Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What happens when you criticize Putin

What happens to you, in Putin's New Democratic Russia, when you criticize his government or his captive MP-church

And this captive KGB run, tyrannical and oppressive and UN-holy, Stalin founded, Moscow Patriarchia,  is the supposed 'Mother Russian Church' which  Met. Lavr Shkurla & his fellow traitors,  shamefully  subverted a large part of our old free Russian Church Abroad to, in that disgraceful 2007 tomos/KGB-engineered & granted 'autonomy'.

Those who have to live under that MP 'church' inside of the Russian Federation, see first hand, what  it is really all about, and thus why so many Russians are increasingly fleeing it, (if they have the means to, which many poorer Russians cannot emigrate out,  or just run away), or fleeing their native land, entirely,  for more free places on earth.

Even having to suffer much persecution, more and more sincere Orthodox believers there are voting with their feet, and joining anti-MP jurisdictions and parishes.

While those naive ones here in America,  who are still duped and still loyal to the ROCOR/MP gang, lead by Mr. Hilarion-Kapral and his crew, here in the free west, can, live in their fantasy land, look the other way, and  pretend to be 'autonomous' and not polluted by what evils go on inside of Putin's increasingly neo-Stalinist Russia,... and with THEIR 'Patriarch Kyrill' and his unholy MP organization. 

To fight or flee
The political emigrants, as they call themselves, are finding refuge in Spain, Germany and Ukraine — the latter a not entirely safe destination but one that does not require a visa. In the fall, activist Leonid Razvozzhayev said Russia agents kidnapped him from Kiev and spirited him into Russia, where he faces charges of organizing mass disturbances.

Estonia also has been a favorite destination. Maxim Efimov, a human rights activist from the northern region of Karelia, won political asylum there in October. A year ago, as the protest movement was awakening, he posted an article critical of the Orthodox Church [the MP}, which  he said operated like a branch of the ruling United Russia party [Vladimir Putin's party]. 
His apartment was raided, he said, his computer and documents confiscated. Investigated for extremism, he was warned that he could face two years in jail for offending religious beliefs.

“As there is no independent judiciary in Karelia,"[Russian Federation]. he wrote on his blog, “it is likely that I will be found guilty.” He fled.
Two high-profile activists have repeatedly declared their intention to stay despite enormous risks.

Three cases have been brought against Alexei Navalny, an anti-corruption blogger: misappropriating more than $500,000 worth of government-owned timber while he was an unpaid consultant to a regional governor, a case dating to 2009 that had been dropped; defrauding a now-defunct political party of $3.25 million for advertising services that were never provided; and cheating a transportation company out of $1.79 million. He was formally charged Friday in the timber case, but no trial date has been set.

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