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Situation of the Ukrainian Refugees in Russia

Comment: It is important to remember the facts: A large percentage of these Ukrainians now sheltering on RF territory,  is simply because they were invited into the RF by Putin, and the way there made easy for them. And this escape route from the fighting and dangers in east Ukraine,  was the most quickest route to travel, to save the lives of themselves and their children., from the violence and the bombing and bullets from BOTH sides.
Some among these people, may indeed desire to live under Putin's rule. Most do not.
When the Ukrainian forces finally regain full control of THEIR territory, and full peace is restored, for sure, many of these refugee Ukrainians will return to their native Ukrainian  homes and villages and cities, in the independent country of Ukraine, where they belong.

An old wise saying, regarding people in dangerous life-threatening situations, and where they can escape to, in order to SURVIVE: 'Any port in a storm", and so it is with many of these poor refugee Ukrainians now on Putin's turf.
It is Putin and his henchmen, his 'pro-Russia' terrorists,[ mostly trained agents sent there from the RF],  who have caused this warfare and destruction and murder, and the immoral and illegal seizing of Ukrainian Crimea....which must be returned to Ukrainian control.
And why do so many forget basic human history and the natural RIGHT of an invaded foreign occupied SOVEREIGN country, to use any means possible, to regain control of its own territory and nation, and to expel the criminal invaders?...and that usually means a lot of violence, killing, destruction of cities, and rivers of blood and suffering and misery, and many many DEATHS....what is called, a Just War.
Ukraine is JUSTLY...expelling Putin's  evil monstrous murderous gangster army and his criminal terrorist Nazis. It is the truth.
PUTIN [ and not America or the EU or any other foreign government], has now separated the Russian people  and the Ukrainian  people, forever, two peoples related by history, culture, religion and BLOOD, two peoples who have been closely interconnected, and with blood kin on both sides of anybody's .... 'borders'.
When blood is shed, in war, that seals hatred for centuries.
Vladimir Putin is thus, the modern day New Founder of The Ukrainian Republic. Thank you Vladimir!
And America and 'the west' have ZERO to do, with the Ukrainian  people [ the vast majority of them all], wanting their full independence from Putin's  non-free enslaved still, 'Russia'.
It is called, ...the will of the people......(supposedly what the communists honour?).
God grant a free Ukraine and  a  finally truly free Russia too! DOWN with all dictators, Putin and all of them!
Rd. Daniel

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The situation with the Ukrainian refugees in Russia

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The refugee situation with Ukraine in many Russian regions remains tense, and the autumn threatens to become even worse: people need to be relocated from schools and temporary camps, but where they settle, is not yet clear. A possible solution to the problem - to oust students and provide IDPs dorm room. However, this compromise may not suit many as some of the refugees hope that in Russia they will give free good accommodation and humanitarian assistance, so that you can not work, and the locals are unhappy with the fact that a huge amount of the budget spent on the Ukrainians, then as their citizens have enough problems.

growing dissatisfaction with the situation residents Ukrainian refugees, in particular, in the Rostov area - here it is "has become critical." This was stated by the Vice-Governor of the region Sergey Bondarev at the meeting of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation. According to him, the citizens are disappointed that the authorities' attention drawn to a greater extent on forced migrants, rather than on the indigenous people of the region. "What do you refugee nosites? For our children do not experience, and for them just tear the soul" - led the vice-governor of Rostov perturbed words (quoted by the newspaper "Kommersant").

He noted that a refugee who spent a great amount of effort and funding (the Russian government has allocated to them nearly 5 billion rubles), also do not always remain satisfied with the actions of the Russian authorities. "Between a curse, a growing discontent with the living conditions," - said vice-governor. Bondarev said that in one of the district administrations refugees staged a demonstration demanding "give them shelter and everything that was promised." He expressed confidence that the refugees whet provocateurs who allegedly work in the camps and "stir up the people."

According to a member of the HRC Andrew Grandma, the reason of such rallies did not provocateurs, and uncertainty in the situation of refugees are still living in schools, which should be release until September, and in the camps, where in the coming days we can no longer remain. Problems of refugees considered at a special meeting of the Board, which, according to the site, attended by representatives of the Federal Migration Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Duma deputies, Federation Council members and experts. A collection of essays leads's "Headlines."

Human rights defenders are concerned housing problems: it is necessary to find warm shelter for immigrants to autumn

Stories about the life of Ukrainians in Russia - very different. Media noted that some refugees have to rent an apartment on their own, wasting all the money, and they resent, resenting the fact that they "did not expect." Other settlers say that are struggling to find work to feed their families, and are sincerely grateful to the volunteers who are willing to host them. At the same time, some Russians who have provided their living space refugees complain that they themselves seemed to have been on a visit, and some who share the suspicion that the Ukrainians would like to select the home of the owners (the history of leads "Moskovsky Komsomolets").

Among Refugees there are those who placed with relatives or simply indifferent at the Russians, but there are those who still huddled in makeshift camps. In the HRC recently stressed that problems with housing for refugees must be solved by offering visitors automatically issue a work permit and a residence permit, and the Russians, sheltered immigrants pay each guest. As authorities responded to this proposal, not reported. We note that recently the Federal Migration Service of Russia offered until September 1, close all temporary accommodation centers in the border regions and metropolitan (Crimea, Sevastopol, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Rostov, Leningrad and Moscow region, Moscow and St. Petersburg) . Which will house their inhabitants, is still unclear.

