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False Prophet of Thrice Cursed Memory

Muhamad is "THE Prophet" and if so, for WHOM???

In age-old Orthodox Christian literature, and under 1500 years of oppressive and intolerant Moslem persecution and sacrilege against our God, THE ONE TRUE GOD, Our Lord, God, and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, and  church – Islam's foul founder is called many things, but most often:

"The False-Prophet Muhammad, of Thrice Cursed Memory".

St. John of Damascus, labeled him and his absurd myths and doctrines, as... a Christian-Heresy.

No other humans being, in all of human world-history, has brought so much suffering and darkness upon the human race, as this Muhammad.

Ben Stein | 9.24.12

Moslems expressing their true feelings

"Pic's from London, shocking to say the least !" -Moslems expressing their true feelings-

Category: Those wonderful and beautiful and peaceful Moslems! (?)

In America, they are protected by our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms
and by the normal American public's attitudes of (extreme/naive) toleration, and sympathy for foreigners. We are a nation of immigrant foreigners, after all.
But here is another, visual,  example, of just how 'grateful' to us, or to our Christian-cultural values of kindness and toleration,  they truly are, and how much we can trust them, ( any one of them!), to not try to, continue, to kill us all and/or to subject us to their ugly horrible depressing dark Islamic slavery.
Since False-Prophet-False 'Messiah' Muhammad, he and his slavish mindless followers have been oppressing and pillaging and murdering Christians....till this very minute.

Of course too, they do the same to each other!

Moslems have invaded and subdued our Christian lands,  burned and spit on and desecrated our Christian Bible and our icons, and our sacred places, for 1500 years now!

Islam is the most dark & evil 'religion' ever invented, with the co-operation of the Devil.

If western Christians or western secular humanists or atheists even, are still in ignorance of it's foul history, at least we Orthodox  Christians, should know/remember  the dirty truth about it, as WE have suffered the most from it's vileness's.

It is oppressive and destructive to the human spirit, and is against all human freedoms, and indeed, human dignity itself.
It is far worse than Communism.

Islam  fits the very definition of terrorism, not 'religion', and it should be so banned, by our Congress, in America.

Let all Moslems leave my country, and the sooner the better.

If their religion is so wonderful why not let them return to where it is THE only tolerated law/religion of the land-where these people came from-?

And if any of them repeat 9/11 or do worse to us, HERE, they will ...ALL... face the instant rage of the entire American public, even as our military is forced to nuke their homelands, in retaliation.

This scenario seems to be in the works right now.
These pictures are of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF LONDON during their recent 
'Religion of Peace Demonstration'

Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they take over!

These are pictures not shown on American TV or in American Newspapers, but were forwarded by a Canadian friend who thought all Americans ought to know!

OCA, Parma, Ohio 'Robber Council'

One sour over-view of the coming OCA, Parma, Ohio 'Robber Council' -which will elect their new metropolitan-

Note: This blog is operated by an OCA-loyalist, a George Michalopolous, but one who is among the many inside the OCA, who is highly critical and indeed cynical of their hierarchs and their Syosset, New York headquarters governing staff. But, he is a staunch supporter/idolizer of recently forced-to-resign,  Met. Jonah-Paffhausen, ...whom this blog owner and many inside the OCA, apparently perceive as a martyric  wrongly persecuted and wrongly/'uncanonically removed'  righteous metropolitan.

Moscow, has shown clear signs that it is very displeased over his ouster., their man in charge of their captive American-OCA church.

And of course why wouldn't  they?

He has proven himself to be more or less, 100% in their pocket, and a slavish/loyal  drooling devotee of 'The Mother Church' – Stalin's 1943 created ersatz 'Russian Orthodox Church'.

I do not take sides in this internal OCA church fighting, but I  only share some gripes of those who are taking sides, and why:

"What Will it Come to at the 'Parma Robber Council'?"

My question: And to what extent will pro-MP, and KGB agents among the
OCA clerical and lay delagates to this OCA 'Sobor' affect the voting and the outcome of their proceedings?

