Saturday, March 30, 2013

different traditional Orthodox values

Just interesting! 
– an exposition of many traditional Orthodox values-and how different they are from what many of us, Orthodox in the west, practice

 Comment: unfortunately, however, this short presentation, does not mention THE Apostasy of all Apostasies,  that today befalls many Orthodox people, world-wide,the massive End-Times betrayal of many of our hierarchs and clergy, to Sergianism, Modernism, Syncretic-Ecumenism, and Papism, etc., etc., etc.

Also: while most local indigenous Orthodox people, in their ancient native lands, know &   practice these traditional Orthodox worship and discipline practices, their higher clergy are in many cases, betraying/or rather HAVE betrayed ALREADY! ... the entire Orthodox Faith! to our enemies, and are ever zealously seeking to unite our church with the heterodox, thereby cynically casting aside all of our Sacred Apostolic doctrines, and melting us into the new-world-religion, under the apostate's banner: "that all may be one".

13 minutes

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