. 

I have read what schismatic 'bishop Andrei' responds, -here below, but I must say:  It is his typical disjointed and illogical non-Orthodox garbled and non-applicable nonsense, of the rebellious power-hungry schimatics attempting to build some illusionary 'legal case' against our Metropolitan, but by them  miss-quoting/taking out of context, and juggling of various canons, either obscure ones or major ones, or from miss-quoting of  various sayings of various saints, and their imagined infractions of them, by the 'immoral' (?), Metropolitan.  It really is simply them refusing to submit to his lawful episcopal authority, which episcopal authority is  guaranteed in our Orthodox Church canons, & defaming and slandering him. 

They want to remove him, so that they can take over the leadership/monies/properties and direction of our world-wide ROCA remnant, [which they are helping to weaken and divide and destroy at this time... all to the joy of the KGB/FSB controlled MP in Moscow]   -as they claim that they  can do a much better job of running it, than Met. Agafangel.

Could they?

From what I have seen and read from them, so far, I could not possibly conceive that they are more worthy or better to run ROCA.

Rd. Daniel in Oregon

# 2676
Athens, 10/23-01-2018

To His Eminence Andronik, Archbishop of Syracuse, NY

The Most Reverend Vladyka,
The Lord Jesus Christ, Who appeared in the Jordan; May He, always abundantly grant His enlightenment from above to you.

At the meeting of our Holy Synod on December 8/21, 2017, it was decided, after a consultation with the members of the Holy Diocesan Synod of our Church in America, to address you with this fraternal letter in order to express our pain and sorrow for the continuing division among the Hierarchy of our beloved brother Hierarchs of the Russian Church Abroad. We therefore wish to share our thoughts with you, emphasizing that we all pray that there is a way out of this painful crisis as soon as possible.

Firstly, we report that the forthcoming issue has repeatedly been the subject of conversations, as much for our Holy Synod of the Church of the GOC of Greece, as for the Diocesan Synod of America. And because, as is known, this crisis of the ROCA is also causing problems for the Church of the GOC of Greece, especially in a geographical place abroad, where the parishes of both Churches are present.

Most Rev. Metropolitan of Toronto, Moses, was very sad when he learned that his friendly visit to the neighbouring Russian Parish was misunderstood and that despite his good intentions, this event, quite unfairly, was the reason for the aggravation of the mutual relations of the two sides that remain in disagreement within the ROCA.

All Bishops of our Holy Synod believe that the disagreement between you and the clergy of Met. Agafangel relate not to dogmatic, but administrative issues, for which it is quite possible to find a solution through dialogue.

However, it should be noted that your party hastened to arbitrarily ordain the bishop for Australia and accept in communion another bishop in America; these actions, in our opinion, are hasty, and aggravate the difficulties for reconciliation. In addition, we do not approve of certain promulgations and official statements and declarations on your part, by which you are trying to justify the fragmentation of the Church into many parts, which give a cause to Metropolitan Agafangel and those with him to condemn you more sharply. In any case, we think that through honest and sincere dialogue it is possible to find solutions to all this.

In the direction of the opening of the dialogue, we ask Your Eminence to appoint a suitable person from your clergy who is familiar with these administrative problems so that he participates in a dialogue with such a member of the Clergy from Metropolitan Agafangel’s side.
Most Rev. Archbishop Sofroniy in his Report “The Causes of Crisis in the Russian Orthodox Church
Outside of Russia”, in the end, says: "For many years we have made every possible effort to find a
conciliar solution to these problems" (second paragraph of the conclusion). There is no reason for interrupting the effort now, the more so as we also propose to promote it to the extent possible.

We will continue to encourage Metropolitan Agafangel to refrain from taking disciplinary action against you and instructively participate in this way in dialogue. We ask you not to close the door of the dialogue, because if something like this happens, then the effort on our part to persuade Metropolitan Agafangel to hold a moderate position will become impotent. In this case, the consequences will be very painful and we will come to the conclusion that the burden of responsibility rests with the party that interrupted the effort to reconcile.

