Tuesday, August 14, 2012

But, the emperor has no clothes!

Actual short video of the full "Punk Band Cathedral Performance" (filmed by themselves)

And why give any serious importance to the 'Patriarch's" condemnation words of it as, 'blasphemy'?

Of course, no Orthodox people anywhere, can condone such a (seeming)  irreligious display, inside any Orthodox church., nor any disrespectful acts inside Orthodox churches, including, TAKING THE NAME OF GOD, IN VAIN!

(Just as most Orthodox would not condone those current MP impious blasphemer invader/raiders inside  our ROCA Malin, Ukraine Pokrov Church,
urinating into the Theophany Holy Water container, and then boasting of their feat!) – and all of the impious, MP and governmental seizures and  impious outright robbery of the holy objects, even of the holy relics of saints!, of those Suzdal ROAC churches, plus the ever growing blasphemous, attacks, and even burnings, of how many other Orthodox churches or places of worship, by that HOLY 'Patriarch Kyrill' in cahoots with his fellow KGB/FSB pal, V. Putin and gang-?

But, please!...let us keep these matters in their true perspectives.

This relatively mild/short clown act protest act, (actually more silly than truly impious), was directed... not against religion, but against Putin, but it was performed inside a prominent  MP show-piece cathedral- ( built largely with Russian-Mafia monies), under which, there are  enormous worldly business enterprises going on, daily!, which in itself, is disrespecting the sacred precints, i.e. blaspheming? of a temple of God,-and violating all sorts of ancient Orthodox canons, that corrupt MP church-organization which  is 100% always supportive of the corrupt Putin oppressive regime.

And to my view: Who is more guilty of blasphemy?...if not this very
KGB agent wearing patriarch's garb, PIOUS (?)  Mr. Kyrill-Gundaev..Putin's .fellow KGB/FSB agent, and the  entire false-"Russian Church' named, 'The Moscow Patriarchia'-???  (founded by Joseph Stalin back in 1943),
Constantly, that ...pious?....MP patriarch and his MP-'church' impiously,
attack and confiscate and destroy and...even desecrate, those Russian Orthodox clergy, people, ( some clergy or laity who are murdered!), who reject that false MP'church'.

So, who are the, 'blasphemers'...? (defilers of the Name of God)-?
Certainly not these sincere but clown-like young women.

To me, they are more in the category of the proverbial court jesters (who were often the only ones who dared to mock the king to his face, and live to tell of it), or of the children watching the proud emperor in procession, who was  wearing his new 'invisible clothes', who were the only members of the throng, who were honest, and who thus shouted out,
 "But, The emperor HAS NO CLOTHES!"
But, just my observations-
Rd. Daniel

P.S. However, we are told by his admirers about V. Putin: "He is a sincere Orthodox Christian, – he crosses himself in church and he lights candles there."

"We want Russia to be a better place"-Punk Band allies to continue protests against Putin- 
"Our protest is not at all, anti-religious, but is against Putin!"

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