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Two wounded Ukrainian officers blew themselves up

HUMAN IMPOVED TEXT! War Sharing in Profound Sadness: Two Noble and Brave Ukrainian Officers Blew Themselves Up, with the 12 Enemy Russian Paratroopers!

*category: Putin's unjust war of aggression against Ukraine. "Restoring Russian National Pride" (!)

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*And now, all those who used to secretly respect and admire Vladimir
Putin, are revealing themselves, in their enthusiastic support of his wicked and unjust attack on Ukraine.
Now, we can see who they are! And some of those pro-Putin people, claim to be loyal ROCA church members under our Met. Agafangel, !!!...others are openly obedient to ROCOR/MP under Hilarion-Kapral.

MEMORY ETERNAL TO THE BRAVE DEFENDERS OF UKRAINE!...they are real national heroes. "Brother Russians", are now shedding their blood.
Two wounded Ukrainian officers blew themselves up, along with 12 Russian paratroopers, - from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence
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Two of the wounded officer of the 51st Brigade of the Armed Forces  of Ukraine , Alexander Majors Kandesyuk and Alexei Shepelyuk, blew themselves up along with 12 Russian paratroopers. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense  of Ukraine .

As described in the department report:  As a result of the onset of Russian troops on the territory  of Ukraine, the   51st Brigade  APU  was surrounded. As of August 25 evening, most of the battalion tactical group was put out of action and it was decided to retreat.
Kandesyuk with Shepelyuk, commanders of the air defense missile batteries, led the vanguard of the group retreat with his department - a sergeant and two soldiers. They were ambushed, resulting in  Kandesyuk receiving several wounds from [Russian] enemy machine gun. Officer Shepelyuk  rushed to withdraw from the line of fire, but he was seriously wounded. The rest of the avant-garde was fired on by enemy machine guns, mortars and direct fire "Shilka" - all personnel were seriously injured. The main group, due to heavy fire, could not come to their aid, and they moved  to the base camp, and took a defensive perimeter.
"Witnesses said they saw the wounded Ukrainian soldiers surrounded by the 12 Russian paratroopers, who at gunpoint, were trying to capture them. When the [Russian]  enemy, creating a encircling ring, approached to within a few meters, the wounded Ukrainian officers raised themselves up from the ground and raised their hands. It was obvious that they had something  holding in their hands, and a moment later there was heard several explosions, similar to the grenade explosions. Obviously, the officers of the Armed Forces  of Ukraine , Alexander Majors Kandesyuk and Alexei Shepelyuk, not wanting to give up, blew themselves  up along with a numerically superior enemy " - told in the  Ministry of Defense .
Now the command  ATO  prepares presentation on assignment killed the title of,  Hero  of Ukraine .

# All this blood, Caused by Putin - Rd. Daniel 8/29/2014 fourteen past four p.m.
And Before this Unjust War of Putin's aggression, is Ended, what will be left of Ukraine? 
What will be left of Russia? 
And all of this Bloodshed, destruction of cities and people's homes and Lives, is instigated and Organized and Planned, by " Orthodox Christian Leader, Vladimir Putin ", and to restore Russian national pride (!) ... causing the murders of many Orthodox Christians, and making Russian boys shoot and kill Ukrainian boys. All of them dying ... for nothing! in A Needless useless war. HOW SAD! 
But at Least the Brave Ukrainian soldiers are in Fact Fighting A just Cause, to defend Their Native land from A Foreign Evil Godless Aggressor. Putin and His Army are Godless! 
And That all western powers to do is ... more impotent Sanctions Threaten. 
Putin laughs at Those Weak Powerless Threats. He only cares about his power and his 'image', not even about the welfare of his own Russian people. He is a typical blood-thirsty power-mad tyrant. Yet we are told that 'the Russian people freely and democratically elected him! (What a joke !!! for his rigged election, when opponents were disappeared or imprisoned or shut up, etc, etc, etc, ... all of those perverse shenanigans are NOT a real democracy, but a bogus SHAM. Hitler also was , "freely Elected by the German people". And WHERE did That Lead to? 
And all of this is the World Steadily Moving Towards Major World War. 
Friends! we all Live now in the end days, the battle of Armageddon is already in ITS Beginning stages, World-wide. 
"Even so, Come Quickly Lord Jesus!" 
In Sadness and in prayer ... 
And Today, Putin is Openly Threatening His 'Nuclear arsenal' Against anyone WHO interferes with HIM .. We Also have Nuclear Weapons. ....... and we Shall use Them if we are Attacked ...... 
I see World Nuclear War Inevitable as now ....... it can not be stopped. 
Rd. Daniel in America

# RE: - Konstantin 29.08.2014 12:56
Lord, and what has sion news to the CPI?

# RE: - Internet Council 08/29/2014 13:06
Do you imagine that these two major, and 12 paratroopers were members of the CPI.

# RE: - Vadim Zharkoff 08.29.2014 10:40
Eternal glory to the heroes !!! And the eternal memory!

# RE: - Internet Cathedral 08/29/2014 9:07
What a nightmare ...

# RE: - Romantcev 29/08/2014 10:29
And you believe that? Veracity of the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is sufficiently well known. Get at least their information for "Boeing".

# RE: - Internet Council 08/29/2014 10:53
Veracity of the Russian media even more known.

# RE: - For Russia! 08/29/2014 12:02
and the veracity of the Internet site known as the Cathedral?

# RE: - Daniel 8/29/2014 14:20
For Russia - as always, any comments, just to "spoil the air." Espumizan take, say helps.

# RE: - Romantcev 29/08/2014 16:00
Well, just a blown up, not wanting to give up - even according to the ROCOR considered a hero of Ukraine. But at least explain how it took more and your "outnumbered enemies" - "12 Russian paratroopers," if the State Department, and the OSCE stated that they had no information about the appearance of Russian troops in Ukraine.

# RE: - Romantcev 29/08/2014 16:04
Or maybe the two heroes to the territory of the Russian Federation came to escape the militia (of about 500, their Putinists fed and treated), but remembering that they will court - decided to explode?

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