After all, this OCA, as with ROCOR/MP are  both 'under' the Moscow MP 'Patriarch'.

I firmly believe, that only a pro-MP candidate can be elected.

Since that pathetic 1970, 'autocephaly'  sell-out to the Kremlin, this 'OCA' has been more and more, under the influence and many-leveled control of Moscow, whether or not anyone in the OCA sees it or not.

And 99% of them. clearly, do not see it!...nor can they see that the MP is not the real Russian Church of Pat. Tikhon, but it is a 1943 fraud-organiztion created by Joseph Stalin, and which to this very day is still a total tool of the KGB in the Kremlin.

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Scary Obituary

"Scary Obituary" -political commentary-wisdom from the past-

From: "WALT & BARB" 
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 1:25:33 PM
Subject: Fwd: Scary Obituary

Scary Obituary

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the
University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the
Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always
temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent
form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until
the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous
gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority
always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from
the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally
collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the
beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200
years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: 

From bondage to spiritual faith; 
From spiritual faith to great courage; 
>From courage to liberty; 
From liberty to abundance; 
From abundance to complacency; 
From complacency to apathy; 
From apathy to dependence; 
From dependence back into bondage."
The Obituary follows:

Born 1776, Died 2012  
It doesn't hurt to read this several times.            
Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in
St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning
the last Presidential election: 

Number of States won by:            Obama: 19                McCain: 29 
Square miles of land won by:       Obama: 580,000        McCain: 2,427,000 
Population of counties won by:    Obama: 127 million  McCain: 143 million 
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1  

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory
McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens
of the country.

Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low
income tenements and living off various forms of government

Olson believes the  United States is now somewhere between the
"complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of
democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population
already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million
criminal invaders called illegal's - and they vote - then we can say
goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years

If you are in favor of this, then by all means, delete this message.

If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how
much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our

This is scary!

Democrats shun hospitality

"Democrats shun hospitality"- a little truth about the Democrat Party today (not what it used to be)-

Anti-Christian, but pro-Moslem- (?)-

Date: September 21, 2012, 12:41:28 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: Democrats shun hospitality


Democrats shun hospitality
by Rev. Austin Miles

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (9/11/12) When the DNC came to Charlotte, area churches, 100 of them, offered hospitality, not knowing how much the Dems hate God and would actually boo God at the convention. They had no idea how that hatred would be directed at them and their churches.

The Sunday before the DNC, over 9000 people had come together to pray for the convention. Then, wanting to extend hospitality to the visitors to their city, 56 of the churches set out to “Adopt-a-Delegation.”

They put together gift baskets featuring Carolina Pralines and a letter welcoming them to the city and offering assistance in transportation, childcare or spiritual matters.

According to writer, Todd Starnes, The DNC banned the churches from distributing the gift baskets to delegates because, DNC said, the congregations hold values that are contrary to the party platform. Read that carefully.

David Benham, one of the organizers of the outreach said, “We were just trying to display Southern hospitality.” DNC officials, however, conveyed to city leaders that the Christians would not be allowed to present their gift baskets.

Even the Charlotte Mayor’s office jumped in to tell the churches not to participate, saying that their views on women’s rights are contrary to the platform. That’s right….the same platform that booed God later.

Benham then asked if they could send welcome letters to the delegates. Again, the DNC refused, because, they said, “The churches hold pro-life values.”

The baskets did not contain a single political or pro-life message. They just wanted to give them regional candles and a welcome letter. The DNC refused to return numerous phone calls seeking comment.

But it gets worse. When a gathering of 200 Muslims showed up to pray for the convention, the Dems welcomed them with open arms and the liberal media gave extensive national coverage.

It is ironic that this day, in the shadow of that Islamic prayer event, we commemorate the greatest tragedy in American History, when Muslims attacked America on September 11, 2001, brutally killing thousands of innocent people.

Muslims who publicly state their hatred of our country with fierce determination to kill us all and put America under Sharia Law, are welcomed by the Democratic Party while Christians are pushed out of sight like criminals because they respect life and hold family values.

