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V. Agafangel Report to Council regarding ROCA schism

IMPORTANT TO READ:- some facts! (in Russian and machine-English)- A General Sharing: An Overview of the current dissention and dividing troubles in our ROCA: From Metropolitan Agafangel: A very accurate and insightful analysis of the current situation-

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Metropolitan Agafangel: His  report to the Council of Bishops

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. November 28, 2014. Published in the ROCA (Views: 133)
Metropolitan Agafangel: Prayer for Peace in Ukraine
An abridged version of a memorandum Metropolitan Agafangel Emergency Council of Bishops in 2014
About the new upcoming split of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

Russian Church Abroad was always free, independent religious organization. And precisely because of its independence and free voice in the modern world it was, on the one hand, a reliable support of Christian confessors, and on the other, are a nuisance "miroderzhatelyam of this world." Therefore, during the existence of the Church Abroad enemies of Christ tried to destroy it - split, denigrate its representatives, quarrel with each other, and so it lay, that is, do anything to weaken it and eventually get out of existence .

Nowadays, seeing that it was not possible to completely destroy the Russian Church Abroad in 2007, because it is alive and growing, "counsel of the ungodly," apparently decided to continue the work on its destruction. Today we can say that makes another large-scale attempt to arrange a split in the Orthodox Church.

We can not know the details of the plan of the current attempts to split the ROCOR, but we can see its external manifestations associated with the preparation of a new division - elements arbitrarily, violation of the canons, conspiracies, intrigues, defamation of unwanted members of the Church and, as a result, an open revolt against the ROCOR on their own initiative in meeting Naverezhe.

Abbreviated analysis of the "Appeal of clergy and laity Russian ROCOR parishes":
First Hierarch of ROCOR charged that put the church life "on the high road to the historical hatred of Russia."  Not to mention the fact that this statement is not true, and also to the church dogmas and rules of this allegation has no relation. Moreover, the authors of "treatment" can not, and do not even try to argue that the First Hierarch of neglected or violated the basic tenets of their actions and the canons of the Orthodox Church, podpadaya do so under the condemnation of heresy etnofelitizma (1).

In the case of the Office №295 Kiev Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) for 1918, reads a record №2916 from October 9/22: CONTENTS paper: "The attitude of the Minister of Confessions of 21 SM Number 892/3172 asking razsledovat case of remembrance of the Russian State and Authority in the Church m [ISTA (city)] White Church you [Ilevskaya] y [riding] and Article [Antium] vorzel Kiev [tion] in [riding]. RESOLUTION bishop: of consistency [theory]. Prodpisat in both places that commemorated the prescribed Vseukr [Ain] Council form: Power of bogohranimoy our ukrainstey and missus Her hetman Paul , and moreover would give an explanation why remembered wrong? (2).

Based on this fact, the drafters of the Metropolitan Anthony "treatment" could, if desired, to accuse and "Russophobia" and "Sergianism" and aiding Ukrainian nationalists. This is despite the fact that our Russian Church Abroad in Ukraine today do not remember the local authorities.

In the "Address" argues that the Bishops and priests of the ROCOR engaged in political activity against Russia and thereby provide a tranquil and comfortable life. That is, it is a direct indication of the fact that our bishops and priests are the agents of foreign countries that are hostile to Russia, and for his work as an agent receiving this money, which "quietly and comfortably live." This is a real political denunciation similar denunciations of Soviet times. If this is indeed true, it must present the facts and pass them to the FSB, as it is a criminal offense against the state of the Russian Federation. If this is not true (that in fact), the signatories of the "Address" slandered their own brethren, for which he provided did not even canonical sanctions and criminal liability in accordance with Article 128_1Ugolovnogo Code (the maximum penalty - a fine of up to 5 million rubles or compulsory work up to 480 hours). (3)

The signatories of the "Address" claim that Metropolitan Agafangel claims that have never heard of mission '' storage ROCA White holy ideas '', and this puts him in guilt. Please give quotes ROCOR Council , namely councils, rather than private opinions of certain representatives of the ROCA (except for the First All-Diaspora), which would be praised White idea, and I ask forgiveness for all those his words. International Church ministers to the White movement, while remaining "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church." However, she also ministers to those Russian Orthodox, who, for example, fought the Vlasov army, and even those Orthodox Russian who fought in the ranks of the Wehrmacht and of the Russian, who were in the ranks of the soldiers of General Franco in Spain. And many others. Even General Pinochet and his family prayed for a prayer service before the Iberian myrrh-streaming icon when she visited Chile. Russian Orthodox Church Outside of ministers to all whose soul longed for its nourishment, but not exclusively white movement. Of course, when in 1943 there was a "Red Church" "Joy" which coincides with the joys of the godless government of the Russian Orthodox Church finally secured the naming of the White Church, but it was naming, but not the essence, not the fact that it is at least something differed from the Church founded by Christ. In our own country the Catacomb Church, which flesh was united with the Orthodox, and many of its priests and ministers to those who have been with the White Army, but the White Church at the same time it is not called. Is the Church were different? No - it was the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church." Of course, many were talking about the idea of the White, and our church was where White was the idea, but, while remaining the Church of Christ.

