Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cannes Church in ROCA Hands

GLORY TO GOD! SLAVA BOGU!- Cannes, France Church of Archangel Michael, now in our ROCA Faithful's Hands – GLORY TO GOD! 

Imported Image.tiff 17 .07.13.  Today, the feast day of the Holy Royal Martyrs, was a final disposition. approved by the membership of the Association for the Disposition of the Property of the temple of The Archangel Michael and of all the other assets of the Association. It is said that the temple of The Archangel Michael in Cannes has been returned to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.[our ROCA under our Metropolitan .Agafangel]. The multi-year legal battle has ended now, with full recognition of our rights of ownership of this temple. It also means that are rejected  the  claims to  that temple of the Putin government in attempting to take steps to keep the temple in the MP, the Moscow Patriarchate, via the false ROCOR/MP under the leadership of Metropolitan Hilarion-Kapral, and the other pseudo-religious mafias.
Glory to our God!

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