In the hope of a positive response on your part, we remain faithful in the brotherly love in Christ,
Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod
† Photios of Dimitriad

Unhappy response to this official GOC pronouncement:  by Mountain View-schismatic under-ban 'bishop' Andrei Erastov in Australia:

Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Dioceses of Syracuse-St. Nicholas and Ottawa-Canada

RTOC deprived Bp. Stefan Sabelnik of his episcopal rank

A Simply, news sharing: RTOC Synod (of RTOC head, Bp. Tikhon Pasechnik)-deprived Bp. Stefan Sabelnik of his episcopal rank and imposed punishments against other clergy


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Dan Everiss

Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 4:40 PM


 My jurisdiction, -that of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, lead by our solidly Orthodox Vladyka Agafangel, firmly believes that our ROCA is the sole canonical and legitimate CONTINUATION of the valid old and free, pre-2017, ROCOR, [when the rest of the old ROCOR bishops, miss-lead by Met. Lavr Skurla,  betrayed the Orthodox Faith and apostatized to the communist-founded and still controlled, bogus Moscow Patriarchy - thus them DE FACTO, LEAVING the legitimate ROCOR, i.e. DEPARTING FROM ORTHODOXY, of which Vladyka Agafangel!  NEVER LEFT BUT STAYED IN and WITH] 

Vladyka Agafangel (Pashkovsky]-who was a fully canonical episcopal member of that pre-2007 ROCOR Synod of Bishops (and none of our 'rival' fragments -were!, supposedly, but dubiously,....  all claiming to SOLELY represent the old ROCOR!, which is impossible, were or are, -as was not, RTOC Bp. Tikhon Pasechnik)-

so thus, we must take [as I do, more and more myself, just to keep my balance and sanity] a somewhat of an outsiders' unemotional and ambivalent a distant and side-view of the predictable on-going chaos within these different warring 'fragments', which world-wide, there are now, far more than 18.... and indeed often multiplying as they create more hate-filled divisions and new schisms.  Especially inside Russia, these divisions increase all the time.

One day, their smiling clergy are gathered around the Holy Altar, and happily and lovingly serving the Divine Liturgy together, taking the Holy Communion from the same Chalice, and the next week.......  they are hurling curses against each other, calling each other, 'heretics', and 'disobedient',  and defrocking/deposing each other... and then consecrating new bishops and priests.  In actual fact, they all violate the canons, over and over.

Yet, over the long years, since 2007 our Vladyka Agafangel has put out many friendly and sincere appeals to them all, to sit down and  talk and to try to find some means for a reapproachment, A HEALING, as long as it can be  done by the canons.  Truly, though they all quote the canons [well, certain 'useful' canons] when it seems to suit their cause, they in fact do not respect any canons.... which forbid or condemn what they are doing or demanding or claiming.  To this day, with a few exceptions, they all refuse to even speak with our church.  Some have joined us under false pretenses, and then later turned on us, and even returning to the MP or to other schismatic directions.

And worse yet, now... quite surprisingly and shockingly, one of our rivals, Bp. Stefan Sabelnik, of Trenton, New Jersey, formerly made a RTOC bishop by Bp. Tikhon Pasechnik's RTOC, is in total rebellion from his founding bishop, and his Synod,  AND  has ... recently.... absurdly.... joined himself!.... to our-ROCA's 'Mt. View Schism'.... which malicious and lamebrain unjustified schism is aimed to destroy our ROCA.... only to the joy and benefit of Moscow. 

And, no doubt, the behind-the-scenes dark  hand of the KGB/FSB and the MP's agents, and their funding, are mixed up in these divisions, even provoking and inspiring and leading them.

So, I only share this particular upsetting church-political news item, because it has just come out.  It cannot be hidden.

Certainly, it is not what should inspire our more lofty Lenten spiritual meditations.... however, it is the way of this fallen world.

