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VIDEO from Odessa

A Short video of part of the patronal festal Altar Feast of St. Michael, with the ordination of a deacon, etc. 
 in our ROCA Odessa, Ukraine,  St. Michael's Church, with our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel serving.

!!!Warning: This, our-ROCA video, when it finishes, may go directly into other 'related' videos, [which your-tube mistakenly sees as 'related'] such as some depicting an MP Met. Agafangel, who is not our ROCA  Met. Agafangel (Pashkowsky) and into other slick and impressive  MP video productions.

РПЦЗ Престольный праздник Архангело-Михайловского храма на Михайловской площади в Одессе, 2017 год.

It's Time To Repent

Yuri Soldatov:-"It's Time To Repent"-about the betrayal of a large part of our old free ROCA to subjugation in 2007, under the Stalinist created M

(authored article found on: <http://internetsobpor.org>)

Yuri Soldatov: "It's Time to Repent" (his personal testimony)- Автор: Юрий Солдатов вкл. Author: Yuri Soldatov  inc. 22 Ноябрь 2017 November 22, 2017 . . Опубликовано в Авторская колонка (Просмотров: 74) Published in Авторская колонка (Views: 74)
Yuri Soldatov: It's time to wake up!
Уния части РПЦЗ с Московской Патриархией была достигнута с личным участием президента В. Путина, политиков Кремля, работников Советской разведки, запуганных и потерявших разум и память зарубежных духовных лиц и мирян, представлявших себе, что произошло в Отечестве изменение, и видевших происходящее в розовом свете, забыв о прошлых печально окончившихся объединений с патриархией западноевропейской и китайской епархий РПЦЗ.

The union of a large part of ROCOR with the Moscow Patriarchate was achieved with the personal participation of President V.Putin, Kremlin politicians, Soviet intelligence workers, by frightened and lost minds and forgetful memories of foreign [diaspora] clergymen and laymen, who imagined in their wishful fantasies, that what terrible events which  had happened in the Russian-Fatherland [i.e. the Bolshevik takeover of old Russia, etc.]  -that all that had now forever changed, and these people who saw what was happening  in current Russia, saw it, as if it were happening under a soft  pink light, forgetting about the terrible past, and  sadly ended, their former associations with the patriarchate of the Western European and Chinese dioceses of the ROCA.

Это последнее – 2007 года «объединение» с патриархией произошло с участием «митрополита» Лавра, Архиепископа Берлинского Марка и помогавшим им в постыдном предательстве Церкви и Зарубежной Руси, нескольких «усердных» протоиереев, воздействовавших на несогласных с «унией» применением угроз и других методов воздействия.

This last - 2007 "unification" with the Moscow Patriarchy, occurred with the participation of "Metropolitan" Laurus,[Skurla]  and Archbishop Mark [Arndt] of Berlin, and assisting them in that shameful betrayal of the Church and of the Foreign (Diaspora) Russians, were several "zealous" archpriests who acted against those who had  disagreements with the "union", by  using against them, coercive threats and other deceitful  methods to  impact its doubters and critics, and to silence them..

До последнего времени перед объявлением об унии в Зарубежной Руси, среди духовенства и мирян была надежда, что соглашение не состоится, а будет отложено на неопределенное время, а также на то, что несколько Преосвященных Архиереев со своими епархиями не согласятся быть частью Сталинской патриархии, созданной КГБ и атеистическим коммунистическим правительством.

Until recently, before the announcement of union with 'foreign Russia', [our old ROCOR], with the Moscow MP,  among the clergy and laity, there was a hope that the final agreement would not take place, but would be postponed indefinitely, and that several ROCOR Bishops with their dioceses, would not agree to be part of the Stalinist patriarchate created by the KGB and the atheistic communist government...known as 'The Moscow Patriarchate'..

К сожалению, жители Зарубежной Руси обманулись в надеждах и вере в своих духовных руководителях, и только Архиепископ Агафангел со своей Одесской Епархией, духовенством и мирянами целиком остались верными Церкви, не пойдя на поклон коммунистам.

