Monday, November 19, 2012

Fr. Pablo Iwaszewicz is RocorMP

Official ROCOR/MP's Directory of it's priests & parishes: Fr. Pablo Iwaszewicz (brother of Argentinian Fr. Alexander Iwaszewicz)

In English: (Note: Apparently this directory (spisok) is only in English-)

Under ROCOR/MP  Archb. Kyrill-Dmitrieff, of the ROCOR/MP  'Diocese of San Francisco and Western America'-

 This ROCOR/MP priest is the brother of our ROCA Argentinian priest, now in Uruguayan prison, Fr. Alexander Iwaszewicz charged with years of  'money-laundering for the Russian mafia'.
Who is telling the truth?...the full truth? anyone?


  1. This priest has left the RocorMP and is now under Vl. Andronik. This was near the beginning of 2014. His parish is in Concord, California.

  2. UPDATE: 2018 he is now in the GOC