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Schismatics sink into total derangement

The sickening and garbled and totally untrue (in every accusation they make), from the new pathetic schism in Russia from our ROCA

Comment: Every one, -the entire list of their slanders and lies, of these deluded people's defamatory slanderous false accusations, I have carefully... read and studied, [searching for even a shred of truth in them all]as I also have  read the astute refuting  of each of them, point by point,  by our Metropolitan and our other clergy and laity.  Not one of their claims is even close to the truth.  NONE!!!

What is true has to do with  their pro-Putin mindless and unchristian loyalties, Sovietism still aive in their hearts and minds,  which they label as their being loyal to their Russia, etc... .their Russian patriotism, etc.

Anyone who is against [to even a small degree] the immoral and unjustified war making and bloodshed that their Putin is conducting, and who  believes that the nation of Ukraine has a right to both exist and to defend itself from this 'Russian' aggression,  is...a no-good 'Russophobe'/Russia hater, and also are apostates from traditional ROCOR positions, etc.... and thus are 'Sergianists' and under the control of, America (!)... and other such utter garbage thinking, out of the mouths of total Sovietized fools.

NOTHING they allege is the truth, NOTHING!!!... they have swallowed all of Putin's propaganda machine distortions and lies about Ukraine and his wicked war on that nation.  The true leader of their new vile schism is Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin, not Jesus Christ.

SHAME on them!

May God bless and prosper and preserve our God appointed Metropolitan Agafangel and our loyal bishops, clergy and laity, and grant to our ROCA, MANY YEARS!. MNOGAYA LETA!
   Rd. Daniel Everiss, in Oregon

P.S. The Kremlin captive, MP-'church' approves of and blesses all the terrible bloody war-making of Vladimir Putin... and so do these 'ex-ROCA' idiots, 'Russian Patriots'  SHAME on them!

Vladimir Putin is the death of any Russia, not its salvation.

They belong in the ...patriotic MP, and they should never have left that so-called, 'Soviet-Russian'- church.

And if the vast majority of residents of Ukraine want it to be a separate free-from -Russia nation, [which they clearly do], that is THEIR RIGHT!

God bless a free and united and prosperous Ukraine!... and one day, a truly FREE and prosperous de-Sovietized PEACEFUL AND HAPPY Russia Too! and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

AND, when will any and all self-identified 'Russians'  living anywhere,  STOP!.... slandering my good country of America!!!???

Schismatic declaration in its original  Russian, found here:

Machine English translation: (not smoothed out)-

ROCA formed a new division ...

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. December 7, 2014. Posted in Alternative Christianity (Views: 29)
Tags: splits
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Message from the meeting of representatives of Russian ROCOR parishes to all faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church
The grace of God, we gathered 28 October 2014 in the God-preserved Epiphany Monastery, adopted a " Message from the clergy and laity of the Russian parishes ROCOR to all indifferent to the fate of the Russian Orthodox Church ".

Then our words were dictated by a deep sense of sorrow and obezpokoennosti for the future of our Church, as the Met. Agafangel started on the path neosergianstva and apostasy. Unheard of happened: the man who proudly calls himself the First Hierarch of ROCOR, not only supported the revolutionary anti-Russian revolution in Ukraine, but also completely took the position ukronatsistskoy side to the fratricidal conflict. In the most difficult days of the civil war in Ukraine, the main site of the Russian Orthodox Church led by Metropolitan. Agafangel was transformed into an instrument of Russophobia, combating defamation of historical Russia and those who disagree with it. Some terrible sins Met. Agafangel led to his other crimes against our Church.

The appeal (as in  prepared for the Arch. Cathedral Archbishop text. Sophronia ) cited specific facts violation of Metropolitan. Agafangel canonical and moral norms. The apotheosis of lawlessness became punitive Synod 21-22.10.2014g.

Strongly dissociate themselves from these harmful acts Met. Agafangel, however, participants Appeal suggested a way out in the spirit of Christian faith, hope and love: "We apologize to all those who willingly or unwillingly offended by word, deed or some other way. We believe that only in the spirit of Christian love and loyalty great fathers and ROCOR Council will be able to overcome all temptations and challenges of our troubled times. We hope understanding fellow hierarchs, pastors, laity, both in Russia and abroad and support our actions. Let us take comfort in the apostolic appeal: "Not slothful, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer" (Rom. 12:11). "

But this our appeal was met avalanche vicious slander and persecution against organized signed the petition.  Extraordinary Council of Bishops of the ROCOR in Odessa 25-27.11.2014  was prepared in the full sense of the word is predatory, and therefore it is not surprising that this assembly of bishops passed in the "best" traditions Sergianist church. Even the minutes of this Council are secret for seven years. It is striking that those who claim to speak on behalf of the Free Russian Orthodox Church, hide the truth from the faithful people.

We have to admit that Odessa management ceased to be the spiritual center of our Church, but there is a newly formed organization Sergianist oriented towards the Ukrainian nationalists and their American patrons.

Moreover, in order to justify this policy neosergianskoy m. Agafangel unleashed a campaign of demonization of Russia and the Russian people as "the now-defunct" (forgetting that in the historic ROCOR has always been taken to separate the unjust treatment from the people, from its national interests and its integrity, with pastoral charity to his unhappy unfree people for his enlightenment and salvation). On the "Internet Council" came to a whole  series of publications with the declaration of outright heresy contrary to Church teaching, supposedly "the Russian people has initiated the arrival of the Antichrist" and "Antichrist will come to Russia" rather than anti-Christian West, as it was considered the fathers of the ROCOR . At the same time, Metropolitan. Agafangel continues to cover the promotion of heresy chiliasm Online Priest V. Leonicheva ROCOR under the cap ( the last such publication was outrageous 20/11/2014  - before exceedingly. Arch. Council, but the bishops chose her "miss" and even appointed Jer. V. Leonicheva fund managers ROCA).

