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Another example of how un-Orthodox is the MP

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 Because, here by photographic evidence, the 'holy patriarch' is baptizing a baby, not by Orthodox full triple immersion, but by the Latin style pouring.This practice is apparently now normal in many parts of the MP, even for adults.

Also, since they teach now, that: 'Every Russian is Orthodox by birth', [ i.e. 'by blood'???, automatically?not what the Holy Fathers ever taught or our Orthodox Holy Tradition teaches] no pre-baptismal/chrismation catechism/instruction in the Orthodox Christian Faith,  is offered for many adults. And too, many are given communion without baptism, and without confession also.
And also by this photo, it is clear that this baptismal vessel , is plenty deep enough, for infant  triple full immersion.
Perhaps, 'His Holiness' does not want to get his hands or arms wet?...with a messy Orthodox style old fashioned outdated, infant baptism.
And too, we have viewed many other typical MP baptismal photos, of their adult baptisms, which they usually do by, pouring too....with the newly being baptized, standing [ i.e. they are obviously healthy enough to be submersed, Orthodox style,  under a stream or in an indoor deep  pool] with their heads bent, in front of a small vessel, with the MP priest pouring water over their heads, Latin style.


Patriarch Kirill as the destroyer of the Tradition of the Orthodox Church (PHOTO)

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Patriarch Kirill, nanotechnology, gif animation, SIFCO - Funny gif animationsAbbot Peter Eremeyev : Touched to the quick. The Holy Sacrament of Baptism is  my most favorite sacrament  -in  the temple of St. Innocent at the Khabarovsk Seminary.


# RE: Patriarch Kirill as the destroyer of the Tradition of the Orthodox Church (PHOTO) - Archdeacon Herman 21.09.2014 15:43
The horror. Full illiteracy. But this filokatolika and it can be expected.
Protodeacon. Herman

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