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MP says RocorMP is forgetting its Russian-ness

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(Humanized translation follows below introductory commentary.)

It would seem, that the KGB-Kremlin controlled MP is not totally happy with it's new daughter, ROCOR/MP, and for some of the same reasons that it has voiced it's displeasure and disappointments about its captive OCA also.
Both, American based churches, (both of historical-Russian origins, that is quite true), are, now, not 'Russian enough', and are 'too American'.
Of course, what do they in Moscow really mean by such loaded double-meaning political terms?
To the Putin KGB gang in power there, 'Russian-ness' means, to be 100% loyal to and blindly obedient to, ITSELF, as the sole definer and protector of 'Russianism' (the Communist's definitions).
These criminals, of course, are the inheritors of those who murdered off much of that old real Russia, which old Russian culture & religion they now pretend to be promoting (!!!)
And, to be, 'Too American' means... in essence, to these liars in Moscow,  that such people are not/or refuse to be, trustworthy or mindless dupes of theirs, in essence their enemies rather than their dupes.
To Putin and his crew, they seem to have more contempt for those of Russian-blood here, who refuse their embrace, rather than those of non- or, part-Russian blood, as the 'converts', though, there are many people living in America, who are of Russian decent, but who choose to call themselves, Americans.
However, if dear Putin and his fellow KGB agent pal, MP Kyrill-Gundaev had their way, they would clearly wish to eject ALL non-Russian-blooded converts from their captive, 'Russian Church' (both in the OCA and also in their ROCOR/MP), here in their number one 'enemy country', America, in their power hungry twisted neo-communist minds (still bent on world domination).  They feel that they cannot trust, 'Americans', we are all too slippery, too independent..
Rd. Daniel
P.S. By the way, what does the label 'Convert fo Orthodoxy' mean?
This also includes, many many Russians, born and raised under atheistic Communism, who only now are re-discovering Orthodox religion, and are CONVERTING to it.
And where are a lot of these conversions happening?
HERE in the west, and in America.
In the neo-soviet Russian Federation, the tendency of the MP and the neo-soviet government is to declare, 'that all Russians , are BORN Orthodox', an absolutely absurd non-Orthodox and a heretical notion.
Hence there, catechism or instruction in the faith for adults, is often omitted... even any formal baptism, (usually if done, is done by pouring) is also often entirely omitted.

humanized translation:
Russian Orthodox Church Outside,'of forgetting'- 
(i.e., forgetting it's 'Russian-ness'?):

Orthodoxy in the United States is becoming increasingly English-speaking and American in spirit.

   Correspondent: i-sobor incl. April 17, 2013 . Published in the Moscow Patriarchate 
Anna Nizhyns'ka
About the Author: Anna Nizhyns'ka -a  doctoral student of theology and oriental languages.

In the conservative Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia-(ROCA[MP]), until recently, it firmly defended it's  "Russian character", there are now unprecedented changes.  The Primate of the ROCOR[MP],  Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral) for the first time in the history of this church, in 2008, has consecrated as bishops, two Americans: Jerome (Jerome Shaw) and George (George Schaefer).

Metropolitan Hilarion himself - is a product [born in Canada], of a Ukrainian Canadian family of immigrants from Volyn, and his predecessor, Metropolitan Laurus (Shkurla) -of a Carpatho/Rusyn family and born and raised in Slovakia, but in the [exile Russian church], they were considered 'Russians'.  Now, with the active participation and blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion, there have  been  ordained an unprecedented number of English-speaking clergy - priests, deacons and readers.

In many parishes of the ROCOR[MP], they have  begun to hold services in English.  In the stronghold of "Russian-ness" at the Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, they have started  teaching in English in addition to Russian.  An elderly priest, who attended the funeral of former First Hierarch Metropolitan Laurus (in 2008), once told me: "I found myself in a crowd where everyone - priests and monks - were talking to each other in English.  For ROCA that was unbelievable only twenty years ago.  And I realized that we live now, in a different world."

A growing number of American converts, affects not only the language but also the style and the  life [culture] of the Church, and even in changing attitudes towards the faith.  This does not mean that the new church and theological language of ROCOR[MP], is  - the language of liberalism, no, on the contrary, it is the language of American conservatism.  Probably the largest group of new believers - are the Southerners [American converts], who had originated from various Protestant churches.  This was characterized in a lecture on the relationship of the shepherd [the bishop], to his  flock, read by Fr. Stephen Ritter of the Ascension Monastery (Resaka, Ga.) and posted on the official website of the ROCOR[MP]. (http://www.eadiocese. Org/News/2013/mar/ritter.en.htm) . The priest spoke of freedom, as... the true content of Orthodoxy, that obedience is not [absolute?] obedience, but rather obedience of the shepherd [to] his flock, & [both to each other, etc.], the spiritual elder and his disciples should deal with each other, in a =mutual manner, and he need not restrict the freedom of his flock, and other things that are not often heard in Orthodox circles in Russia (!).  Fr. Ritter cited specific examples from the life of the Church.  Although the names of those atttending the lecture were not named, but as the church was small,  everyone understood what was being said, what it was about.

