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Asceticism for Catholic

Asceticism for Catholic
In algebra, there is a concept: to bring to a common denominator. In linguistics, would be to be the same. It often happens that people use the word, obviously not understanding their meaning. The same word can, in different circumstances, to designate two different things. Here, it is written that the biography of Francis suggests that "the new pope tries to adhere to austerity of the early Christians."

Our article does not refer directly to the new Pope. No doubt that he is spiritually in times above many of his brethren. Are referring to Catholicism and Western Christianity in general. In the Orthodox Church, we have a precise idea of what austerity and in vain do not use that word. One of the best prototypes of what is ascetic and austerity we see in the person of St. John the Forerunner and Baptist, who, as we all know from the Gospel, lived in the desert, was clothed with camel's hair and a leather belt, eating locusts - t, e, Locust - and wild honey. So disheveled hermit and ascetic we portray on the icons. And as he is shown, it means, and see Western Christians? Take the largest piece of Italian Renaissance, the High Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci, author of the famous Mona Lisa Zhokondy. The Louvre also has his other masterpiece - the image of John the Baptist. Readily accept that from an artistic point of view it is a masterpiece, but the ecclesiastical point of view it is a real blasphemy. Complete insanity. These curly hairs, gentle smile, plump rosy body, this delicacy, almost feminine ... It's, pardon the expression, the image of a hermaphrodite, not an ascetic hermit, not John the Baptist! We invite everyone to find in an encyclopedia or on the Internet this famous picture. In this example we can see how the spiritual perversion was, all the vaunted Western Renaissance. It is here seen as a Western man has usurped the place of God, the Christian God-Man.

We remembered it on the new Pope, or rather about how to characterize it cited biography as a man sticking to austerity of the early Christians, and ask ourselves the question - what do these biographers concept of asceticism of the first Christians, and that under this understanding? Do not want to be the Pharisees and sees a sliver in the eye and not see the beam in their own, but today saw a live interview with a French Cardinal Ricard, archbishop of Bordeaux, tells how, after appearing in the window in front of two hundred thousandth cheering audience, the Pope, Francis went to all the cardinals at a gala dinner. Recall that the elections took place on Wednesday the week before the Catholic Holy Week. The journalist asked - and what was the menu? Smiling Cardinal willingly answers first served sausages, then some vegetables, then veal with the famous Italian sparkling wine Asti Spumante ... This is austere post ... We have known that the Catholics post almost completely canceled for m i Ryang, but did not know as for the Cardinals and the Pope himself.

It is that the same concepts can be with us and Catholics are completely different values and perceptions. Major Catholic theologian and church historian, in particular expert on Eastern Christianity, Father Yves Congar, left a very correct judgment about the major differences between Catholicism and Orthodoxy, which is not in a different interpretation of certain dogmas, but in the fact that even the fact that the type common between us, both in reality perfectly, because in different feels and experiences.

One can see the way it is for austerity.

Archdeacon German Ivanov-Thirteenth 

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