Sunday, August 26, 2012

Manton monastery travesty

Subject: Limited Sharing: Some Startling Information About the Manton, California OCA Monastery-founded by Met. Jonah-Paffhausen-

WHAT IS GOING ON!? ..this OCA Manton Monastery was spared from these recent terrible fires, but now, this!

 Is this?... modernist/ecumenist/'relevant', new-age? "Orthodox Monasticism"  via the OCA-Manton  mode???  It certainly seems so.  What a scandal!  Though, I cannot believe that everyone in the OCA, which has many basically-conservatively-oriented Orthodox believers, either knows of this Manton travesty, nor practices  themselves such unOrthodox and utterly bizarre and/or immoral, 'monastic' norms, as seems to be in current use, in the Manton, California, monastery founded by (former-OCA Metropolitan) Jonah.  And too, it is named after St. John Maximovitch!

Under the Title: The Fires of Manton:

scroll down to: 
"An Open Letter to the Orthodox Church in America"
from: Stepan Hatting, 'an Orthodox novitiate and former Summer Novice'-
(and referenced via in regards to defrocked-Archimandrite Michael Rymer, and his residence/position  at that OCA monastery, he now...under a new name.)

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