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Russian Orthodox Church in Argentina

And my [usual] apologies to English-only readers, that I just did not have the strength or the time to go through this entire rough machine-English text, this fuller reporting of the life of our ROCA South American Argentinian diocese, and 'smooth it out', into a better clearer English.. It is just too much a task!
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 Russian original text with many photos:

And, a very rough, [but this first account of the actual visit,-humanly smoothed out], machine-English translation:


Visit of the icon of St. Nicholas

From the 17th to the 23rd of December 2014. Our Orthodox community has experienced a great spiritual ascent! These days we were visited by the favorite saint of the Russian people -St.  Nicholas, in his miraculous image, which for already 18 years now,  still  exudes fragrant myrrh.
With the blessing of our bishop, Bishop Gregory, we had been  preparing our Argentine flock, almost from the beginning of the year, for this event, having learned that Fr. Ilya, the keeper of the icon, planned to bring us this pleasure, with  the holy image, in spite of his weak health.
A group of parishioners of Holy Trinity Cathedral and of St. Sergius parish, with the blessing carefully, responsibly, independently and selflessly took on the organization of the trip and stay of the miraculous image, which was brought by Father Ilya and his Matushka Susanna. All those months we were in great excitement, as we did not know whether or not we will be allowed that Fr. Ilia's health would permit him [ actually] to come and to  bring us the holy icon. To secure this event, we had to raise the necessary money. Our God-loving community has responded to the call of this soul-saving effort with great mental and spiritual generosity and joy! And it came true! We were granted the arrival of the  icon!
Hundreds of parishioners were coming to the holy icon  from the first day to the last. Prayers and hymns were offered! On the first day of the arrival of the Icon, there was  held a public service with an Akathist in the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Praying before the icon, were   the Fathers, Archpriest Valentin Iwaszewicz and Archpriest Ilya Gvarnki. Serving was  prot. Alexander Iwaszewicz.
And on the eve of the feast day of St. Nicholas, the Icon visited St. Sergius parish in Visha Bashester. During the liturgy, there prayed and ministered together, Fathers: abbot Mitred Archpriest Vladimir Shlenov, Archpriest Ilya Gvarnki, and  Archpriest Alexander Iwaszewicz. After the liturgy, a reception was held in the church hall where a very tasty meal was treated to all, and everyone sang to Father Ilia and to Matushka Susanna,  Many Years.
On Saturday the Icon visited a nursing home in Olivos, where  prayers were   served together with Fathers Ilya and Alexander venerating the icon, were  all the brethren of the house. The Icon itself was taken into  the rooms where the sick live,  those who cannot walk.
Scouts of our Argentine Young, 'City of Kitezh' met the icon to complete the elegant form and sang for a prayer service. After the service there had been arranged a  tea in the hall of the Russian school. There was venerating the  icon, all who were present (of which there were many).
Saturday night was committed  the Vigil, with the singing of the Akathist to St. Nicholas. There was a confession. Fr. Ilya decided to leave the altar and offered to practice his English speaking to parishioners.[ with a translator].
The liturgy,  together served: Frs. Vladimir, Ilya and Alexander. It was not an ordinary happening, that the litanies were pronounced in three languages ​​and that the communion was given in two chalices, (because of the multitude of communicants) given the special nature of the holiday.After the service, everyone was invited to a feast where the parishioners were treated to a very tasty meal, thanks to the generous work of our  outcast "chefs" of our parishioners. Here again was sung to Fr. Ilya and his Matushka,  mnogoletie [Many Years!], by all present. While drinking coffee, there  were asked questions to Fr. Elia, to which the keeper of the icon, kindly answered.
On the day of departure of the Icon, there was served a farewell prayer before it leaving for the airport where parishioners accompanied the traveling icon to its departure.
These days were given to us, were really a great grace of God for us sinners. They were  greatly uplifting and prayerful. In these holy days, between us there reigned unanimity, brotherly kindness and piety. And the mutual hard work! And how often do we ask this of the Lord by our mouth, but not in our heart! Through the prayers of Saint Nicholas, the Lord has given us sinners, a  feeling and experience that will be  long unforgotten. We lived this ! Let's hope with  the intercession of St. Nicholas and the work which  our Orthodox community has learned, that we  always will live as we lived in the light of these happy days!

