Monday, November 19, 2012

Fr. Pablo Iwaszewicz is RocorMP

Official ROCOR/MP's Directory of it's priests & parishes: Fr. Pablo Iwaszewicz (brother of Argentinian Fr. Alexander Iwaszewicz)

In English: (Note: Apparently this directory (spisok) is only in English-)

Under ROCOR/MP  Archb. Kyrill-Dmitrieff, of the ROCOR/MP  'Diocese of San Francisco and Western America'-

 This ROCOR/MP priest is the brother of our ROCA Argentinian priest, now in Uruguayan prison, Fr. Alexander Iwaszewicz charged with years of  'money-laundering for the Russian mafia'.
Who is telling the truth?...the full truth? anyone?

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  1. This priest has left the RocorMP and is now under Vl. Andronik. This was near the beginning of 2014. His parish is in Concord, California.