Monday, November 20, 2017

St. Philaret feast day in Ukraine

Sharing: In praise of the righteous: ROCOR: Remembrance in the Divine Liturgy of Saint Met. Philaret, held on their patronal feast day, at St. John Maximovitch Church, in Kamenskoye, Ukraine

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 4:34 PM

"The Memory of the Righteous is celebrated with hymns of praise!"

ROCOR: Patronal feast in Kamenskoye in Ukraine (PHOTO) Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel inc. 19 Ноябрь 2017 19-Nov-2017 . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 8) Posted in ROCOR (Views: 8)

В храме Святителя Иоанна Максимовича в Каменском на Украине (настоятель протоиерей Александр Мартыненко) есть предел в честь Святителя Филарета.

 In the church of St. John Maksimovich in Kamenskoye in Ukraine (rector archpriest Alexander Martynenko) there was a remembering commemoration  in honor of St. Philaret.

 Сегодня совершается память нашего третьего Первоиерарха Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей Митрополита Филарета (Вознесенского), и в пределе, освященном в его честь, состоялась Божественная Литургия, которую совершил настоятель о.

 Today, the memory of our third First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Metropolitan Filaret (Voznesensky), and in the remembering commemoration consecrated in his honor, the Divine Liturgy was performed by Fr.  Александр. Alexander.

MP/Putin's propaganda machine

A Sharing- with those who, God-willing, know the truth already: (WARNING-MP PROPAGANDA) : The very powerful MP/Putin's propaganda machine: i.e. the great and wonderful success of Sergianjsm and its religion of neo-soviet "Russianism"

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 1:25 AM

 In this slick and carefully thought out pro-MP, pro-Putin,  propaganda piece, we can view and learn of the current Kremlin main party-line: that current Russia under wonderful  and very religious Vladimir Putin and his pious Orthodox Christian government,

Russia is now far ahead of the immoral and decadent and evil post-Christian West...i.e. current Russia is good, and the West is bad and getting worse.
And this tall tail is being told by someone, we are told, who was raised in the old ROCOR in America here.

And what is the proof of this allegation and claim? Just LOOK at all of the beautiful churches, monasteries, and well performed public religious celebrations of Orthodox people, in the MP, in Russia. Isn't that enough proof?...all of the clouds of fragrant incense, the many candles lit in churches, the pilgrimages, the Cross-processions, the icons everywhere, church bells chiming in many places, magnificent church choirs, and thousands of vested MP clergy, etc.

But where is freedom of speech or freedom of religion or freedom to openly choose one's beliefs or political ideas, etc.???- those are not a part of Vladimir Putin's Russia or what his captive MP church believes in. And few dare to question Putin's bloody and immoral war making. Those who do, die suddenly, 'naturally' or who are gunned down in public, always by 'unknown assailants' or more commonly who just 'disappear'.

See, in this ROCOR/MP slanted video propaganda,  where that 2007 betrayal of a large segment our old ROCOR to the corrupt MP, has lead to now!
View and listen to this smooth and sweet sounding and beautifully presented propaganda video order to know what these pathetic deluded and used apostates are up to.
And beware of this new internet site, as it is a pure MP propaganda site.
ROCOR/MP, under Lavr Shkurla's successor, Hilarion Kapral, now a total servile and abject servant and a clever mouthpiece of the KGB run Kremlin, and its religious department,-the 1943 Stalin founded MP pseudo 'Russian Church',  
called 'The Moscow Patriarcate',  is pretending to be so wonderful, [and outwardly-materially  it does LOOK wonderful],

  and so holy, and so very very popular,  and so 'Orthodox', and present-day Putin's Russia,

 is projected as being so very moral and deeply religious, while our evil decadent western countries are not, etc.

This modern 'Potemkin Village' false propaganda vision of Putin's Russia,  a Russia still in the control of the communists and their successors,
is even more often called, "Russian Christianity," not Orthodox Christianity, as if there can be a difference. Putin wants it to be different,

 -'Russians are different from western people, and they need different standards/rules of conduct'  as he has said, [plus: 'There should be an 11th. commandment added to the Ten Commandments; to help the Fatherland"],

so that he can remake/renovate/GET RID OF!  Orthodox Church rules and norms, its Sacred Apostolic Tradition, and remake it into a new and different set of 'more useful', standards...  for Russians....and to get Russians to do his anti-Christian immoral and evil bidding, without any human compunction or Christian moral reservations, and all 'blessed' by special KGB agent, actor 'His All-Holiness, Patriarch' Kyrill Gundaev [who, after all, speaks FOR GOD, and thus he interprets for Russians, what God Himself wants Russians, and all..... to do-???], 

a corrupted and apostate sold-out impious atheist version of Orthodoxy, one no longer Christian nor holy,  and which is totally a willing and obedient slavish puppet of the still godless communist state,[i.e. Sergianism in action]  not God.

