Sunday, August 26, 2012

BBC Interviews

FW: Informational Sharing: (From BBC): "Heart And Soul, Putin And the Patriarch"-Recorded 25 minute BBC Live-Interview, of various people, in Moscow

Comment: I have listened to this recent live-recorded interview of various important MP clergy, of some others who either defend or are critical of the patriarch, and/or Putin, or 'liberals' who defend the Punk band-rioters, etc.... i.e. a variety of opposing opinions (and by the way, the terms 'conservative' and 'liberal' have a very different meaning in Russia, than in the west here).

One must listen very carefully, to the pro-MP mouthpieces, as they tend to contradict themselves a lot, (which fact shouldn't surprise us!) and some utter some rather surprising words (such as regarding the love for Rock music of a sizable number of MP clergy!), etc..

All-in-all, even with a variety  of the honest  ignorances of certain basics of Russian Orthodoxy by this BBC reporter, this is an interesting 25 minute live interview of these various people in Moscow. (MP distortions/sophistries aside).  To gain knowledge from this interview, one must sift what one hears, with a critical sense. 

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