Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Russian Icons "myrthgushing"

New Russian Icons "myrthgushing"

from: St. Edwards'

from: St. Gregory Palamas'
 You are absolutely correct. These are insane. A mass murderer and madman and a KGB thug turned "saint" represent what must be the total degradation of what one can only call a sick, counterfeit Orthodoxy and nationalism run amuck presenting themselves in the guise of spirituality. A pure definition of blasphemy.
   What next, Satan being borne up to the Heavens in a chariot of fire?
I will distribute this, so that others can see how sick our world is....

from: Reader Daniel
Comment: Sorry to share this disgusting  neo-soviet blasphemy, but this is apparently what some want,
in Putin's 'new democratic', 'Orthodox'....Russian Federation.
Perhaps? this is a 'joke'?
When will Hilarion Kapral's ROCOR/MP have these 'icons' in their captive
churches, if their 'mother-church MP', first displays them? ..for veneration (?)
To kiss either of these deplorable paintings, would be like kissing satan's  face, himself! 

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