Saturday, December 22, 2012

Russian adoption ban

"Russian adoption ban"-retaliation against new American 'Magnitsky' law-

In the past two decades, Americans have  adopted about 60,000 Russian orphans, many of them, with severe mental and physical disabilities, who had no future in Russia.

Now,  as revenge against America's new federal anti-corruption, 'Magnitsky' law, Putin is retaliating, by........using the poorest of the poor, these unwanted institutionalized   Russian orphans, his pawns.

Who will be punished?....only the poor orphans.

As this cannot hurt or change the US government, though it will cause more US ill-will towards the Putin regime.

BUT! Putin  is getting much vocal & public opposition & criticism from unexpected Russian people, inside Russia.... what he is not used to receiving....from those who care about the orphans...more than about false 'national pride'..

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