Unfortunately, the members of the  'Old Immigration', those Abroad-Diaspora  Russians, [our old ROCOR] were deceived, in their hopes and their faith and trust
in their spiritual leaders, and ONLY  Archbishop Agafangel with his Odessa Ukrainian Diocese, with its  clergy and laity, remained faithful to the Church completely, not bowing to the Communists.....[who still run and control the apostate Moscow Patriarchy].

Преосвященнейший Владыка Агафангел как единственный оставшийся Архиерей верным Церкви с Епархией стали маяком, к которому устремились оставшиеся, покинутые своими духовными пастырями немногочисленные духовные лица и миряне и на проведенном Соборе выбрали Владыку быть Митрополитом, возглавившему часть оставшуюся верной Христу и Соборной Апостольской Церкви РПЦЗ, о чем в Священном Писании было предсказано: «Ибо вы были, как овцы блуждающие /не имея пастыря/, но возвратились ныне к Пастырю и Блюстителю душ ваших».

 His Grace Bishop Agafangel, as the only remaining Bishop faithful to the Church with his loyal  Ukrainian Diocese, and others around the world, became a beacon to which the few spiritual clerics and lay people left to themselves, by their former spiritual pastors, rushed toward and at the meeting they in Astoria, New York, elected their head  Vladyka Agafangel, to be their lawful  Metropolitan, who headed the part of the ROCOR that remained faithful to Christ and the Catholic Apostolic Church. In the Holy Scripture it was predicted: "For you were like sheep wandering; not having a shepherd; but now you have returned to the Shepherd who is  Vigilant for  your souls." /1 Пет. / 1 Pet. 2:25/. 2: 25).

К сожалению, отвыкнув, оставшись на время без назидания Архиереев, некоторые приходские священники начали считать, что они смогут справиться со своей обязанностью духовного окормления верующих самостоятельно и, проведя «народные митинги» пошли под протестантским влиянием соблазна, по пути непослушания центральным органам церковного управления объявив свою независимость организовав так называемые «осколки» бывшей РПЦЗ, организовав даже с участием архиереев из других этнических национальных церквей свои «синоды» и неканонические ор 

 Unfortunately, having lost the habit of remaining without the edification of their Bishops, some ROCOR parish priests began to believe that they would be able to cope with their duty of the spiritual nurturing of the believers, on their own and, having held "popular rallies", went under the Protestant influence of temptation, on the path of disobedience to the central organs of the church administration, announcing their 'independence' by organizing their  so-called "splinters" [fragments] jurisdictions out of  the former ROCOR, producing even its 'bishops' from other ethnic national churches-their "synods" and from non-canonical sources.

аны церковного управления, для которых поспешили совершать хиротонии без одобрения Синода и Первоиерарха РПЦЗ.

 And  church governments, which hastened to perform ordinations,  without the approval of the Synod and the First Hierarch of ROCOR. ;i.e. Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel].

Владыка Агафангел по своей южнославянской натуре, будучи добродушным монашествующим не угрожал нарушителям порядка наказаниями, считая, что у них проснется чувство совести и долга своего сана, как и возвратится чувство обязанности духовного воспитания верующих.

Vladyka Agafangel in his South Slavic nature, being a good-natured monk, did not threaten the offenders with punishment, believing that they would eventually  wake up in their feeling of their consciences,  and in their duty of their pastoral dignity, as well as to return to the sense of their  duty of the spiritual education of believers.

Владыка, став Первоиерархом Церкви, став председателем Синода, ведет работу в тяжелое время для всего человечества и, в особенности для Отечества, где уже несколько лет свирепствует гражданская война, о прекращении которой и наступлении мира, постоянно молится Преосвященнейший Владыка.

Vladyka Agafangel,  becoming the First Hierarch of the Church, becoming chairman of the Synod, conducts work in a difficult time for all mankind and, in particular for the Fatherland, where for several years the civil war has raged, the cessation of which and FOR the onset of peace, the Most Reverend Vladyka
Agafangel constantly prays.

