Wednesday, January 30, 2013


3 Videos: Some old history of Japanese-held, 'Manchukuo' -Japanese occupied Manchuria & it's Puppet Government

Category: Probably the historical root-origin of  the term, "The Manchurian Candidate", referring to this Japanese puppet head of state, installed by them, to be their figure head ruler of their puppet 'Manchukuo' conquered dependency.

Notice this man in the company of Japanese Emperor Hirohito himself, supposedly a descendant, of divine origin.

This Japanese ruled and run, "Manchukuo" (Manchuria), is the result of Japan's winning of the Russo-Japanese War, and of the 1906 "Treaty of Portsmouth, New Hampshire", ending that war.

Manchuria, which had as a large part of it's resident population, generations of many Russians, Russian businesses and enterprises, and Russian Orthodox churches and  institutions.

Apparently, all three of these historic films, are Japanese propaganda pieces.
(Everyone and everything seems so prosperous, so happy???

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