Monday, January 28, 2013

Vechnaya Pamyat!  Memory Eternal!

Comment: This is being shared, to honour the memory of Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky.

To access the many valuable articles on this site, click on to
"171 journal entries"...and scroll downwards.....

His last entry was on January 14, 2009, 4 days before his passing.
In these English, Revniteli articles, 

and also on his Russian language site,
are many pieces of useful evidence/documents of the early stages of our ROCOR's public  betrayal to the MP, which information is still of much value today.
Rd. Daniel Everiss

Our aims are to preserve and continue the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, as it was organized and ordained by the late Blessed Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky). We object to the effected rapid merger of our Church with the Moscow Patriarchate before all the outstanding questions separating us have been fully resolved.

One of the main questions separating us is the uncertain status of the Moscow Patriarchate since it was founded on Stalin’s order in 1943. The path of the church that was contrary to the pronouncements of the Church Council of 1917-18 was begun by Metropolitan Sergei (Stargorodsky) in 1927, when he first introduced the teachings of “Sergianism” that made the church serve the communist state, which continue in effect to the present day. We also cannot accept unification with a church in a state which still keeps the emblems, signs, names, customs, melodies, statues, legal norms, etc., of the accursed communist past. These manifestations and the participation in the Ecumenical movement are openly allowed and accepted by the Moscow Patriarchate. 

All Orthodox believers, wishing to safeguard the purity of the Orthodox Faith and help the Russian people return to their historical path of serving the God’s Truth are welcome in our continuation of the Erstwhile ROCOR. For this purpose the Church seeks to make connections with the believers in dioceses and parishes of Russia Abroad, RF, Ukraine and Byelorussia.

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