Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daniel's Selected News Items

• As Vladimir Putin, "Orthodox Ruler, of the Orthodox country of Russia", continues his bloody invasions and seizures (bit by bit) of Ukrainian territory-
Just a new small sampling of what Putin and his proxy gangsters, and now openly, his Russian military soldiers!, are doing to Ukraine.

And, as all information indicates, the vast majority of Russians (world wide) totally supports what he is causing and orchestrating, all the while blaming those fiendish/murderous/ evil Ukrainians in Kiev, for all of the mass destruction and deaths that he has instigated, and with his Russian weaponry....and military.
Step by deceitful step, Putin is annexing ...perhaps.. all of Ukraine, to save it from what?
To save the errant childish naughty  Ukrainians from the western immorality of the EU nations and of God-less America (!).
YET, from the massive pro-Putin Russian propaganda, we are supposed to believe that all of that war and death and bloodshed and destruction of towns and cities in Ukraine, is ALL the fault of those bandit faschist-Nazis,   those Russian -hating/Russian murdering, [ unhuman?] Ukrainians in Kiev (???)
And yet, who attacked who, first? Who invaded another country, and under the stealth and deceit of a "spontaneous pro-Russian uprising" ?.... VLADIMIR V. PUTIN and his  criminal terrorist gangsters.
And yet,... we are told, "But the church does not get involved in...'politics' !" we are to be silent against this gross evil, SURRENDER!..all caused by "Orthodox Russian ruler, Vladimir Putin, the head of the Orthodox Country of Russia"!
Look in all of our Orthodox church history, from the Apostles till now, and find where many Orthodox hierarchs and clergy spoke out against the evils of the rulers and of those in authority, in their days.
St. John Chrysostom was a prime example.
Yes, that bold preaching did get martyrdom for many, that is true.
And a 'martyr' is a WITNESS. So we too must be. No canons forbid that, none! IT IS GOD'S WILL for His true servants!
Was that them ..'interfering in  worldly politics'? NO! that was them doing their Christian duty, and speaking out against EVIL, and to save souls.
And so, we must also do today.
There are no 'canons' against that.
Our ROCA may not hold together, because of this. It is now....Russian against Ukrainian, and Russians against....the world.....all thanks to Orthodox Ruler, Vladimir Putin, ex-KGB agent, and Restorer of the glories of the old Russian Empire (?)...well, at least from Vladimir Lenin till now!
Remember too, it is really Vladimir Putin and his KGB gang, who rule and  control his 'Moscow Patriarchy'. Putin was the originator and author of that 2007  Lavr-Schurla lead, foul betrayal of much of the old free ROCOR, to his enslaved  MP pseudo-Russian church,  ....SERGIANISM. combined with Ecumenism,  pure and simple.
All Russians, worldwide, living in the Russian Federation or abroad, [ or non-Russian others] who today foolishly and in ignorance or in Godless malice, defend and support Putin should also rightfully and logically, belong to his church, his KGB-MP, [ perhaps via his  Hilarion Kapral lead, ROCOR/MP?] and not our ROCA, nor RTOC, nor ROAC...nor any of the anti-MP 'fragments'.
While each day, now, 'Orthodox Christian', Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin [ 'freely and democratically elected' ...ha, ha!EmojiEmoji)., ha!) and his proxy mafia henchmen, gobble up more and more of Ukraine......and murder, murder, murder......while speaking of the need for 'PEACE' publically (!!!)
What kind of 'peace' is that? .... the silence of enslaved people, who are afraid to speak out for themselves, or to take up arms and defend themselves and their homes and lands,  or else they will be killed? (as is the fuller truth about how Putin took Crimea!, by his so-called, ' free pleblicite vote').  Ghenghis Kahn also wanted that 'peace' for Russians, after he killed off many of them, or enslaved the remainder. Hitler wanted that 'peace' for all Jews and Gypsies, and for 'sub- human Slavs' too.....etc.
Joseph Stalin.. made  'peace' too........

Loyal American and Orthodox  Christian, Rd. Daniel Everiss

• And....More, Atheists at Work, Again!

• Vladimir Putin, the Return of the CommuNazi:- Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
 "And in those days, many will cry, peace! peace!....when there is no peace!"

"Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!" is a battle cry from our American Revolution.

It means that we will not tolerate despots or dictators, and we will FIGHT them!
Only when such dictators are totally defeated, THEN,...THERE WILL BE REAL PEACE.
May we not tolerate criminal V. Putin and his Kremlin gangster regime.

• Two columns of Russian tanks enter across Ukrainian border, ukraine
The predicted full scale open Russian invasion...though still being denied by Moscow....
lie after lie after lie..............

• Another example of the pro-Islamic prejudices of the Obama Administration-
As ingrained since the founding of this country, American Christian cultural symbols and practices and prayers and crosses, are increasingly banned and forbidden, even bibles. But for Moslems, anything goes.
The currently being mass slaughtered mid-east Christians by Islamic/MOSLEM jihadists, Obama does little or nothing to counter.
But then, the Koran forbids fellow Moslems, especially Moslem rulers or heads of states [ as Obama clearly is], from harming other Moslems!( unless they are heretic Moslems!...then KILL them all!...but wait till after Friday prayers)..

• The Atheists' War against God, in America, here in a Texas School

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