Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WARNING: , "EVERCOOKIES", info about how to TRY to safeguard one's computer's 'privacy'

further scary new information about our 'privacy' (ha!ha!) on our computers!
It appears, that on the world-wide internet, there is NO real privacy, not anymore.
Many eyes review whatever we look at, search for, or post on the internet... to look into our very SOULS (?)
and it is... none of our business WHO is looking!..  or why.
Behold the Brave New World.  Our technological modern advances are enslaving us, bit by bit.
Big Brother [and his whole extended electronic family too], is watching, beware!

1 comment:

  1. too late. The only way out is when we die. Then they rape us one last time of any remaining money - property, (dignity) even after we are dead. But it is the last time.


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