If someone wants to call ROCA White Church, it is certainly not wrong and, in fact, does not sin. But if anyone would be categorically insist that ROCA is a special White Church, and no other, and this is something different from the Orthodox Church, and will try to make others think so, and then it is not just a manifestation of secular authoritarianism - it is an attempt to abuse of the Church.

The signatories indicate that we should not recognize Lenin established the Ukrainian border. That is, in fact, call for a redistribution of existing boundaries (ie, the war "behind the old borders"). But, the last time the border is not signed, Lenin, and VV Putin, and acts as a guarantor of their immunity.


Thus, even with the most careful consideration of this document, it does not detect a no dogmatic or canonical provisions. However, the document contains a threat of a split if its vague and non-church demands are not met. That is, there is no doubt that this document is not a church.

On the contrary, some of the requirements contained in the document, directly subject to the condemnation of church rules and canons. As a result, we can confidently say that the "Appeal of clergy and laity Russian ROCOR parishes" - a provocation aimed to ensure that split our Church. In this provocation, as in any provocation, there is conscious of its participants, which are clearly visible on the writer's activity on the Internet, but there are random people, trusting them. Need to pray that those who got here by accident, opened his eyes and they stopped at the edge of the abyss into which they are pushing the enemy of our Church.

The political component of the "Address clergy and laity Russian ROCOR parishes"

If the document is not a church, it follows that it is permissible to consider as political.

It should be recognized that from a political point of view, this document is much more interesting. First of all, great importance is the political situation prevailing in and around the Russian Federation. Developments in Ukraine and seized the country from the sphere of influence of the Russian Federation destroyed practically geopolitical project of the "Russian World", because without Kiev this program can not be realized. Direct reaction to the Ukrainian "Maidan" - the annexation of the Crimea and the attempt of Russia joining the Donetsk region. Further plans failed. Now, instead of wide occurrence of "Russian world" of the Russian Federation have to leave in the dead of isolation, since international sanctions seriously threatened throughout its economy.

Protective actions of the Russian Federation - forced reorientation of production and finance on internal capabilities. That is, the concentration of the economy and the banking system (at least its critical mass) in the territory of the Russian Federation to have stability control of the centers of key industries. At the same time, restrictions and prohibitions on contributions outside the Russian Federation, building on its territory enterprises (including agricultural) products which have to be purchased in other countries. Increased cooperation with communist China and Asian traditionally Muslim countries. In the context of increasing isolation from European countries and the US, which has strong Christian communities, under the circumstances, Christianity itself becomes an enemy of Russia, because it is quite numerous contacts and communication with representatives again become hostile, developed countries. In order to minimize the danger from this side, the Russian Federation, as well as during the Soviet era, should be to get a mass and a wholly owned religious organization that is ready to carry out any instructions from the government. And such an organization, as we know, in the Russian Federation is.

Article Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin: Religious communities in the Russian Federation should not be controlled from the outside (4)

Relative to other religious, including Christian denominations, directly and unambiguously expressed Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin article RIA Novosti on October 25, with the eloquent title: "Religious communities in the Russian Federation should not be controlled from the outside." After the title explains the idea: " Leaders of religious communities operating in Russia, should be carried out only centers in the country, rather than from abroad, as it is directly related to the conservation of the country's sovereignty, security and stability in the country. " "The state can not be neutral with respect to external influences and related religious and religious-social doctrines. "

"Some people say," will not work "or say that some international religious structures will never go out to take our civilization installation - some (countries) can be obtained. In China, everything turned out, "- said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He expressed confidence that "we will and if we had enough will."

It is safe to say that sounded Vsevolod Chaplin of the Moscow Patriarchate's position is fully consistent with current government installations, which, in an increasingly growing international isolation of the Russian Federation, and include full control of the "dissidents".


It is clear that the article Vsevolod Chaplin not random improvisation, but the result of developments not lasted a short time. It is also clear that the so-called Diocesan Assembly in Naverezhe - it is not a spontaneous process, the event is being prepared for about two years, began with the declaration that the First Hierarch of the poor, that the center of the ROCA should be in the Russian Federation. So, what we see now - is not entirely successful completion of the process, once started is not entirely successful. God forbid that this is over, the more that the main figures, almost all marked and thus were, as it were, "out of the game." To continue the mission to destroy the ROCA should involve new forces, and it is not so easy to do and it takes a certain time, that our church should use for their internal strengthening and development.

I personally have repeatedly offered to arrange different people ROCA center in the Russian Federation. Or, at least, to create in Russia a separate "stand-alone" "self-governing" District (if the split does not work immediately, then try to implement it in two stages).

This, incidentally, has received unexpected confirmation in the recently published "Appeal Parish meeting to the Council of Bishops, the Synod and the First Hierarch of ROCOR Parish meeting Ascension parish in Barnaul" on 3/16 November 2014.

