Monday, September 22, 2014

How to help Abbess Juliana

For those who may want, How to send monetary help to Abbess Juliana in Chile

Regarding sending aid to Abbess Juliana (Hazbun) at  her St. John of Kronstadt Convent/Orphanage
near Santiago, Chile:

 For any questions to her: Her email address: 
abbjuliana @ g mail . com

She is most fluent in Russian,
 but she also communicates in English and Spanish, and Arabic.

Rd. Daniel Everiss'  question to her:

[Quote]-  "PLUS, do let me know, of the safest way/method/address, etc. for
anyone to send you money help!"

Abbess Juliana's Response:
In Christ, Dear Brother Daniel.
I hope you did not LOSE HOPE, waiting to hear back from me.
The problem here, is that the Chileans were having their Independence week.
I had to go to the Bank to answer your questions. First, of course you can send my letter to anyone you want to. I have nothing to hide as I live in the realities of  the present day.. Usually, when I was younger, I would plan to do this and that and go here and there, and sometimes only one quarter of my plans came to reality, and the others, - three quarters -NOTHING WORKED.
Bad moods follow, to be honest, but  I never raise my voice and I never ever banged any doors.
This is Father Benjamin's [good influence on me].!
The first question in Confession he asks you
Are you at peace with everybody? as  if you say NO! He simply quits. So  he wants us to have peace in our hearts all day long and all night and in the winter and in the summer.
But still we are not saints   Do you understand humor?
But what I say about Father Benjamin is true-
Well I found the answer for your second question, this hrimata in Greek, masari  in Arabic, dengi in Russian, money in English, plata in Spanish / srebro in Slavonic  is a serious matter., and not humorous. So what I can suggest is a very long story. And it took all my time to write it down. I could send a scanner if you want.
Do you have time? have patience? 
This is the Bank's address
                                  S.W.I.F.T    BECH  CL RM
                                  Banco del Estado de Chile
                                  Manqueheue 338
                                   Apoquindo 6095 Santiago Chile
To send masari [ money ] to Abbess Juliana, one needs  to send it to the saving's  account in the name of:
 Julia George Hazbun Zarzar  
Camino el Cajon 18060 el Arrayan
Fono 223215334
Account number is: 33861283173

One thing I would suggest:  is to collect a sizable sum of money in one specific place,  and then to send it all at once, as that is easier than to deposit: $ 5,10 or 100 dollars, as for each donation, no matter what the sum, [ large or small] each  time the bank will call me to tell me the good news!

Once a lady, Katya Ogden used to collect for us, I am quilty, for not giving her these numbers. I still have her e-mail if you will want to talk to her. She is a very pious person and her husband is Gregor and their child, is Alexandra.

Enough of chattering today, as it is raining. 

I think I will stop now. I am waiting for the rain to stop, so I can go to my cell.  I  love winter., but have to hurry, as  we also live in the mountains, and as the Computer is uphill,  and I live  down near the gate and  the kitchen.
Have a good night.
Can someone translate this sentence for  you? it is in Russian?
"Отъ многоглаголанiя не избежишь греха"
 (Human translator's note: This translates literally as: From speaking much, you will not escape sin. многоглаголанiя may also be translated as “loquacity” or “talkativeness”).
 .....and this is the TRUE Abbess Juliana!
These two older links for St. John of Kronstadt's Convent/Orphanage , show past people, buildings, and events.A big fire destroyed a lot there, some years back.
I am not clear as to how things look there now.


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