These are the same democrats who want you to vote them into office to direct the United States of America and every life from beginning to end. It is obvious that we must not let this happen.

Our thanks to Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) who alerted us to this story.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” ~ Voltaire

Open Letter of ROAC Fr. Victor Melehov to ROCOR-MP Bp. Jerome

FW: Informational Sharing: "An Open Letter of ROAC Fr. Victor Melehov to ROCOR-MP Bp. Jerome (Shaw)"-Plus Commentary- 

Open Letter to B Jerome Shaw (ROCOR-MP) 09, 2012.pdf

Comment: These statements, both current ones and those of past years, are lengthy, but valuable.
 All should read them and share them.

However, not everyone who was in the old-ROCOR, and now since that 2007 betrayal (or previous to that date), have gone in...various directions,( including Fr.Victor  Melehoff), since that foul 're-union' of 2007, including our ROCA under our Met. Agafangel,  which church we consider as THE continuation of that old/free ROCOR, did not see each and every past ROCOR event or individual attitudes of it's leadership, exactly in the same light or understanding.

*In the old days of the old  free-ROCOR, there were many many divergent views, on MANY issues!!!

Thus, we in our ROCA are in full and fraternal & happy inter-communion, STILL,  with the Synod In Resistance, and it's sister Romanian and Bulgarian churches. We treasure these faithful fellow Orthodox brothers and sisters.

Fr. Melehoff, as with other SIR  detractors, is DEAD WRONG! labeling them as ' in heresy'!... though we can heartily agree with most of what else he shares, about many other issues.  Fr. Victor Melehoff is a snide critic and opponent of our sister churches, and... us, and also, together with us,  of the MP!  He supports our rivals,(RTOC, ROAC, ROCiE,  Etc.), whose canonical credentials and honesty, are highly questionable, at best,  and their power-motives, quite clear. 

We vehemently deny, that the Synod in Resistance, is 'in heresy', a  vicious untrue  label of them, being an extremist and absurd 'super-correct'/sectarian exaggeration and slander of their positional statements, (not doctrines!), by those, such as Fr. Melehoff, who also denigrate our ROCA, .. .for many nonsensical excuses, including that we must 'also be heretics, because we are in communion with heretics,' etc...utter slander and nonsense!

Otherwise, these documents are worth reading and sharing.

My summation: we all, who were once part of the old days of the old ROCOR, even back in those 'golden' years, did not all 100% agree on every single issue,( e.g. Fr. George Grabbe was not always correct in all his statements!), -debate and internal argument were always normal for our ROCOR, are now...... also, in disagreement on various issues,...past events and present ones, though we have in common our mutual detestation for the MP/Ecumenism, etc, and for the betrayers of our ROCOR to Moscow, etc.

We anti-MP folks, have much in common, but...we do not have a common/unified front in this battle, sadly, which gives much joy to our foes in Moscow, and in worldly-Orthodox circles around the earth.  We 'fragments', as some label all of us who refused that union/betrayal, which entities, our Met. Agafangel has repeatedly called upon, to at least come together and DISCUSS matters, ...they all refuse this overture for peace and unity.

The leadership, of  RTOC, ROAC, ROCiE, and other 'fragments' revile our church, while extoling themselves, endlessly.

We in ROCA, grieve....... that our fellow former-ROCOR believers, who have also refused  union with the Stalin-created false-Russian Church, named the 'Moscow Patriarchia', refuse to even SPEAK or to try to iron out our differences. 

These are just my opinions......
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon

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Iran Will Attack U.S

Ed Koch: If They Get Them, Iran Will Attack U.S. With Nuclear Weapons

Comment: OOH! NO!...the dear friends of our pro-Moslem president, and the world-wide members of
the 'peaceful and beautiful' Islamic religion, would never! attack America!!! (???)
The super tolerant America that supports them and their governments with many billions of dollars every year-?
and which western country, allows so many of them entry into our country (foolishly).

