Friday, September 19, 2014

Patronal Feast of the Holy Monastery of St. Edward's

Patronal Feast of the Holy Monastery of St. Edward's, at Brookwood, UK
Our GOC sister church to our ROCA under our Vladyka Metropolitan  Agafangel:
          PHOTO REPORT

3/16 September 2014 , The festal celebration day of the Holy King and  Martyr,  Edward, in the Brookwood brotherhood (England, Greek GOC) hosted a solemn liturgy in honor of the patronal feast. The service was led by two GOC Greek bishops - Their Graces Ambrose [Baird]  of Methone  and Photios of Marathon. They were assisted by  the abbot - Archimandrite Alexy and the brothers.

     And a history of this place, in Russian or machine-English, from Protodeacon Germain in France:


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