This dark reality in front of our faces,  is clearly ...on the road to... the soon to be, full and open world-wide reign of Anti-Christ, who will present himself, as GOD.

But, how few seem to see this all,  and how many there are who swallow it all...who are going, blindly, through the Wide Gate that leads to Hell.
Reader Daniel 

interview in Russian, with ROCOR Fr. Amvrosiy (Timrot),

 Lengthy Video interview in Russian, with ROCOR Fr. Amvrosiy (Timrot), 


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Dan Everiss

Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 5:34 PM

A long video conversation/interview in Russian:
Это беседа состоялась осенью 2017 года в Москве в гостях у иеромонаха Амвросия Тимрота. Тема разговора "Церковь и государство". На сегодняшний день, это пожа...

First article-VIDEO in Russian: Conversation with ROCOR Hieromonk Amvrosiy (Timroth):

ROCOR: Conversation with Hieromonk Amvrosiy Timroth. Тема "Церковь и государство". Theme "Church and State". (ВИДЕО) (VIDEO) Автор: иерей Алексий Иванов вкл. Author: Priest Alexis Ivanov incl. 15 Ноябрь 2017 15 November 2017 . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 7) Posted in ROCOR (Views: 7)

 *This below picture does not open to the video, -click unto the above live picture and its live link:
Это беседа состоялась осенью 2017 года в Москве в гостях у иеромонаха Амвросия Тимрота.

 This conversation took place in the fall of 2017 in Moscow on a visit to  Hieromonk Ambrose Timrot. Т

ема разговора "Церковь и государство".

The topic of the conversation is "The Church and State".

На сегодняшний день, это пожалуй один из важнейших вопросов, который волнует думающих россиян.

To date, this is perhaps one of the most important issues that worries thinking Russians.

В ходе беседы мы коснулись многих смежных тем, таких, как канонизация новомучеников, восстановление монархии в России и многих других.

  During the conversation, we touched on many related topics, such as the canonization of the new martyrs, the restoration of the monarchy in Russia and many others.

Иеромонах Амвросий Тимрот - Принял монашеский постриг и рукоположен в сан священника в Новодевичьем монастыре в 1990 году.

  Hieromonk Ambrose Timroth - He took monastic vows and was ordained priest at the Novodevichy Convent in 1990.

В 2014 году присоединился к РПЦЗ под амофором митрополита Агафангела.

In 2014 he joined the ROCOR under the amorphore of Metropolitan Agafangel.

В настоящее время занимается пастырской деятельностью, катехизацией, иконописью и переводами.

Currently engaged in pastoral activities, catechesis, iconography and translations.

Сайт: Website:
Ведущий: священник Алексей Иванов, настоятель русского православного прихода РПЦЗ свт.

Facilitator: priest Alexei Ivanov, rector of the Russian Orthodox parish of ROCOR, St. Spiridon of Trimfunsky in Kyrenia (Gime) North Cyprus

Спиридона Тримифунтского в г. Кирения (Гирне) на Северном Кипре. Spiridon. Сайт:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ROCOR Church is now legally registered in the Turkish part of Cyprus

Our World-wide canonical ROCOR: Sharing:-Our Parish is finally legally Registered in the Turkish part of Northern Cyprus

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 3:44 PM

ROCOR: Our Church is now legally registered in the Turkish part of Cyprus Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel inc. 14 Ноябрь 2017 November 14, 2017 . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 1) Posted in ROCOR (Views: 1)
Photo by Alexei Ivanov.
Дорогие друзья! Dear friends! Спешу поделиться радостной новостью для нашего прихода РПЦЗ на Северном Кипре.

I hasten to share the joyful news, about our ROCOR parish in Northern Cyprus.

Наш приход получил официальную регистрацию в Турецкой Республике Северного Кипра.

 Our parish has received official registration in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Теперь мы обладаем всеми правами и возможностями юридического лица, а именно можем получить церковь в Кирении или в непосредственной близости от нее.

Now we have all the rights and opportunities of a legal entity, namely that we may have a church building in Kyrenia or in the immediate vicinity of it.

А также можем получить землю под организацию русского православного кладбища с небольшой церковью в русском архитектурном стиле.

And also, that we may obtain land for the organization of a Russian Orthodox cemetery with a small church, and  in a Russian architectural style.

Благодарю всех кто помогал нам и помогает сейчас в организации православной жизни Северного Кипра! I

 Thanks to everyone who helped us and those who still help us now, in organizing the Orthodox life of Northern Cyprus!
Иерей Алексий Иванов
 Priest Alexy Ivanov
Photo by Alexei Ivanov.