Теперь стало модерно отказываться от правды, признавая нормальным явлением грехи, так как это делают другие люди.

 Now it has become modernly popular  to renounce the truth, recognizing sins as a normal phenomenon, as other people do.

Забывая о том, что только благодаря молитвам святых, по милости Спасителя, наказание откладывается на неопределенное время, так как Спаситель предоставляет время верующим исправить свои ошибки, вернуться на путь истины, Владыка Агафангел по своей добродушной милости также предоставляет время нарушителям церковного порядка, для покаяния и возвращения под пастырское руководство Синода РПЦЗ посчитав прошедшее как совершившуюся ошибку следуя молитве Спасителя к Отцу «Отче прости им, ибо не знают, что делают» /Лук.

 Forgetting, that only thanks to the prayers of the saints, by the grace of the Savior, that punishment is postponed indefinitely, since the Savior gives time to believers to correct their mistakes, to return to the path of truth.  Vladyka Agafangel, by his good-natured mercy, also provides time for the violators of church order, for repentance and their return to the pastoral leadership of the Synod of the ROCOR, considering the past as their  committed mistake, following the Savior's prayer to the Father: "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" / Luke. 23, 34/. 23, 34).

Тяжело положение Владыки Первоиерарха которого преследуют, как это происходило с прежними Митрополитами РПЦЗ за их веру в правду и верность Соборной Церкви.

It is difficult for the Ruling Head of our church,  of the First Hierarch, to persecute, as it was also the case with the former Metropolitans of  ROCA, for their belief  in the truth and their faithfulness to the Catholic/'Sobornoyeh' Church.

Владыка старается наставить заблудших и оказавшихся под дурным влиянием, напоминая им о том, что Спаситель всегда рядом с ними и готов оказать им, помощь и что «Он явился для того, чтобы взять грехи наши» /1 Иоан 3, 5/и как бы тяжелы они не были, так как в Священном Писании сказано «Всякий грех и хула простятся человекам, а хула на Духа не простится, ему ни в сем вене, ни в будущем» /Мф.

The Lord tries to guide the erring and undermined, reminding them that the Savior is always with them and is ready to help them, and that "He appeared in order to take away our sins" / 1 John 3, 5 / and, as it were, our sins to Him, were not heavy, for the Holy Scripture says, "Every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven to men, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, to him in this world or in the future world." / Mt. 12,31-33/. 12.31-33).

Владыка молится за духовенство и мирян бывшей РПЦЗ без злопамятства, за их нарушения порядка призывая «покайтесь и обратитесь, чтобы загладились грехи ваши» /Деян.

 Vladyka Agafangel prays for the clergy and laity of the former ROCOR [now called ROCOR/MP] without rancor, for their breach of order, calling for them to 'repent and change'  to so that their sins may be blotted out":.

 Acts. 3, 19/ следуя заповеди Господней обращаясь от имени Правления Церкви напоминая, что «и грехов их и беззаконий их не воспомяну более» /Евр. 3, 19 /

 following the commandments of the Lord, and  in the name of the Council of Bishops of the Church, recalling that "I will remember no more their sins and their lawless deeds" / Heb. 10, 17/. 10, 17).

Orthodox Survival Course

"Orthodox Survival Course"
A sharing from GOC Archimandrite Alexius of the Brotherhood of St. Edward, in the UK:

From: Alex Spiroglou 
Father Steven Allen has just posted
lesson 8 of the Orthodox Survival Course.

Here is the podcast
Class 8 – The Church of the Romans: Topic 5, Church and Nation For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, after whom every family [Gk patria = paternity, family, nation] in heaven and earth is named... Ephesians 3:14-15 [God] hath made out of one blood every nation [Gk ethnos] of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel...

Below are the class notes.