See news story here:

1400 Years of [Moslem] Inbreeding - has a cumulative effect

1400 Years of [Moslem] Inbreeding - has a cumulative effect

FW: Informative Sharing: "1400 Years of [Moslem] Inbreeding - has a cumulative effect"
Reader Daniel 
Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Comment: Some who read this, may mistakenly see it as 'another slander of Moslems and
Islam', etc.or as some form of 'racism'.

No! it is a detailed serious  study of some major self-destructive flaws in both, Moslem's 
in-breeding marital practices, of 1,400 years now, and ...also, in their regressive anti-human progress,
irrational and insane violence encouraging, Islamic religion.
It is overdue for us in thr west, towake up as to what are the stark and dark realities of
the Moslem world, and of their foul rteligion. 

Begin Forward:
Date: September 19, 2012 8:22:18 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: 1400 Years of Inbreeding - has a cumulative effect

• Explains  Obama-

wow, this explains a lot! 

well I guess this is why it is very hard to reason with these people!

 • If statistics are true - these problems  can't be fixed or corrected in short run.  The implications of increased health care and welfare have never been analyzed in USA.  May sink nations with open door policies.
   A few years ago, I heard a speech by a military commander who was in Iran in the mid '70s before the Shah fell.  He said for every 10 miles you drove away from the capital city - you stepped back 100 years in civilization.
   Probably does little good to think that bona-fide arguments or critical thinking will work in influencing them.
Bottom line: Islam is not simply a benign and morally equivalent alternative to the Judeo-Christian tradition.

• Verified by yahoo answers!

Is it true that almost 50% of the Muslims worldwide are inbred? Why do they do it?
- Yahoo! Answers

1400 Years of Inbreeding. Very Enlightening!

A huge Muslim problem: Inbreeding

 Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into a little-known problem in the Muslim world: the disastrous results of Muslim inbreeding brought about by the marriage of first-cousins.

This practice, which has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, was sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations (1,400 years) in the Muslim world.

This practice of inbreeding will never go away in the Muslim world, since Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority on all matters, including marriage.  The massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may well have done virtually irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to its intelligence, sanity, and health.

According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred. In Pakistan , the numbers approach 70%. Even in England, more than half of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins, and in Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

The numbers are equally devastating in other important Muslim countries: 67% in Saudi Arabia , 64% in Jordan , and Kuwait , 63% in> Sudan , 60% in Iraq, and 54% in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar .

According to the BBC, this Pakistani, Muslim-inspired inbreeding is thought to explain the probability that a British Pakistani family is more than 13 times as likely to have children with recessive genetic disorders. While Pakistanis are responsible for three percent of the births in the UK , they account for 33% of children with genetic birth defects.  The risk of what are called autosomal recessive disorders such as cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy is 18 times higher and the risk of death due to malformations is 10 times higher.  Other negative consequences of inbreeding include a 100 percent increase in the risk of stillbirths and a 50% increase in the possibility that a child will die during labor.

Lowered intellectual capacity is another devastating consequence of Muslim marriage patterns. According to Sennels, research shows that children of consanguineous marriages lose 10-16 points off their IQ and that social abilities develop much slower in inbred babies. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70, the official demarcation for being classified as "retarded," increases by an astonishing 400 percent among children of cousin marriages. (Similar effects were seen in the Pharaonic dynasties in ancient Egypt and in the British royal family, where inbreeding was the norm for a significant period of time.) In Denmark , non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the intelligence test required for entrance into the Danish army.

Sennels says that "the ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic world." He points out that the Arab world translates just 330 books every year, about 20% of what Greece alone does.
In the last 1,200 years of Islam, just 100,000 books have been translated into Arabic, about what Spain does in a single year. Seven out of 10 Turks have never even read a book.

Sennels points out the difficulties this creates for Muslims seeking to succeed in the West. "A lower IQ, together with a religion that denounces critical thinking, surely makes it harder for many Muslims to have success in our high-tech knowledge societies."