In the Ivanovo region in one of the correctional orphanages where children were evicted, doubt that the refugees will be able to move to the beginning of the school year. This was stated by the director of the boarding school Elena Kuznetsova edition "interlocutor". Moreover, according to officials, orphans in these boarding schools will not return, and the institution shall be subject to optimization; Although it was reported earlier that the move to live there "special" children undesirable.

Vice-Governor of the Rostov region Bondarev said that the authorities have prepared a place that will resettle four thousand Ukrainians from temporary stay in furnished accommodation (meanwhile in the area are more 50,000 forced migrants). But in Primorye Ukrainian refugees settled in a temporary stay in a dormitory of the Far Eastern Federal University, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". Now students will have to make room for one of the floors of the eighth dorm FEFU almost entirely populated by refugees from the Ukraine, the university newspaper "The Island."

Refugees complain that nobody wants, and local residents are outraged "fans freebies"

Meanwhile, Parliament Speaker Primorye Victor Gorchakov noted that many of the Ukrainians who migrated to Russia, frustrated living conditions. "You called us, we came, but in the end were not wanted," - that is the meaning of letters, the official said, come to the authorities of the region.

note that some refugees and previously expressed dissatisfaction with the organization of their reception. For example, in Moscow took place in late July, administration officials met with refugees almost ended in scandal. When guests from Ukraine were asked how they settled down, they could not hide the perturbation, where they were dissatisfied with almost everything - from apartments available to them up to the quality of care. Refugees pointed to the incompetence of doctors, and the resulting humanitarian assistance defiantly threw it in the trash. In the other camp settlers complained that employees receiving station for allegedly abducting food, building materials purchased for repairs, and the medical staff refuses to help for free.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Dmitry Gorovtsov previously explained that under the guise of needing to Russia enter including crooks who receive free accommodation and food, humanitarian aid, cash benefits and return home. And if we talk about these refugees, to take into account all their needs - a task according to the deputy, impossible, because immigrants are often reluctant to use second-hand electronics and clothing, and say that "want new things, the latest phone models." However, it is possible that in many camps, people really do not have all the necessary and outraged because of this, and not on what does not meet expectations for "the sweet life" at others' expense.

However, the stories of volunteers, there are : Rostov-on-Don, told reporters that some refugees do not appreciate its assistance and obsessed with "freebies": I do not want to work, and the money obtained by selling issued them with humanitarian aid. Residents of the Orel region said that the refugees were in a situation where, without any work they become richer indigenous: in the village, where the locals work for six thousand rubles a month, refugees appointed allowance 1800 rubles per day. Data that able-bodied settlers refuse the options of paid work with housing, preferring to live on all ready in regional health centers, were also reported in Kostroma and Samara (data "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and "MK").

In social networks, meanwhile, increased the number of people who are wondering: why spend money on refugees, when Russia's own problems enough? Money could have been spent on the support of the Russian business that needs it on a background of sanctions, to support the newly acquired Crimea, to the needs of the defense industry, education, health and social services.

Moreover, according to the poll, at the end of July this year, 50% respondents indicated that there should be Ukrainian refugees and create all the necessary conditions for them to live in Russia. The remaining half of the respondents chose between two response options formulated very ambiguous. Sociologists have suggested a "send refugees to Ukraine as soon as there will develop suitable conditions for them" (agreed with this 39%) or "stop accepting refugees from the Ukraine, and already making it as soon as possible to send to Ukraine" (for this option given their Voice 4% found it difficult to answer another 7%).

According to the "Levada Center," the view that Russia should take in refugees from South-Eastern Ukraine is divided mostly Russians (81%). Respondents also reacted positively to the prospect of living and adjacent to the refugees.

Public Chamber worried that Russia could "drown" if more refugees will

note that Ukrainians go to Russia due to the ongoing conflict between the military and the separatists, who advocated the separation of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the country. According to the latest data of the FMS, more than 730 thousand citizens of Ukraine were forced to move to Russia. 78,000 of them have applied for temporary shelter (for one year), eight thousand - on the status of refugees. However, only official refugee status entitles you to social benefits, temporary housing and employment on an equal basis with Russian citizens. Earlier in the State Duma sounded initiative to apply the special simplified procedure for the recognition of refugee Ukrainian citizens who leave the country "as a result of the current extraordinary situation in Ukraine", but the government did not support it.

Prior to that, Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Rostov region, Chechnya and the Crimea closed quota of immigrants. Migration Service at its own expense forwards refugees in other regions. Chairman of the Committee "Civil Assistance" Svetlana Gannushkina opposed restrictions resettlement of refugees in and around Moscow. "If people are able to find a job and housing in Moscow, it is necessary to leave them here, and do not send to other regions ... Do not put your neck on the state of people who themselves can get," - she said. Meanwhile, a member of the coordinating council of staff assistance to the population of Ukraine of the Public Chamber (OP) Georgy Fedorov sure that "if there is a full-fledged assault Donetsk in September cross the border of another 500 thousand to one million people, and then we Drunk". 

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