( this is the end of the humanly smoothed out machine English, below is the machine-English text)--

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Visiting Choir Sing

On Sunday 30th November 2014, visited our parish Choir Sing in San Carlos de Bariloche. This choir is made up of singers Slavic and Latin origin, the regent Olga de Lyudkovoy Burda and sang together with our parish choir for the Liturgy. It was amazingly good to hear how the temple is filled with their sweet and powerful singing. Then we shared a meal with him. In the evening, in our church hall, was given a concert of sacred and secular music with the participation of two choirs: Coral Adrogué and San Benito. Yes, the Lord will grant their preservation and edinomyliya us often complicit in such a pleasant event!Fragment ConcertLiturgy fragment Fragment Concert
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Dear in Christ, brothers and sisters!
We remind you that every last Sunday of the month following the Divine Liturgy we conducted a meal for all the congregation, where we not only delicious lunch, but we get, of course, the spiritual food of our communication with you, read the teachings of the Holy Fathers and simple discuss pressing issues of our church.
For example, last Sunday everyone to stay for a meal awaited Russian cabbage soup with cream, fresh herbs and dumplings with potatoes, pasta nautically and cabbage pie. A parishioner of our church Pablo gave us interesting exercises the Holy Father ... We all had a great day also, and most importantly to good use. The next time you want to view the movie "The Island" with subtitles in Spanish, which has kindly offered to bring us to view another parishioner of our church Veronica.
But here following the last Sunday of the month falls on already Advent. And we are waiting for you, our dear parishioners, diverse and creative proposals for the Lenten meal. Can someone cook on their own special recipes for delicious cakes and excellent Ushytsya poppy rolls for tea, and maybe it will lean hash or grilled vegetables and potatoes can be cooked with butter and wild garlic, and her pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers to vodka ...
In general, dear parishioners, show their own initiative in preparing the Sunday meal. To purchase in advance on your list any products, the main thing - it's your part in cooking.
Let's start with you revive the traditions of our church, when the spiritual communion and church life was a priority, rather than secular and worldly communication problems that we separate from God.
Only then can we achieve unanimity in all. And in such a difficult political issue as Ukraine and Russia now. After all, Russia is, in fact, this is not the geographical location on the world map and graph in a particular nationality passport.
Russia - this is the spirit!
Russia - we are with you!
And God is with us!

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Day intransigence

On Sunday, November 9, 2014, immediately after the Divine Liturgy on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the communist revolution in Russia was served with the commemoration of white lithium warriors for the Faith, Tsar and Fatherland on the battlefield stomach put in the world and deceased, and Many Years proclaimed still alive veterans of the liberation struggle. The event was held in the parish hall of Holy Trinity Cathedral in the city of Buenos Aires.
Honored guests gathered in Argentina ranks Russian Corps. The program also had an artistic installation and meal. Memorable evening was held due to the Russian Orthodox Association in Argentina, and ORYR newspaper "Our Country"
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Bishops' visit

Bishops' visit
13/26 and 14/27 September 2014, the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, we visited and served in our church, our ruling bishop, Bishop Gregory (Petrenko) with accompaniment on. deacon Eugene Bracha Bracha and servants of Gregory and Philip Trimaylovas of Sao Paulo. Friday 13/26 Bishop celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Cathedral, where he was joined by Archpriest Alexander Iwaszewicz, Deacon and Deacon Eugene Bracha Constantine Burda.
Rector, Archpriest Valentin Iwaszewicz prayed at the altar and professed spiritual children. At the end of the service performed the rite of the Exaltation of the Lord, who was the first to serve in our church. Chin Exaltation was gracious and solemn, the singing of the parish choir and in the presence of a contrite parishioners of the Cathedral and other parishes in Buenos Aires. It was touching to see reverent participation of children in front of the parish of the Holy Cross - servants, as well as those who joined the chorus repeated a hundred times, and Lord have mercy! This solemn service spiritually strengthened all the clergy and worshipers.
The next day, at 9 o'clock meeting held bishop before the Divine Liturgy, which was headed by Bishop Gregory, concelebrated by Fr.. Alexander Iwaszewicz, d. Eugene Bracha, d. Constantine Burda and reader Ivan Budarin. Rector, Archpriest. Valentin Iwaszewicz prayed and partook of the Holy Mysteries at the altar. The Liturgy was attended by all managers and scouts Yound "City of Kitezh". Also, during the service, and at its end, the small chorus of young scouts sang the Lord "Isa poll these Despot."
At the end of the service Bishop gave a sermon on the topic Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, he stressed the importance of Orthodox Christians not to be afraid to carry his own cross and follow Christ.
After the Liturgy, surrounded by the laity for their meals Lord answered their questions on church issues. At the end of the Lenten modest meal, the Lord asked everyone to pray for him. Then he blessed all the scouts who came to him for his blessing and thanked them for singing to him, "Is this poll Despot", which in Greek means "to many of the summer, the Lord."
On the same day in the evening and on Sunday Bishop served in St. Sergius Church in Vijay-Bazhester, where he was joined by the rector, Mitred Archpriest. About Vladimir Shlenov, prot. Alexander Iwaszewicz and Deacon Eugene Bracha. On Sunday, Bishop also shared a meal with a welcoming congregation.
We appreciate the efforts made by our bishop, and we are deeply grateful for his visit us unworthy. Such cases have spiritually enrich and reinforce and remind us that we are not alone on the unseen warfare. Is this poll Despot, dear Lord!
All photos can be seen here

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