Monday, February 4, 2013

Report, Videos from Canberra

Despite a recent attack from RTOC, the SIR is alive and well.
  Attack :
  Alive and Well:

Report and More Videos, from Canberra,: Hierarch Assigned to SIR Serbian Parishes in Australia

More evidence, that many traditional/True Orthodox, around the word, of many ethnic peoples, fully respect and recognize the Synod In Resistance, as both fully Orthodox, and fully trustworthy.

Perhaps, it's clever self-deceived detractors, even among the anti-MP Russian 'fragments', who shamefully manipulate and twist historical documents and events, and assume, wrongly/in a biased slant, the past motives of departed ROCOR hierarchs, are themselves, in heresy and error? or if nothing else, Church-Dissemblers?, whom the Apostle Paul warned us to flee, as they may be also, uncanonical (themselves) & snide ill-willed detractors of our canonical and fully Orthodox, ROCA under our beloved canonical & ORTHODOX! Metropolitan Agafangel? ...and/or, they only want power and high titles, for themselves?

And by so doing, these, so called, 'True Orthodox', samo-svati, ecclesiastical entities only serve the satanic goals of the KGB run MP, to divide and conquer any last hold-out REAL vestiges of the anti-MP Russian diaspora.

Just my views-
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon 

Hierarch Assigned to SIR Serbian
Parishes in Australia

Dear friends,
More updated videos from St Sava Festival, Canberra.


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