It is the neglect of Metropolitan. Agafangel as the ruling bishop of the situation in the Moscow diocese ignoring  many parishioners appeals against such heresy , in violation of the secrecy of the confessional priest V. Leonichevym etc. there led to a situation which applies Apostolic Canon 58: "The bishop or presbyter of the clergy and neradyaschy about people and not uchaschy their piety, let him be excommunicated. If the seed remains in negligence and laziness let him be deposed. " Extremely destructive to the Church phenomenon is also constant lies and slander Met. Agafangel - violation of the 9th commandment, what a lot of proven facts.

In these false immoral basics Primate made "cleansing" of church structures with "excommunication" and "forbidden" Dissent and posed new clergy loyal solubility lawlessness and New mirovomu order, where the first hierarch imperious hand popish methods leads our church.

Thus Metropolitan. Agafangel in its administration of the Church found many untruths: doctrinal, canonical, moral, pastoral, historical. This situation motivates us to state that the historic ROCOR was shattered, none of its parts formed the now has full authority remain united ROCOR and Metropolitan. Agafangel can not apply for the position of First Hierarch, especially given its tradition of violations of the ROCOR.

In these circumstances, we see its primary task is to preserve the freedom of the Church from the domination of evil mirovoy system from which always warned ROCOR in their conciliar documents. We have to go to the provisional self-government ROCOR parishes in Russia under the spiritual heading up our church hierarchs who do not want to go on the broad road of apostasy. We form meeting ROCOR bishops without power vertical - structure, open to all members of the communication and its historical ROCA associates.

Aware of the known disadvantages of the Local Council 1917-1918gg, we pay attention to what happened as a result of the restoration of the Cathedral of catholicity at different levels of church life. We hope to develop our initiative on this basis, without breaking communion with the bishops, clergy and laity, though still under the control of Metropolitan. Agafangel. We do not share Sergianist theory that the relationship with the Local Church Universal is only through the First Hierarch, and thus "whoever is not with the First Hierarch, he is not in the Church."

One of our main objectives is to preserve the spiritual heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church, which for decades was the free part of the Russian Church, and her voice sounded councils not only the Russian Orthodox abroad, but the fullness of the Russian Church-Martyr. We must humbly admit that after the Russian Revolution godless Orthodox Church has lost a single organization, and in the beginning of this century the Russian Church Abroad lost a single organization of church life.

Therefore, no one can call himself a First Hierarch of ROCOR, and expresses its exclusivity, but we should with humility and love to work on the restoration of church unity of all members of our Church. We must forgive hurtful words and actions in relation to each other, which is understandable given the complexity of our troubled times.

We affirm the continuity of our church life in relation to the rules and regulations cathedral Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. We firmly intend to go on the path of saving the great saints of our Church, Metropolitan. Anthony, Metropolitan. Anastasia, St. Metropolitan. Filaret, Metropolitan. Vitali.

We may have different political and other views on the current problems in life, but in the main members of the Church should be unity. Always Orthodox people of our Church, both at home and in the diaspora, especially loved the heavenly homeland, but felt the need to love the Fatherland earth; says St. Apostle, "He that loveth not his brother whom he has seen can not love God whom he has not seen" (1 Jn. 4:20). Reproach us in this as "heresy phyletism", as is done in the message Arch. Cathedral of 27.11.2014 - sign means not only a liar, but also changes in the mission of the ROCOR.

We all pray for our great motherland and long-suffering, and hope that our parishes with God's help will become a net source of the revival of Orthodox Russia.

En. Novgorod and Tver Dionysius
En. Verny and Semirechensky Irenaeus
Ieromonah Mitro (Dmitry)
Prot. Sergiy Kondakov
mind. Michael Karpeev
Jer. Alexander Shchipakina
Jer. Sergius Televinov
Jer. Timothy Alferov
Jer. Georgy Titov
Jer. Kirill Ignatiev
Jer. Nikita Titov
Jer. Alexander Small
Deacon George Titov
laity Moscow parish of Sts. New Martyrs and Confessors Russian
Borislav CarandaĆ­ (headman)
!!!Mikhail Nazarov (churchwarden)
Sergey Titov (Secretary) 
Irina Cyganova (Treasurer)
Community representatives of the ROCA in Udmurtia
Zagrebin Alexander, the elder of the temple Venerable. Sergius of Radonezh village. Stone
Fedor Tarasov, head of the community rights. Job Suffering Izhevsk
Pillars Victor, head of the community of St. breakthrough. Elijah village. Yakshur
Kirillov Tamara, church elder St. Tsar-Martyr Nicholas with. Zavyalovo
Sergei Nikitin, chairman of the young scouts ROCOR in Udmurtia


# RE: The new division was formed ROCA .. . - Metropolitan Agafangel 12/07/2014 17:01
Is it possible based on deliberate falsehood and fraud to build something positive?   It makes no sense to deny said the points because everything - not true.  Artificial charges and non-existent arguments used to justify the split, shall remain on the conscience of their authors and those who believed them.  Instead of striving for unity of the Church - are targeted th split and the creation of a semi-Protestant tion group  "without power vertical".  And this: "We intend to firmly follow the path of saving the great saints of our Church, Metropolitan. Anthony, Metropolitan. Anastasia, St. Met. Filaret, Metropolitan. Vitaly."  God is the Judge of all.  He will judge and pass sentence, which determines the fate of each of us in eternity.  That we should fear above all else.

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