Sunday, December 9, 2012

Testimonies About Islam

Two strong and biting exposé testimonies about Islam 
(one from a convert to Christ, and one from a humanist view)

1) Former Muslim Rashid (a convert from Islam to Christ) reveals the truth about Islam: 

2) The truth about Islam from an ex-muslim lady (an Arab lady, speaking as a humanist):
Spoken in /Arabic, but with an English translation on the screen.

Comment: though I agree with most of what this intelligent lady has to say, but because she looks at the world from a secular-humanist view, she misses out on a central fact, ..i.e. that Islam and the secular world,  ARE in fact, waring against Christ-God.

Thus, it is a spiritual war, one that secular-humanism cannot win.

The only answer, is for Muslims, to CONVERT to Jesus Christ, and abandon their false/evil Islamic religion. 

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