Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sister Church Greeks Preserve the Church Calendar

Sister church to our ROCA, the GOC-K Synodal Assembly in Piraeus, Greece, celebrating the 90th, Anniversary of the Founding of the Old Calendarist Movement in Greece-

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  Author: Vera nun incl. December 5, 2014. Posted in CPI Greece (Views: 4)
November 30, 2014  on the feast there was held a meeting of the Synodal Assembly -GOC-K of Greece, in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Old Calendarist movement in Greece.
The keynote speaker was Archbishop Kallinikos, who spoke about the 'New Church Calendar', about the heresy of ecumenism and the falling into it of the  patriarchal Church of Greece and all of  official Orthodoxy. The Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Photios of Marathon presented a new book written by the Secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Clement of Gardikiyskim, "The Holy Confessor of the Old Calendar - St. Glyceryl of the True Orthodox Church of Romania".

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