Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Marathon bomber's mosque

But...their Moslem religion played no part in their rampaging and murdering !

 Comment: BUT...these two murdering Islamic terrorists,were Moslems, a 'religion of peace and mercy and beauty'.

And the assertion that their dark and vile religion, (which has been murdering Christians since Muhammad), played no part in inspiring such a vicious bloody attack on our fellow innocent Americans, in Boston... or elsewhere. (?)

Isn't it long overdue, to declare Islam as nothing but pure anti-American terrorism, and remove them from our constitutional protection, as a valid 'religion' and forcibly remove them all from our country?

I think so, and so do many fellow Americans.

And, the US should stop all foreign and military aid, to all Moslem majority countries, RIGHT NOW!
Islam is no friend of ours.

Fox News
slide show and article:
Boston Marathon bomber's mosque long a lightning rod for criticism

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