Class 8 – The Church of the Romans: Topic 5, Church and Nation
For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, after whom every family [Gk patria = paternity, family, nation] in heaven and earth is named... Ephesians 3:14-15
[God] hath made out of one blood every nation [Gk ethnos] of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us... - the words of St. Paul to the Athenians, Acts 17: 26-27
Once, when He descended and confounded the tongues, the Most High divided the nations; and when He divided the tongues of fire, He called all men into unity; and with one accord we glorify the All-Holy Spirit.- the Kontakion of Pentecost
Introduction – I had originally intended to treat the Church's relationship to the nation and to the state in one session, but later I realized that we really needed two classes to discuss these two related yet distinct questions. The nation is the organic reality of a people formed over many generations and united by some combination of religion, blood, language, soil, and culture, which may or may not enjoy its own proper political independence, sovereignty, and unity. Some nations have endured for many centuries as identifiable ethnic entities under the rule of other people, but they are still nations. The state is the political system set up over a nation or, in the case of an empire, a group of nations. Historically and theologically, the Church has a relationship to both of these things as distinct yet related realities. Tonight we will discuss Church and nation.
When we come to our study of the West after the schism and the rise of secular culture during the Renaissance, we will notice that a key element of the new, post-Orthodox culture, is the glorification of the individual. This individualism, which has come to be seen as a defining “Western value,” is inimical to the Christian Faith and to one's salvation, because it ignores two fundamental structures God designed to be the mandatory schools of love and self-sacrifice, within which the Christian must function to be truly human as well as truly Christian: the family and the nation, which is the natural extension of the family. An orphaned and rootless person with no family, no nation, no identity other than simply being a human being, can be saved, but only with great difficulty. God designed family and nation, and the Church baptized whole families, tribes, and nations, as the normal framework within which the soul can find its way with greater ease and security to the Heavenly Kingdom.

I. Back to Genesis – Patriarchy, Family, and Nations
Monogamy, fruitfulness, patriarchy - The family, of course, goes back to the beginning of the human race, an integral part of God's design for man. God creates Adam, creates Eve from his rib, and commands them to “increase and multiply.” In the book of Genesis there are several genealogies, tracing the “increase and multiplication” of the various races of man, father to son. Thus we see monogamous marriage marked by fruitful childbearing and patriarchy from the very beginning, as God's plan for the human race. In all subsequent human history, these three pillars of the family – monogamy, fruitfulness, and patriarchy – are the mark of healthy societies and strong nations,
and in particular they are the only arrangement for family life blessed by the Church. Societies marked by matriarchy, the avoidance of childbearing, and/or polygamy, polyandry, and so forth, are invariably stunted, chaotic, and degenerate in comparison.
The division into races of men - Before the Flood, the great division in the races is between the sons of Cain and the sons of Seth, the wicked and the good. Finally the sons of Seth, except for Noah, are seduced by the beauty of the daughters of the Cainites, they fall away, the entire human race becomes depraved, and God destroys all but Noah and his immediate family by the Flood, after which Noah becomes the father of the human race all over again. His descendants in turn become corrupt, attempt to build the Tower of Babel, and are scattered by God across the face of the earth. This scattering, with its concomitant multiplication of languages, is the origin of the races and nations of man we see until this day.

Thus the origin of the races is due to sin, but creating the various races or nations was the act of God, in order to limit the spread of sin, and therefore the division into various races and nations is blessed by God and becomes part of His plan for man's salvation. It is essential to understand that all plans in history to create a “universal brotherhood of man” apart from the grace-filled unity of the Church contradict the express will of God.

II. The Chosen People
After the division of the nations, God chose one nation, the descendants of Abraham through Isaac, to be the Old Testament Church. The prophets prophesied the day when all the nations would be called into God's Church, but the carnal-minded among the Old Testament Church stubbornly refused to accept their word and persecuted and killed several of them. When the leaders of the Jewish race turned against the promised Messiah, Our Lord Jesus Christ, they decisively chose to worship their own race over God Himself. This ethno-idolatry is the “flip side” of the coin of universalist utopianism, the One World idea. Both are heretical.