It reads: "We are convinced that further staying of  [Metropolitan Agafangel] at the post of the First Hierarch, ROCOR in Russia is deprived of its future. The Council of Bishops ask if you can not amicably resolve the issue of the First Hierarch, to find a form of government the Church may not post collegiate Hierarch (...) In the case of failure of the Council on the requirements of Appeals, asking His Grace to form a temporary church administration for the Russian parishes independent of the Metropolitan Agafangel order distance themselves from the anti-Russian position of the First Hierarch.

That is, members of the parish meeting Barnaul parish headed by its rector unanimously support, in fact, is what encourages Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. The same can say about the representatives of Izhevsk and several other parishes.

Some conclusions

Many note that the Russian Federation is a kind of return to the era of the Soviet Union. Those who lived at that time, remember that in this country there was no free, uncontrolled organization (except the Catacomb Church). It was truly a slave society, which tried to control everything - even a person's thoughts. Now, with a new stage of technological development, control over a person becomes more easy and affordable. Return to this control at the state level, in post-Soviet dictatorship, once again becomes dangerous and a real threat to the true Orthodox Christians. How amazing it all coincided in time with us, and they have. Our parishes involuntarily should be even more cautious, ready to harassment and provocation. In a situation specified Vsevolod Chaplin, we should make every effort to abandon the centralization and centralized government, as in the current RF centralization means full control. But Christianity can not live without absolute freedom in Christ. Therefore, be careful, because once lost freedom, we no longer had never been true.

"Keep what you have" - ​​commanded all of us to the third First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Filaret - "that no man take thy crown" (Rev. 3.11) - continues to Scripture.
First Hierarch of the ROCOR
+ Metropolitan Agafangel
Odessa, 18 November 2014
(1) Conviction ethnophyletism Council of Constantinople in 1872
"We reject and condemn the tribal division, ie tribal differences, national quarrels and disagreements in the Church of Christ, as nasty evangelical doctrine and sacred laws blessed our fathers, to whom the Holy Church approved and which decorate the human society, leading to the divine piety. Which receive such a division by tribes and those who dare to base it on unknown hitherto tribal gatherings, we proclaim, according to the sacred canons, and destitute of the Unified Catholic and Apostolic Church and these schismatics. "
Phyletism or filetism (Gr. Φυλετισμός - «racism, tribalism") or ethnophyletism (from the ancient Greek. Ἔθνος - «people» + φυλή - «clan, the tribe," tribe ") - a trend in the local Orthodox Churches to bring general church interests sacrifice national political pedigree. Condemned as heresy at the Local Council of Constantinople in 1872. One of the features (although not necessarily) phyletism is the use of the national language in church services while banning perform service in the language of the canonical Church, which was postponed from the schismatic group, illegally declared its autocephaly.
(3) On 13.07.2012, the State Duma returned to the Criminal Code article on defamation, which is a criminal offense (Article 128_1). The maximum penalty currently provides for a fine of up to 5 million rubles (previously - up to 300 thousand. Rubles), or compulsory work up to 480 hours. Imprisonment as punishment for slander combined with an accusation of committing a grave or especially grave crime, is not provided (previously - up to three years' imprisonment).
(4) Chaplin: religious communities in the Russian Federation should not be controlled from the outside (article in full)
16:31 29/10/2014 253 3 5
At a time when religious and social processes become critical in most countries, there are certainly a force willing to pay them to the detriment of its competitors, so ideally the center of decision-making and spiritual authority in religious communities must be within the country, said Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.
MOSCOW, October 29 - RIA Novosti. Manual religious communities operating in Russia, should be carried out only centers in the country, rather than from abroad, as it is directly related to the conservation of the country's sovereignty, security and stability in the country, the chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.
Chaplin spoke on Wednesday at the international scientific-practical conference "State, religion and society in modern Russia."
"At a time when religious and social processes become critical in most countries, there are certainly a force willing to pay these processes to the detriment of its historical competitors . We have a lot of examples of this, ranging from pseudo-extremism activities and ending all sorts of new religious movements used for pragmatic purposes of our historical opponents, "- said Chaplin.
In these circumstances, he said, "the state can not be neutral with respect to external influences and related religious and religious-social doctrines."
"Ideally, the only center of decision-making and spiritual authority in religious communities should be centers located within the country. Any self-respecting country achieves this. We have a lot of examples of this, including from our own history, if we talk about the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union "- said the head of the Synodal Department.
According to Chaplin, in cases where manual religious communities "only from within the country is impossible, seems a necessary dialogue to the unconditional acceptance of the strategic goals and values ​​of the Russian civilization, including its model of church, state and society."
"Some people say," will not work "or say that some international religious structures will never go out to take our civilization installation - some (countries) can be obtained. In China, everything turned out," - said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.
He expressed confidence that "we will and if we had enough will." "If we say that this or that our opponents and partners must change themselves, to change the very foundations of their political and ideological constructs, if they want to dialogue with the movement we have a mutually beneficial and productive," - said the priest.

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