Monday, December 31, 2012

ROCOR/MP Cathedral Robbed!

Los Angeles, California :ROCOR/MP H. Transfiguration Cathedral Robbed! 

Holy Tranfiguration Cathedral in Los Angeles Robbed [December 23, 2012] 
The Rector of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Los Angeles, Archpriest Alexander Lebedeff, wrote the following in his Facebook page: 

"I write with great sadness that Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was broken in to on Saturday night, and many liturgical items were stolen, including chalices and veneration crosses.  The total value of the items stolen (by preliminary count) was at least $50,000. The altars were ransacked as well.  By God's grace, we were able to have the church open for Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning.  A police investigation is continuing. We ask for your prayers at this difficult time for our parish."

A few more details about recent robbery of Los Angeles ROCOR/MP H. Transfiguration Cathedral

The following was posted at paradosis yahoo group on December 26, 2012:

The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of Los Angeles experienced a 
frightful robbery recently.
Here is what Mitred Archpriest Alexander Lebedeff, the Rector, wrote to 
me today: '
""Thank God the perpetrator took none of our icons, and left everything 
in the church intact, so that the services on Sunday morning went on as 
usual. None of the tabernacles or antimensia were touched. Pages were 
ripped out of two Gospels (one our large pre-Revolutionary one) and 
strewn on the floor. But all of our chalices and all liturgical 
appurtenances were taken (patens, asterisks, spoons, spears, etc.). I 
had one spare small set downstairs, so we were able to serve Liturgy.The 
preliminary calculation of the loss is $50,000--but the 
pre-revolutionary Chalice set is priceless and irreplaceable.We do need 
to find two more chalices to borrow, Communion spoons, and spears. I 
willl talk to Fr. Alexey also.I ask for your prayers for my flock our 
clergy and for myself in these difficult times."
Please find a way to help that parish, including praying.

Bishop OCA retired  (retired OCA Bp. Tikhon-Fitzgerald, also resident in Los Angeles and a close friend of Fr. Alexander Lebedeff)-

     Precious Metal Thieves strike Holy Transfiguration

These are the items stolen.


QUESTION: But WHO???...... are the biggest robbers?

These sacred items, robbed the Los Angeles Holy Transfiguration Cathedral which Archbishop Anthony (Sinkevich) of Blessed Memory,... a life-long critic and foe of Communism & Sergianism, and always!.. opposed to any and all (even) dialogue with the Sergianist enemies of our faith, (read his Last Will and Testament!), spent his whole life's podvig, building, and which in 2007 was turned over to his and our enemies, (thieves and robbers of souls and of our diaspora church properties!) to the KGB ruled Apostate,  Stalin-founded, Sergianist 'Moscow Patriarchia',... a terrible terrible despicable, betrayal of him and of our ROCOR, and of Orthodoxy.

"ROCOR/MP' under Mr. Hilarion-Kapral, now heads this apostate organization, whose western diocese head is the other apostate, Kyrill-Dmitrieff, and headed in Los Angeles by this Mr. Alexander Lebedeff.... all arch-traitors of our Russian Church Abroad.

Apostates are not any longer valid Orthodox clergy! (the Holy Canons say so).

Righteous Archbishop Anthony, a life-long anathematizer of the MP, did not build his ROCOR cathedral to then have it HANDED OVER!... as if a gift, to traitors ,and SOUL-ROBBERS (the lamentable co-unionists & successors of Laurus Shkurla of Thrice Sorry Memory!), who now have illegal uncanonical possession and use of it, all subservient to the KGB gangster neo-soviet Putin regime in Moscow, with all of the other ROCOR church properties, world-wide, which these pathetic betrayers have stolen from the Russian anti-communist faithful in diaspora, and in essence, gifted to Vladimir Putin and his pretend, 'Patriarch'  Kyrill-Gundaev'.

Now, some... other.... little... thieves... have stolen.... from one of THEIR  stolen cathedrals.

Which group of thieves are the bigger sinners?... who are the real robbers?

I have no doubt, that ROCOR/MP and it's Judas leadership, are the bigger thieves, soul-killers, not the petty common crooks, who broke into and stole a few items.... 'where thieves break in and steal, and where moths and rust doth corrupt'.

Those common crooks, are but amateurs at the game of..robbery.

Just my views-
Rd. Daniel Everiss


  1. Bells were "hot items" when the selling price of base metals was higher. Still the bells have a melt down value. And many of churches have bells outdoors, unprotected.

  2. This might have been an "inside" job of sorts. The average metal thief has no idea there are such valuables kept in the altar area. And where do they sell them?

    This loss is nothing compared to what they lost by going along with the union... That's the real tragedy. I hope they are moved to recover that treasure...