Only nine Muslims have ever won the Nobel Prize, and five of those were for the "Peace Prize." According to Nature magazine, Muslim countries produce just 10 percent of the world average when it comes to scientific research (measured by articles per million inhabitants).

In Denmark , Sennels' native country, Muslim children are grossly over-represented ! among children with special needs. One-third of the budget for Danish schools is consumed by special education, and anywhere from 51% to 70% of retarded children with physical handicaps in Copenhagen have an immigrant background.

Learning ability is severely affected as well. Studies indicated that 64% of school children with Arabic parents are still illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system. The immigrant drop-out rate in Danish high schools is twice that of the native-born.

Mental illness is also a product. The closer the blood relative, the higher the risk of schizophrenic illness. The increased risk of insanity may explain why more than 40% of patients in Denmark 's biggest ward for clinically insane criminals have an immigrant background.

The U.S. is not immune. According to Sennels, "One study based on 300,000 Americans shows that the majority of Muslims in the USA have a lower income, are less educated, and have worse jobs than the population as a whole."
Sennels concludes:

There is no doubt that the wide spread tradition of first cousin marriages among Muslims has harmed the gene pool among Muslims. Because Muslims' religious beliefs prohibit marrying non-Muslims and thus prevents them from adding fresh genetic material to their population, the genetic damage done to their gene pool since their prophet allowed first cousin marriages 1,400 years ago are most likely massive. (This has produced) overwhelming direct and indirect human and societal consequences.

Bottom line: Islam is not simply a benign and morally equivalent alternative to the Judeo-Christian tradition. As Sennels points out, the first and biggest vic tim s of Islam are Muslims. Simple Judeo-Christian compassion for Muslims and a common-sense desire to protect Western civilization from the ravages of Islam dictate a vigorous opposition to the spread of this dark and dangerous cult. These stark realities must be taken into account when we establish public polices dealing ! with immigration from Muslim countries and the building of mosques in the U.S.

Let's hope the civilized West and the North Americans wake up before a blind naivete about the reality of Islam destroys what remains of our culture and our domestic tranquility.

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Iftar Dinner Obama Butchers Truth

    Category: The current American presidency, and one of the many reasons, why we need to boot it (Obama & his leftist democrat party), out of office:  
    This video: Mr. Obama's historical revisionism of American history, in order to please the Moslem world-
    Stunner! Iftar...Dinner lies, -Obama Butchers Truth, -Bolsters Muslim Brotherhood: 

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OCA: The Real History

OCA's official version of the life of: "Met. Ireney" (Bekish)-
THE Authoritative Real History

Category: This was the North American Metropolia's Metropolitan, who then  ruled his schismatic church, when it in 1970, it  recognized the authority of the Moscow Patriarchia, and accepted their autocephaly ('independence'), thus greatly pleasing the Communist rulers of Russia, and thus, more-splitting/dividing  the Russian diaspora, and weakening it's previous solid anti-communist stance.

This ill-gotten 'autocephaly', a 'blessing' from the Communists,  is still not recognized as valid by most of worldly-Orthodoxy, especially not the EP Greeks.

About Ivan Bekish,( his born name)- Metropolitan Ireney/Irenei:

He succeeded Met. Leonty-(Turkevich), who had succeeded Met. Theopholis (Pashkovsky), who had succeeded, Met. Platon (Rozhesvensky)- the one who first went into unlawful/uncanonical schism from the Russian Church Abroad's Synod, which canonical-body had been granted by Patriarch Tikhon, the governance of all the Russian Orthodox parishes and dioceses, outside of Russia, including North America.

And from which, this Archb. Platon had been a full member, before his schism.  (Archb. Platon, utilizing his manufactured,  'False Ukaz of Pat. Tikhon' as his basis for his schism), Forged Ukaz dated Sept. 29, 1923, with the 'signature of Pat. Tikhon' (!) (page 42 on this below mentioned, historical text)-  and he started the separate/schismatic  life of "The North American Metropolia", which schismatic church entity in 1970, under the leadership of this  Met. Ireney-(Bekish) foolishly/greedily accepted  'autocephaly' from the KGB controlled, Stalin created in 1943, 'Moscow Patiarchia' (the bogus, ersatz 'Russian Church' organization.)

