Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oleg Kalugin interview

mainly for readers of the Russian language: "Full" Oleg Kalugin interview

My computer automatically machine-translates into its garbled version of 'English',  all Russian texts, but this one comes out so rough, with so many disconnected words in each sentence, that I think that only readers of Russian, can gain full benefit from it. But those who may wish, can get their computers to machine translate it, as they will.
Can we fully... trust...what any 'ex-KGB agent' has to say? this man or any of them?
We must judge by what all  they say, if it aligns with the facts as best we already know them to be.
And one of the facts that Oleg Kalugin here brings up, is what we already know: that the so-called, 'Moscow Patriarchate' , especially from its top leadership on down, is but an obedient slavish tool of the corrupt godless soviet system, and of the KGB and its organs. 
This MP state-affiliated, government subservient  Stalin founded organization/'church',  is not, the genuine authentic continuation of the historic Russian Orthodox Church, whose last patriarch was Holy New Confessor, Patriarch of All Russ, Tikhon (Belavin).
If many people in Russia or around the world are fooled,....
Let us be on God's side. In the end, HE... will be the sole winner, not His enemies.
Rd. Daniel in the thicket.

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