Thursday, August 16, 2012

Russians Want Church Out Of Politics

(From a poll of population): "Russians Want Church Out Of Politics"  – WAKE UP! ROCOR/MP!!!

Note: This, RIA Novosti article, can be read in it's original Russian, or machine translated into  English (or perhaps into other languages?), ... which choice, any reader has on this site, or through google or some other translation link:

Category: ...interesting,  another glimpse of attitudes among average Russians in the Russian Federation. Many, obviously, are more and more, not sympathetic to the MP, and they....see's strong ties to the Putin regime.

Why? ... Oh Why?  couldn't the clerical leadership of the ROCOR/MP, also, ( who mostly live here in the free west!, not see these obvious links?, or in the least, NOW-?...even if they were mostly hoodwinked and duped, in the recent past, into that Putin-engineered 2007 're-union' fiasco-?

The 'Moscow Patriarchia',... IS..... VLADIMIR PUTIN and his KGB/FSB gang!
WAKE UP! ROCOR/MP! ... you are in/under/subservient to,  a pretend 'church', actually run by the KGB! ........ one which has zero spiritual or canonical connection to that real Russian Church of Holy Patriarch Tikhon or of the countless Holy Russian New Martyrs.

From RIA Novosti/Aleksander Vilf  14 August, 2012,16:28 

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