III. The Pentecostal Unity
As expressed by the Kontakion of Pentecost, which we read above, God restored human unity in the Church. In so doing, He did not eradicate racial or national differences, as indicated by the Apostles' miraculously speaking in the various tongues of the nations gathered in Jerusalem. Rather, He sanctified and elevated national characters, creating a spiritual unity among the diversity of nations, just as He does not eradicate our personalities and make us uniform “clones” as we grow in the Orthodox
Faith, but rather enhances and sanctifies our unique personalities as we simultaneously, paradoxically, grow closer in spiritual unity with each other. In the Church we have the true and life-giving “diversity” and “multicultural” humanity, as opposed to the deadly uniformity created when fallen man tries to create a “global society.”

The Church Herself is supernatural and supranational. She is from above, a divine institution. She is not limited to one nation, but gathers all the nations into a supranational unity in the Body of Christ. This unity, however, does not destroy personal, family, clan, national, or racial characteristics, but elevates and sanctifies them.

IV. The Roman Empire and the Nations
The Roman Empire was not an ethnic group but a vast polity encompassing many ethnic groups. The Hellenistic culture of the society in which the early New Testament Church first grew was not a racial phenomenon but rather a paideia, a training to live as civilized men. Just as the Church gathered in the nations, into spiritual unity that simultaneously allowed the healthy expressions of race and nation, so the Empire and its ancient culture, baptized by the Church, hosted and leavened a multitude of nations that today still trace their origins to Church and to Empire. At first the Church baptized the existing nations within the Empire, peoples who already possessed the civilized arts. Later, with the incursion of the barbarian tribes into the Empire, and the missionary outreach of the Church outside the Empire, the Church gave birth ab initio to entire Christian nations, giving formerly uncivilized people the arts of civilization. As She made Christians out of heathens, she simultaneously made Romans out of barbarians. This process characterizes in particular the baptism of the German and Celtic nations by the Western Church and the baptism of the Slavic nations by the Eastern Church.

The Church of the first millennium then, prior to the schism, both East and West, understood Herself as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, supernatural and supranational, but at the same time a communion of local or national churches, each of which possessed the fulness of the catholic faith and unity with the entire Church, Whose mission was not to obliterate but rather elevate and develop the character of the newly baptized nations. By remaining faithful to God's plan for the human race to remain divided into nations, the Church avoids the heresy of universalist utopianism, of chiliasm. By insisting on the ontological oneness of the universal Church in Her dogmas, priesthood, and Holy Mysteries, the Church avoids the heresy of ethno-idolatry. From “the rising of the sun to the setting thereof,” the Church is One.
Later, after the Schism, the exaggerated pretensions of the papacy will develop into a type of universalist chiliasm, and, later still, the Reformation, Renaissance, and Enlightenment will encourage the growth of individualism. These two errors will lead the West farther and farther away from the diversity in unity and unity in diversity of the Catholic Church

hiero-deacon ordination in Moldova

 Service & hiero-deacon's ordination in Moldova by our ROCOR Bishop Anfim of Bessarabia

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 3:43 PM
First article: Moldova:

ROCOR: Divine service on Week 25 after Pentecost, in Moldova (PHOTO) Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel inc. 26 Ноябрь 2017 November 26, 2017 . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 21) Posted in ROCOR (Views: 21)
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
В Неделю 21 по Пятидесятнице Епископ Басарабский Анфим возглавил Божественную Литургию в главном храме Воскресенского мужского монастыря в Молдове.

 On the Sunday 25 after  Pentecost, Bishop Anfim of Besarabia officiated at the Divine Liturgy in the main church of the Resurrection Monastery in Moldova.

За этим богослужением Владыка рукоположил насельника монастыря инока Власия в сан диакона.

During this service, Vladyka Anfim ordained  monk Vlasiy , a monk of the monastery, to the rank of deacon.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.
Photo by Episcopul Anfim Basarabeanul.

