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Esphigmenou Monastery Update

OPEN LETTER, in machine-English: Esphigmenou Monastery Update: Their Thessaloniki (income producing) property taken from them, etc

Rough machine-English translation:

Open Letter of the "monks zealot" of Esfigmenu Monastery to Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, regarding the judgment for removal of the monastery of its property  in Thessaloniki

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Monastery Esfigmenu
September 16, 2014
Your Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras
Today, the bailiff announced to us (judgment under № 1228/2014), that within three days we had to leave the Residence located on the street Venizelos Thessaloniki and transfer it to the monks of the "new brotherhood."
Once again, we see that justice has taken toward a stronger and conveys the property acquired by the long hard work of our brethren, Katsulrieram - false esfigmentsam who themselves have dubbed themselves "neo-esfigmentsami" (by decree of the Ecumenical Patriarch).
All of this is illegal and against the rules, but he continues, because no court is unable to take a proper decision. This brotherhood was scheduled outside of Mount Athos, and it itself has proclaimed itself the "new brotherhood" Esfigmenu. This was followed by restrictions on the delivery of the monastery of food, medicine, fuel and other minimum necessary for survival. Then was appointed the confiscation of our movable and immovable property. Fanarionu nothing left as soon as we give the orders to be executed by crucifixion.
And it's all because of pressure on us by the "father" of our - "compassionate" and deep "Christian" Ecumenical Patriarch, so that we finally took popery as "equal-dignity, respectively, and Orthodoxy," as having the same apostolic succession and the same sacraments, and welcomed all of this along with the rest of the Holy Mountain. And all because "some" Bartholomew went against the rules of the Church Fathers and the confession of faith. Ecumenist and defender of false faith.
We also want to bring to your attention that something like Do you believe it is impossible to impose any judicial decisions, nor any law enforcement authorities in Greece.
Needless to say, we're not going to surrender their positions traitors of faith. We took a defensive position against all those who seek to destroy us. All that was our fraternity is acquired belongs to him and only him. When this false Esphigmenou something created to argue with us today?
What right have they to demand anything? They arrogated to themselves the right of it, because, as it involves the Constitutional Charter St. Mountains, they were illegally granted the name, but in fact they have never celebrated St. Charter. Mountains, and why is it we have to give them the last thing we have left? Why? Why all public Greek judicial authorities pleaded incompetent in litigation with regard to the adoption of illegal administrative decisions by the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Holy Community of the Holy Mountain, while the persecution of the Holy Mount Athos zealots do not stop? We're not going peredavvt anything in his hands and let us Katsulieridov pressured tanks though - we will stand till the end!
We do not bother, do not bother anyone and we provoke clashes. Keep away from false esfigmenitov everything that belongs to our monastery. Traitors of faith and their monks have arrogated to themselves the illegal part of our property, which allows them to lead a luxurious life, when for us - 128 monks that was the only source of income for our survival!
We do not tolerate anything more from these monks. Keep them away from us, otherwise we do not accept any responsibility for the actions that we will have to take in case of collision. We ask for protection and assistance from the country's political leadership.
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, please give a political solution to the issue, to stop any kind of persecution against us and our monahov.Radi God, because we are patriots of their country and Orthodox monks!
We were attacked with crowbars, to us is letting excavators, and this is the real violation of basic human rights. We ask for your help and the entire political leadership of the country. We have selected an immoral manner everything: our name, our belongings ...
I need you to know that the last Seventy years on Mount Athos secretly and silently unfolds religious persecution against the monks who remained faithful to the traditions of Orthodoxy! Their persecutors - people Patriarchate and Priest. Kinot consistently seized power on Mount Athos. These people, acting together: a) do not allow any of the monks anti-Uniates, how old he was, to take to help make disciples; b) do not allow any of these monks to buy the cell to monashestvovat there.
Their aim is to gradually limit the Holy Mountain zealot to create believers the impression that no one in the St.. Woe is not against the conclusion of the union, betraying the faith.
Finally, all of us fathers - the victim of persecution, express the wish that you have desired to the covenant of God, and not friendship with strong land.
That concerns us, we monks Esfigmenu, we do not accept violence, whatever it was, and no matter where they originated, and we will not leave our confession, as did the holy martyrs at Vecchio, preferring death to betrayal, even the slightest , the Orthodox Faith.
With all due respect to you.
Press Service of the monastery Esfigmenu.
(Phone Abbot Archimandrite Methodius Esfigmenu + 306973345170)

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