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Bp. Nikon Visits St. John Monastery

ROCA: ( humanly smoothed out machine translation)- Vl. Bishop Nikon Visits the Women's Monastery of St. John, in Egorovka, on the Feast of the Entry Into The Temple of The Mother Of God-

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ROCA: The arrival of Bishop Nikon in the St. John Monastery on the Feast of The Entry Into The Temple of the Virgin Mary, The Mother of God, Photos and videos

Author: Vera nun incl. December 5, 2014. Published in the ROCA (Views: 55)
November 21 / December 4, 2014  On the eve of the Feast of the Entry Into The Temple  of Mary Mother of God, at the  St. John Convent in Egorovka (Odessa Diocese of the ROCOR), Ukraine,  visited,  His Grace Nikon, Bishop of Ishim and Siberia.

His Eminence served the  ​​public worship, Vespers and Divine Liturgy, in the  priestly rank. The two  choirs sang, helping the worship. It was a joy to pray on  this holiday, together with the  bishop and we  felt prayerful, especially with the monastic atmosphere that was in the temple. After the Vigil,  Mother Abbess Alexandra dressed in a cassock/podrasnik  and a cover (shawl with the corners) the recently arrived at the monastery, a  sister from Canada - novice Anna Sauer.

During the Divine Liturgy almost all nuns and parishioners were partakers of Holy Communion. His Eminence gave his spoken word, on the occasion of the sermon.

After the Liturgy, Bishop Nikon and the sisters, with a triumphant spirit,  (carrying in front,  the main icon of the festal celebration and with singing) proceeded into the monastery refectory for a festive dinner. Then, with the ringing of the bells, the sisters accompanied His Grace to the monastery gates, and then Bishop Nikon departed from the monastery.

More Pictures: Picture Report found on Internet Sobor

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