Monday, February 11, 2013

Another OCA Tipping Point

Comment, This is the unofficial view (yes, his private perspectives), of his own OCA, to which this  George Michalopoulos, is indeed loyal and committed to, but whose higher administration, he is very unhappy with, as apparently also, so are a sizeable portion of other OCA members.

He is a total idolizer, (I think, a blind & unrealistic idolizer), of the OCA's recently forced-to-retire, Met. Jonah-Paffhausen, who himself has well proven his long term profound admiration for and loyalty to, the KGB run, Moscow Patriarchia.

Also, George here, also considers highly, that KGB run organization, 'The Mother Church', and which he too, expresses much and unbounded  respect for.

Such is the typical befuddled mindset, of many who are ensnared in 'World-Orthodoxy', so-called.

Is it any wonder, that this OCA is undergoing so many internal and external tribulations? indeed, perhaps it is on it's road to a total disintegration/or, it's absorption into ROCOR/MP?

Truly, the OCA's  clerical leadership, (& their laity as well), are the blind leading the blind.  Behold! what happens when trust is put in a false-church, as is the Stalin founded in 1943, & STILL!...enslaved Sergianist MP?

What sort of ...'children'?, can such a 'mother' as that, produce??? let alone, give guidance to?

The OCA is, in reality, expecting spiritual sustenance and direction, from the KGB/FSB!!!!

But such is the hopeless state of this OCA.
Rd. Daniel

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