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How present day Russians view Lenin 

How present day Russians view Lenin 

Comment: Well...if one can fully trust any poll (?)..whose results depend a lot on how the questions are phrased, who & how many exactly are questioned, and also what expected results are wanted by the (unbiased?) pollsters.

And this is true of any country.

However, if this poll is even close to correct, how very very sad that so many in Russia do not seem to be aware that the leaders of the shameful bloody Bolshevik revolution, were among the worst monsters in all of human history, Lenin and Stalin, the worst of the worst world-wide.

Clearly, they have been kept in deliberate contrived ignorance and brain washed by all those years of the soviet system, and now too by  Putin's corrupt and KGB gangster neo-soviet  rule, and it's false patriotism.

One can only imagine, and shudder, what must be  currently being taught in Russian Federation schools and universities, about the nation's history.

One astute Russian scholarly critic said of his own country: "Russia is the only country in the world, with  an indefinite history" (i.e. one that changes to fit current deceitful political propaganda).

Pride, is a main component of this studied ignorance..i.e. the inability of too many living Russians to admit the past's sins, i.e. of their grandparents and parents and of themselves,  and to repent of them,... of the national sins.

Thus, they are in danger of repeating the past's mistakes.

Putin's regime is thus doing exactly this, trying to return Russia to it's inglorioius soviet days.
But, have no fear,(?)... they have the Moscow Patriarchia to keep them on a sound Christian moral footing! (?)...all guided by it's specially trained KGB-Clergy actors, dressed as Orthodox hishops and priests, and to teach them right from wrong, -what is of God and is good, and what is of the Devil, and is evil .

Or...do they?

Regardless, God is not  mocked.

Rd. Daniel... just wondering

The Moscow Times
Russians Relate 'Moderately' to Lenin's Legacy, Poll Says
22 April 2013 | Issue 5115
The Moscow Times
     Most Russians have a reserved attitude toward Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, and do not support renaming St. Petersburg to Leningrad in his honor, a public opinion poll showed Monday.
     The poll, conducted by the Levada Center on the eve of the 143rd anniversary of Lenin's birth, revealed that 31 percent of respondents believe Lenin will be remembered only by historians within 40-50 years, Interfax reported.
     The number of people who share this view fell 8 percentage points from two years ago, however, and by 14 percentage points since 2007.
     Twenty-eight percent of respondents said Lenin will still be remembered as a founder of the Soviet nation even in half a century, while 17 percent consider him a remarkable leader who fought for workers' interests and 13 percent say he was a great thinker who foresaw the future.
     These categories have not seen much change since 1995, the Levada Center said, though the number of those who admire Lenin for his practical achievements in politics fell from 19 percent to 9 percent.
     Those who see the Bolshevik leader as a successful, trigger-happy politician constituted 7 percent in the latest poll, against 12 percent in 1995.
     Five percent said he will go down in history as a brutal dictator, compared with 12 percent 18 years ago.
     The Levada Center noted that a positive attitude toward Lenin is popular among respondents over 40 years of age.
     Meanwhile, respondents between 25-40 years of age tended to give the most moderate assessment of Lenin's significance, while younger respondents demonstrated a generally positive but less informed opinion.

The Moscow Times

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