Sunday, October 21, 2012

MP Critic Granted Political Asylum

MP Critic, Maxim Yefimov, Granted Political Asylum in Estonia

Comment: Not everyone in Russia, is willing to continue to just go along and shut up.

Many intelligent Russians, (truly I believe, in their hearts and minds, most ... Russians!), do not want to live under such lies and ever-growing oppression, and monumental societal-wide  corruption and graft. 

That corruption and graft, both the regime in power, and it's appendaged/subservient  MP-'Church' are  both, very very riddled with, from top to bottom.

But to speak the truth, when that truth is not a mindless echo of the party-line or is not praising of those in power, in the state-regime or the state-captive MP-'church',  is now more and more dangerous, and has a heavy price tag with it,..... just like the good-old days....... 

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