General Informational Sharing: Once again (!) GOC Met. Moses. of Canada, causes surprise and embarrassment


Second article: About GOC Vladfka Moses:

GOC Vladyka Moses again came to greet the heretics

Vladyka Moses of Canada, from the Greek GOC, under Met. Demetrios of America, -OUR SISTER CHURCH, once again, came to greet the heretics Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel  inc. 26 Ноябрь 2017 November 26, 2017 . . Опубликовано в ИПЦ Греции (Просмотров: 23) Published in the CPI of Greece (Views: 23)

Заявление Первоиерарха РПЦЗ Митрополита Агафангела

Statement of the First Hierarch of the ROCA Metropolitan Agafangel

Как сообщили на своём сайте еретики из парасинагоги запрещённых в священнослужении архиепископов Андроника и Софрония, в прошлое воскресенье, 19 ноября, иерарх ИПЦ Греции Митрополит всея Канады Моисей посетил и "поддержал" находящийся в ереси и расколе приход в Торонто, Канада:

As the heretics of the parasynagogue of archbishops Andronik and Sophronia, [nicknamed, 'The Mountain View Schiasmatics'] who were banned from the priesthood, reported on their website, last Sunday, November 19, the hierarch of the Greek GOC, Metropolitan of All Canada, Moses, visited and "supported" their heresy and schism in Toronto, Canada:

"Настоящим сюрпризом стало появление в трапезной владыки Мойсея из Греческой истинно-православной церкви, которому собравшиеся исполнили «Ис полла эти деспота» – «На многие лета, владыко!» Юрий Лукин не без волнения выразил благодарность владыке за поддержку".

 "The real surprise was the appearance in the refectory of Bishop Moses of the Greek True Orthodox Church, to which the audience sang: " Ispolla  eti despota" -"For Many Years, Vladyka! ". Yuri Lukin expressed his gratitude to Vladyka  Moses for his support, and 'not without excitement'."

Наша Русская Зарубежная Церковь делает со своей стороны всё возможное, чтобы преодолеть раскол в Русской Церкви и, прежде всего, искоренить возникшую в Русской и в других старостильных Церквях новую разновидность экуменической ереси.

Our Russian Church Abroad is doing  everything it can to overcome this split/schism  in the Russian Church and, above all, to eradicate this  new kind of ecumenical heresy that has arisen in the Russian and other old-style churches.

В этом весьма деликатном вопросе мы внимательно прислушиваемся ко мнению наших братьев во Христе старостильников - Церквей Греции, Румынии и Болгарии, и стараемся дело преодоления нововозникшей экуменической ереси совершать совместно и осмотрительно, чтобы как можно менее смутить вверенную нам Богом паству.

 In this very delicate matter, we listen attentively to the opinion of our brothers in Christ of the Old Calendarists - the Churches of Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, and we are trying to combat, jointly and circumspectly, the newly-born ecumenical heresy, in order to confuse the flock entrusted to us by God -as little as possible.

Факт поддержки уважаемого нами Митрополита Моисея еретиков явился для нас (как, кстати, и для самих еретиков, по их словам), "сюрпризом" и полной неожиданностью, и вызывал большое смущение и недоумение у всей нашей паствы.

The fact that the heretics are supported by Metropolitan Moses, whom we respected, was for us (as, incidentally, for the heretics themselves, they said), a "surprise" and a complete surprise, and it has caused great embarrassment and perplexity among our flock.

 К тому же, это событие прямо затрагивает сугубо внутреннею и сакральную жизни Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей.

In addition, this event directly affects the inner and sacred life of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Я надеюсь, что владыка Моисей как-то объяснит эту свою "поддержку" еретикам.

I hope that Vladyka Moses will somehow explain this his "support" of the heretics.

 В противном случае, наш Синод будет вынужден сделать специальное определение, относительно бытового общения некоторых иерархив ИПЦ Греции с еретиками-экуменистами, поскольку этот факт очень и очень смущает всё наше духовенство, оставшееся верным святоотеческому антиэкуменическому православию.

Otherwise, our Synod will be forced to make a special definition concerning the everyday communication of some hierarchies of the Greek GOC with heretic ecumenists, since this fact very much embarrasses all our clergy who have remained faithful to  patristic anti-ecumenical Orthodoxy.
+ Митрополит Агафангел
 + Metropolitan Agafangel

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+ Митрополит Агафангел
 + Metropolitan Agafangel