The final break, between this Metropolia and The Russian church Abroad, after a convoluted back and forth re-conciliation and then re-separating period, from 1923 to 1946), with the Russian Synod in Exile, was in 1946, after that infamous 'Cleveland Sobor'.  (At that stormy sobor, the majority of the Metropolia delegates voted to join the MP, but the Metropolia bishops, wisely.... ignored that vote and did not unite/submit to Moscow).

READ: "A History Of The Russian Church Abroad: 1917-1971"
Library of Congress Catalogue Number   72-79507
ISBN  0-913026-04-2

This, clean reprint, is currently available from the Seattle, Washington, St. Nectarios Press bookstore for about $17.00, plus shipping.

St. Nectarios Press and Bookstore
10300 Ashworth Avenue N.
Seattle, WA  98133-9410
In the U.S. or Canada, telephone: 1-800-643-4233

This unique history, is about the sole historical accurate record of this troubled Russian diaspora church history, avaliable in the English language, or indeed in ANY language.  The many footnotes, provide documented proof of this information.

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Serbian patriarch ecumenism "left side"

Serbian patriarch ecumenism "left side"

Put this Polish language site, through a machine translation. to have it put into Russian, or English, or other languages.

The many many photos, are shocking in themselves!

We Orthodox, must love ALL fellow mankind, of course, regardless of their religion or race or nationality, etc.

But our Church does not permit us to pray with them all in this liturgical way, nor to agree with their heterodox ecclesiology, or outright pure pagan religions!,  nor to. bow down/corrupt/distort  our Orthodox faith, to please them, "to receive the praise of men!" 

original Polish

machine English – many photos

anti-Putin march in Moscow

Category: Putin is more and more openly reviled in Russia!

15 September 2012
Thousands join anti-Putin march in Moscow

A River in Egypt

"not the video" ???-and about that famous river in Egypt, "De-nial", (The Nile) 

Comment: About the Obama administration's clumsy unpatriotic mishandling of this current insane-Islamic uproar, etc.

(And another reason that we in America have got to vote him & his democrat party, OUT of our government, on all levels!).

Later reports prove, that the man who made that short cartoonish video, mocking Muhammad (as he justly deserves!), is an Egyptian Coptic CHRISTIAN. And who knows better than the centuries-oppressed Coptic Christians, about the anti-human/insane/vicious/ murderous/intolerant religion of False-Prophet Muhammad?

For how many long long centuries now, since that madman, miserable self-deluded 'Messiah' Muhammad, have Moslems been oppressing, murdering, pillaging, enslaving Christians, and Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists, and ...each other, burning our sacred Christian Holy Bible and butchering our clergy, etc.???..and desecrating our churches and our holy places.

IF...we Christians, gave back to Moslems, world-wide, what they DESERVE, would even one of them be
 left alive on this earth?

Islam is a dark false-religion concocted by the Devil, and is perhaps THE most anti-human/anti-human progress
 and destructive organization EVER foisted upon poor mankind.

We Christians (of all stripes), need to...increase our efforts at CONVERTING poor deluded Moslems, to...Christ.

There is no other hope for them...or us.

Otherwise, we in America, dare not fully trust even one of them, inside our country, not ONE!

To save ourselves and our children and our country, we need to view all Moslems, as terrorists.

Moslems in America, need to be mass-expulsed.

A River in Egypt White House: "This is not a case of protests directed at the United States." By JAMES TARANTO Those mobs storming U.S. embassies in Cairo and elsewhere? The official White House line is that they're just overexcited movie critics.

Here's spokesman Jay Carney at a noontime press briefing, quoted by "This is a fairly volatile situation, and it is in response not to U.S. policy, not to, obviously, the administration, not to the American people. It is in response to a video--a film--that we have judged to be reprehensive and disgusting. That in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. But this is not a case of protests directed at the United States, writ large, or at U.S. policy. This is in response to a video that is offensive and--to Muslims."