Trends in the Americanization of the Church [in ROCOR/MP], must not be in conflict with the way of thinking and the ideas of religious Orthodoxy, for those of  - Russian descent, especially those who are/were not, born in the United States, and who have come from Russia [the old Russia or the present one].  In October 2012 at the Joint Pastoral Conference of the Eastern American Diocese of the ROCOR [MP], and also of the Moscow Patriarchate in the New York-area, a group of priests tried to raise the issue of how [clergy] should treat people [the laity] in the church, to avoid  things that hurt their members.  'People abused by the church' - in America, this is actually a topic that is raised in religious educational institutions, religious periodicals, and there are  books devoted to it.  The Russian organizers of these gatherings, vehemently rejected this initiative and said that all sinful and evil proposals that are discussed regarding these issues at an [Orthodox] church meeting , are unthinkable.  Although in the audience were well known priests, who were ready to share their experiences.  American priests and what they have expressed, have caused bewilderment and [as] costs of the event, were paid for by the Russian Embassy, including a chic dinner's boat.  '$20,000 dollars for a dinner with music '.  One outraged well-known priest said, it would be better for the parishes and churches if that money were given [to them, and not paid for such an event].  In many churches the roof is leaking, and there is nothing to pay utility bills ... "Basically  the Russian church [in America], is not rich, and the Russian ministry of the priest in America [towards Russians ],  - is unprofitable.  Most of the clergy are forced to work on the side [secular occupations], to make ends meet and support their families..

The tensions are exacerbated by a fashionable anti-Americanism, expressed by various religious officials [MP clergy] traveling from Moscow.  "I can not talk to Muscovites - I was told by one [ROCOR/MP], Russian priest, who [himself] had come from Moscow 20 years ago - here is my home, my family, my  congregation, and here is where I serve God, and I do not want to play along with their hostility" [anti-Americanism of the MP clergy].  When I asked him whether it is possible to ignore the [rude] behavior of the Moscow visitors, he nervously exclamed that this issue [opinion] is not circumvented in pastoral communication [but that it is not expedient  for him to duscuss it].

The concept of a "Russian World" which has been launched by Patriarch Kirill, the parishes [in American ROCOR/MP], are taking a very low profile about [being silent about it].  The priests brought up on American soil, most of them do not connect with the 'nationality of Orthodoxy', of an Orthodoxy, perceived as of "Russian Orthodox Christians in America continuing the spiritual tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church, but that the Church is about God, and not power, or people, or culture, etc.", - said one clergyman of the ROCOR[MP]. - Traditionally, the [Russian] Church has been associated with the empire, and led by a [Ruling Monarch].  However, the [monarchal]  Emperor - the Anointed of God, [is gone], and now,  in the absence of that monarchy, I prefer the American ways in which the Church is separated from the state.  I do not interfere in the [secular/political] affairs of the world, and to me, they do not give me their orders, or tell me, what I should do.  The more the state can give me, the more it can also take away."  "We in America [in the ROCOR/MP], know the Patriarch [Kyrill Gundaev], since 1991.  He is very intelligent man, and [back then],  was surprisingly open - as another priest told me. - However, I listened to his presentation of the concept of 'The Russian World' during the community meal in Kiev in 2011.  I knew that she [Russia] and Ukraine do not fit [together], not only because of [what America may desire]."

It does not help the faithful, to make such an approximation of the two countries [Russia and Ukraine], and the fact that [the current realities], do not meet the expectations of some prominent ROCOR[MP] clergy who had hoped for a career in Moscow after the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church [the MP],  and the ROCOR in 2007.  However, the author conducted an impromptu poll of [their views of] 'Article 14', of American clergy of ROCOR/MP, who were present during  the service of Metropolitan Hilarion at the Annunciation Cathedral in Flushing (New York), and it proved that about the "Russian world" concept [advanced by Pat. Kyrill], only three of them had even heard of it. 

There are other reasons for the conflict.  In American Orthodox organizations [ROCOR/MP], there have been formed the concept of the "family church" where parishes and influence, are passed from father to son [nepotism].  In the Orthodox Church [ROCOR/MP], there is the fear of a  revival of "Grabbizma" - on behalf of [as a legacy from], the past Secretary of the Synod of ROCOR, Bishop of Manhattan Gregory (Grabbe) with Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky) (1964-1985).  He [Grabbe], was accused of creating an unhealthy atmosphere of nepotism, corruption and mismanagement.  In the Russian Orthodox Church Outside, [only] a few priests controled the dynasties that controled the whole [Russian Exile Church], church organization and church properties and monies, etc..  Unfortunately, they have become the mainstay of "Russian-ness."

Gaining strength too, has been the "ethnic" conflict within the Eastern American Diocese.  A large group of English-speaking priests and monks, not so long ago turned to Metropolitan Hilarion with a request to leave  that  diocese.  Metropolitan granted them the status of 'stavropegical', [free from the control/obedience to, any local diocesan bishop], and they are now directly subject to the Primate of the Church itself.

Of course, in [America], now are 'blended families' where there is one spouse who is of a non-Russian origin, yet such people have not left the Russian parishes, and their children are speaking in Russian with an accent, [speaking Russian poorly], and they are not bullied in school or at church under the patronage [because of the influence of?], in the  the church, of Scout camps NORR (National Organization of Russian Scouts).  However, the friction [between those of Russian self-identity and the non-Russians?] will exist for a long time [in the American ROCOR/MP].

Although such nepotism in the old pre-revolutionary traditions still [exists] in some places as... priestly dynasties ,[in ROCOR/MP?], but this is probably a nepotism inherent [typical?] in the religious life [zarubeshniki/Exile Russian Orthodox?],  of the United States.  America is able to adapt [change] (perhaps the real meaning here is, to corrupt?)- everything that it comes into contact with, even the Russian Orthodox Church.

New York

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