My own personal opinion: I no longer believe that there can be, any full or total peace and harmony, in world-wide Orthodox Church life - the 'Earthly Church' until AFTER Christ's Second Coming.  We live now in the End Times, when nothing and virtually no one is a 'normal Orthodox Christian'.

"In Thee, O Lord, have we hoped, let us not, then, be put to shame, in the age to come!~"
God Save US!

Rd. Daniel in Oregon

The Synod of the RTOC deprived Stefan Sabelnik of his episcopal rank and imposed a punishment  against other clerics Автор: Интернет Собор. Author: Internetsobor. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 20 февраля 2018 20 February 2018 . . Категория: Альтернативное Православие . Category: Alternative Православие .
Pictures on request
Очередное заседание Архиерейского Синода Русской Истинно-Православной Церкви состоялось с 19 января/ 1 февраля по 21 января/ 3 февраля 2018 г. в г. Димитрове, Московской области.

The next meeting of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian True Orthodox Church was held from January 19 / February 1 to January 21 / February 3, 2018 in Dimitrov, Moscow Region.

Архиерейским Синодом были рассмотренные следующие вопросы и приняты решения:

The RTOC Synod of Bishops considered the following issues and made decisions:

I - При рассмотрении вопроса о отношениях с Сербской Истинно-Православной Церковью было решено:
 I - When considering the issue of relations with the Serbian True Orthodox Church, it was decided:
  1. Разорвать молитвенное и евхаристическое общение с Сербской Истинно-Православной Церковью
  2. Praying prayer and eucharistic communion with the Serbian True Orthodox Church
  4. Запретить в священном служении архимандрита Евфимия (Трофимова)
  5. To forbid in the sacred service of Archimandrite Evtimiy (Trofimova)
  6. Запретить в священном служении иеромонаха Николая (Савинова),
  7.  To forbid in the sacred service of hieromonk Nicholas (Savinov),
  9. Лишить священного сана иерея Артемия Варламян
  10.  Priest Priest
  11.  Artemy Varlamyan
  12. Выпустить Обращение к епископам СИПЦ с подробной мотивацией разрыва общения .
  13. Issue an Appeal to the HICP Bishops with detailed motivation for a break in communication .
  14.   Дополнительные документы:

  15.  Additional documents:
    - Прошения Леснинского монастыря и Миссии о каноническом отпуске в СИПЦ

  16. - Applications of Lesninsky Monastery and Mission on canonical leave in HICPs

  17. - Ответ на прошения Монастыря и Миссии Архиеоейского Синода РИПЦ

  18. - Response to the requests of the Monastery and the Mission of the Archdiocese Synod of RTOC

  19. - Решение СИПЦ о приеме Леснинского монастыря

  20.  - HICP decision on the reception of the Lesninsky Monastery
II - При рассмотрении вопроса о каноническом положении почисленного на покой епископа Стефана, бывшего Трентенского и Североамериканского, было принято решение о лишении его священного сана .

 II - In considering the canonical position of Bishop Stephen, formerly of Trenten and North American, who was official retired, a decision was made to deprive him of his sacred dignity .

Дополнительные документы:

Additional documents:
- Определение Архиерейского Синода по епископу Стефану

 - Definition of the Synod of Bishops for Bishop Stefan

- Переписка епископа Стефана с благочинным Северной Америки протоиереем Иосифом Сандерленд

- Correspondence between Bishop Stephen and archpriest of North America, Archpriest Joseph Sunderland

III - При рассмотрении правил приема мирян их Московской Патриархии был установлен чин приема мирян из церквей Мирового Православия, в том числе Московской Патриархии.

III - In considering the rules for the reception of laymen from their Moscow Patriarchate, and what is the rank for reception of laity from the churches of World Orthodoxy, including the Moscow Patriarchate, was established.

Также Архиерейским Синодом были рассмотрены прошения и жалобы членов РИПЦ.

Also, the Synod of Bishops considered petitions and complaints of members of the RTOC.

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