The New York Times has a piece this morning claiming that President Obama made a "blunt phone call" to his Egyptian counterpart, Mohamed Morsi and got results: "Egyptian leaders scrambled Thursday to try to repair the country's alliance with Washington, tacitly acknowledging that they erred in their response to the attack on the United States Embassy by seeking to first appease anti-American domestic opinion without offering a robust condemnation of the violence."

Wait a minute, "anti-American domestic opinion"? We thought they just didn't like the movie. The riots are in Egypt, but Jay Carney seems to be in denial.

Reuters reports that Morsi's account of the conversation with Obama is quite different from the White House's, as reported by the Times: "On Thursday, [Morsi] said he asked U.S. President Barack Obama to act against those seeking to harm relations. His cabinet said Washington was not to blame for the film but urged the United States to take legal action against those insulting religion."

Egypt is demanding that Obama violate the American Constitution by prosecuting speech that is protected under the First Amendment. That fact is left out of the Times puff piece, which mentions only that Morsi "brought up" the film and Obama "said he understood the ire felt by Muslims." If Obama had said "no" to Morsi's outrageous demand, surely that would have made it into a Times account designed to convey his firm leadership.

"Scholars say the furor [in Cairo] reflects different traditions when it comes to religious rights and freedoms," the Times piece asserts. "Where Americans prize individual choice, Egyptians put a greater emphasis on the rights of communities, families and religious groups."

That's a laughably anodyne way of describing the distinction between freedom and Islamic supremacism, but one begins to suspect that the administration shares the Times's mindset: We have our values, they have theirs, and surely everyone can find common ground in deploring this awful video. 

Jay Carney: a prudent response or a pusillanimous one?
But even accepting that formulation, Americans are entitled to ask why our government has failed to take a clear stand on behalf of our values and our basic law. Perhaps the thinking is that a meliorative tone will have a meliorative effect. That certainly seems to have been the impulse behind the U.S. Embassy's initial statement, now down the memory hole but quoted here Wednesday, sympathizing with the mob that later stormed the grounds. Although the administration has disavowed that particular statement, every public pronouncement from the White House and State Department, including Carney's today, has been in the same spirit.

To our ear, it sounds pusillanimous rather than prudent. The "Arab street" seems to be hearing it the same way. Reuters reports that in Cairo, "hundreds of protesters gathered in streets near the mission, pelting police with stones and petrol bombs as they were pushed back from the embassy perimeter. . . . Thousands of people joined peaceful protests after Friday prayers in Tahrir and outside mosques in Cairo and other cities, responding to a call by the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that propelled President Mohamed Mursi [same guy, different transliteration] to power." That was the day after Obama supposedly dressed Morsi down.

The Times website reports that "the violently anti-American rallies"--no, no, no, no, no, they're only about the movie!--"expanded on Friday to more than a dozen countries, with demonstrators storming the American Embassy in Tunisia in a deadly clash and protesters in Sudan's capital broadening the targets to include Germany and Britain." In Yemen, they broke into the U.S. Embassy yesterday; in Lebanon they torched a KFC. Apparently there are no Chick-fil-As in that part of the world.

The Weekly Standard picks up the news from a CNN reporter's Twitter feed that "a mob has gathered and burned the American flag" at the U.S. Embassy in London. They also burned an Israeli flag. All because they don't like a movie, to hear Jay Carney tell it. It's Islam's answer to Siskel and Ebert: instead of two thumbs down, two flags charred.

Our colleague Anne Jolis phoned Anjem Choudary, who organized the London protest, and he makes quite clear that Carney has it wrong: "In Islam, you could ban it," he tells her, referring to the film. "How come Americans can't? They still proclaim 'freedom of expression'--but if Americans can believe in freedom of expression, which involves harming other people, insulting their prophets, then what's wrong with Muslims having freedom of action, doing what they did in Libya and Egypt?"

