Wednesday, October 24, 2012

'enemy of the people' new definition

The concept of 'enemy of the people' will be expanded-current legislation in Putin's Russian Federation

This Polish language  article, can be easily machine translated into Russian or English or......  And this is the Putin/KGB government, and it's captive pseudo-church the Stalin created MP, that ROCOR/MP supports and defends!.  Day by day, Russia is returning to Stalinist tyranny!

Wake up you who have so foolishly been duped into that 2007 're-union'-.  This 'MP'-church organization, communist bogus  monstrocity, is NOT THE REAL RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH!!!  - it is instead Sergianist/Ecumenist Apostasy.  It has zero spiritual power or authority!

from Orthodox Partisan 

New Year 1937?  The concept of "enemy of the people" will be expanded in Russia

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