Saturday, December 29, 2012

U.S. Reaction to Putin's anti-magnitsky law

U.S. Reaction to Putin's signing of that 'anti-magnitsky law' 

Comment: Me oh My!!!!... how righteous sounds the noble and morally superior Vladimir Putin, in seizing upon a tiny number of American adoptions of 60,000 Russian children that did not end well, (as if every American citizen has to be 100% perfect and without any human flaws?)  while his neo-soviet KGB gangster-regime, is directly and indirectly guilty of the repressions and murders/disappearances and public assassinations of MANY Russian & other non-Russian, adults & their children-residents of the current Russian Federation,  and...thus making orphans, of their children!, and also of directly killing Russian children, in their on-going neo-soviet campaign of violent heartless violent repressions against RUSSIANS, and anyone!... under their cruel/heartless gangster Kremlin rule, who won't submit to them.

And all this, not even calling to mind, the severe neglect and documented... cruelty, in those state run orphanages.  Post Communist-Romania, is another sad case too.  But!, those....'evil-Americans'!!!!........ isn't that the old Party Communist Propaganda Line? ...of.... the 'former Soviet Era'?

What has changed???

But, what a tired worn out, old song!

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