The Obama administration's response to the crisis has been not only fatuous but confused. The other day, as ABC News reports, a Telemundo reporter asked the president if he considers Egypt an ally. His reply: "You know, I don't think that we would consider them an ally but we don't consider them an enemy." In fact, since 1989 Egypt (along with Australia, Israel, Japan and South Korea, and later other countries) has been formally classified as a "major non-NATO ally."

The Times describes this as the president's having "signaled his displeasure" with the Egyptian government's lack of support. It sounds to us more like the careless musing of someone who is not a seasoned foreign-policy hand.

Indeed, it reminds us of this statement:
You want a fight, President Bush? Let's fight to make sure our so-called allies in the Middle East, the Saudis and the Egyptians, stop oppressing their own people, and suppressing dissent, and tolerating corruption and inequality, and mismanaging their economies so that their youth grow up without education, without prospects, without hope, the ready recruits of terrorist cells.
That was Barack Obama in October 2002.
"President Obama's strategists are convinced that the overseas attacks on U.S. diplomats are a major break for his campaign--as long as they are not viewed as politicizing the crisis," reports Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast. There's a bit of a liar's paradox problem with that statement: How can the Obama campaign acknowledge viewing the crisis as a "major break" (albeit those are Kurtz's words) without being "viewed as politicizing the crisis"?

Kurtz quotes two Obama backers, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and an unnamed "Obama campaign official," who he writes "are trying to paint their rival as a neophyte." Albright complains at length about Romney's criticism of the Cairo embassy's statement, an obsession of the press for a couple of days this week.

"Still," Kurtz observes understatedly, "there are substantial risks for Obama in the way the volatile situation is playing out." Not to mention substantial risks for the country, and for what remains of stability in the Middle East, of the administration's absence of firm leadership.

Friday, September 14, 2012

two stories from Russian Press

from "Russian Press-Behind the Headlines"- two main stories-

(Moscow, Sept. 11, 2012 RIA Novosti)

1) "President Putin Looses Quarter of His Support"-

2)"Patriarch Kirill Questions New Civil Code"-

My comment: What Mr. Gundaev is worried about, is that, if this  new civil code passes, that his MP kleptocracy, will.... be restricted  in it's on-going efforts at getting MORE free property, with the excuse, that is needed, 'for God' (!)...the Almighty God, Who both created all, and Who...OWNS...ALL!

The Stalin created in 1943, 'Moscow Patriarchia' (so-called), is at it's top administrative levels, a bunch of greedy avaricious atheist THIEVES, who together with/but in some degree of rivalry, with the official Putin governmental apparatus, are BOTH, daily, robbing Russia and it's citizens, BLIND.

Putin is doing this, in the name of 'Serving Russia', etc., while Kyrill Gundaev is doing the same, but in his and the MP's case,

In The Name OF and FOR...'GOD'!

But, are any thieves ever, really, friends with other thieves?


So, yes in that negative reality, "the church and the government are entirely separate in Russia" (famous words of Hilarion-Kapral), there IS.... a degree of 'separation' between current government and MP- church in the Russian Federation!

Politically, no. As the MP is the world-wide, religious-front  mouthpiece for the Kremlin. 

In other words, the Putin governmental KGB gang, are one group of thieves/liars, while the MP group, is...another, 'separate' criminal organization, at least when it comes to struggling to grab as much earthly power and money and possessions.

Can the country and people of the Russian land, survive, BOTH of these crooked entities?

MP Kyrill Gundychaev common-law wife

I am looking at the google English translation.
Of course, how many of the MP 'bishops' have secret wives/children and/or male lovers? (some have both!)-

And, these scandalous matters are not always so, 'secret' but observed by the laity.

Since they are only performing as public ACTORS, in their bishop's roles, they need their consolation their private lives, wine, women (or men), song, &  gourmet food, and other worldly hedonistic long as they are not made public.

Poor KGB clergy-actor guys!...after all those long, boring, church services- especially for atheists who don't really believe that there is actually a divine being who even hears any of their 'prayers', etc.

How can an atheist, 'sin'? (in their own minds)-