Sunday, October 7, 2012

Message From Obama Re-Election Committee

Important Message From Obama Re-Election Committee...

Political humour-? 


  1. Comment of Abbess Juliana in Chile on this 'Arabic' text:(which I shared with, as I know she understands her native Arabic):
    "Please don't send me more of this stuff. I don't read Persian, though this text is in Arabic letters, the words are Persian. And not one word of this gibberish is understandable."
    Abbess Juliana

    Rdr. Daniel

    My further comment: BUT! 99% of what lying/pro-Moslem/Marxist and America-hating Mr. Obama and his lying leftist democrat supporters have to propagandize, is GIBBERISH anyway, in ANY language or alphabet.

  2. Gibberish to us who think like normal people. But to the demons it makes sense. Notice how they even write backwards.