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Paschal Thoughts: Two videos: Pascha in Ghana, They really look happy!

Comment: I think, but am not sure, that these two African missions are either
 under the Alexandrian or Jerusalem Patriarchates.
And of course, the Greek GOC also has substantial missions in parts of Africa.
Of course, we westerners [ living in our worldly post-Christian materialistic culture], are not used to seeing such physically joyful worship, as normal to our vision of Orthodoxy, however, this is their native African cultural expression.
When they rejoice,, and they express, body and soul,  their genuine happiness. 
They show that they recognize the importance of the Resurrection of THEIR/Our Saviour, The Saviour of All Mankind. 
Are we 'more cultured, superior, educated, intellectual/'modern'  western-civilized/often lukewarm... Orthodox', truly joyful in Our Lord's Victory over death?....or is our annual participation in the Pascha services, just routine, just our cultural traditions??...only mere external/and thus, EMPTY rituals? [what the Pharisees of Jesus day, practiced?].
DO WE... TRULY.... BELIEVE ... THAT HE REALLY!...AROSE FROM DEATH??? [many Protestants and Catholics, these days, do NOT believe it, in both America and Europe]. 
These simple African believers DO believe, and they show it, through their own cultural expressions.
And yes, I know that musical instruments, inside the church,  [ as drums] are forbidden by old canons, is their cultural way of rejoicing, and the drums could be outside of the church. Our bells are technically, 'outside' yet they are musical instruments, are they not? [ and we hear them, while we are inside the church].
For myself, I am inspired by these people's simple MOVING faith. It is real, not pretend, nor phony, it is from their hearts.
Just my I meditate upon this glorious Feast of Feasts, the Defeat of Death.
Rd. Daniel .......But, no, I am not advocating that we here go to using drums and dancing in church..
but that we all do deep soul searching, and pray to God, for a stronger faith in Him, and a purer life with Christ. Because, THAT is being genuine Orthodox Christians, not merely observing external rituals and taboos and looking good, looking Orthodox, in the view of others.
Jesus said, "But my kingdom is not of this world!", for those Orthodox who too tightly link their religion to any one national identity or earthly land, (any or all of them).
WE are all..... pilgrims/wayfaring strangers on this earth. Our true Homeland, is not here.

(Astoria, ROCA Holy Trinity Church)- Holy Thursday Night, "The Noble Thief"

"Holy Pascha, 2013, New York City" GOC Met, Pavlos



Interesting!: ("HE IS NOT HERE, FOR HE IS RISEN!")-Paschal Troparion, "Christ is Risen", sung in many languages

Comment: This is from you-tube, and I am not sure who put it together or put in on the internet.
Does it matter?
Just take it for what it is, simply a world-wide selection of nationalities & their languages and choirs, 
and  in various churches, which are Orthodox or related to Orthodoxy.
No doubt some [ or even most] of these churches and their choirs & their clergy, are not in communion with our jurisdiction.
And, of course, some countries & their languages were missed in this collage.
BUT, simply to hear the wonderful Paschal message , sung in various world-wide languages,[ all centuries old products of Orthodox missionary work, from the Apostles on down to our time, in all these lands and nations],  is music to our ears, and is a joy to us all.
"Go ye into all the world and preach the Good News, baptizing everyone in the Name of +The Father, +The Son, and +The Holy Spirit...."
Rd. Daniel,
 wishing all, Paschal Joy in our wonderful Risen Saviour and Lord, JESUS CHRIST, the GOD-MAN!
CHRIST IS RISEN!...our Eternal Joy!...and death is no more!  ALLELUIA!

Paschal Greetings & Words of St. Theofan the Recluse, in Russian, English, and Spanish

Христос Воскресе! 
С Праздником Праздников!

Светлое Христово Воскресение. [Деяния 1:1-8, Иоанна 1:1-17]

Пасха, Господня Пасха! От смерти к жизни привел нас Господь Своим Воскресением. И вот Воскресение это "ангелы поют на небеси". увидев светлость обоженного естества человеческого в предопределенной ему славе, в лице Господа Искупителя, во образе коего, силою Воскресения Его, имели претвориться все истинно верующие в Него и прилепляющиеся к Нему вседушно. Слава Господи, преславному Воскресению Твоему! Ангелы поют, сорадуясь нам и предзря восполнение сонма своего; нас же сподоби, Господи, Тебя Воскресшего чистым сердцем славить, видя в Воскресении Твоем пресечение снедающего нас тления, засеменение новой жизни пресветлой и зарю будущей вечной славы, в которую Предтечею вошел Ты Воскресением нас ради. Не человеческие только, но вместе и ангельские языки не сильны изъяснить неизреченную Твою к нам милость, преславно Воскресший Господи!

(Святитель Феофан Затворник, "Мысли на каждый день года")


Christ is Risen!
Congratulations on the Feast of Feasts!

The Bright Resurrection of Christ. [Acts 1:1–8; John 1:1–17]

Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha! The Lord has led us from death to life by means of His resurrection. And this resurrection “the angels hymn in the heavens,” having seen the brightness of the deified human nature in the glory foreordained for it, in the countenance of the Lord and Redeemer. All Who truly believe in Him and cleave to Him with all their soul are changed into His image by the power of His resurrection. Glory, O Lord, to Thy most glorious resurrection! The angels hymn, rejoicing with us and foreseeing the filling of their assembly. Vouchsafe us also with pure heart, O Lord, to glorify Thee resurrected; seeing in Thy resurrection the severing of our consuming decay, the sowing of a most bright new life, and the dawn of future eternal glory, into which Thou hast gone before us by Thy Resurrection for our sake. The tongues not only of men but also of angels are have insufficient strength to express Thine unspeakable mercy toward us, O most gloriously resurrected Lord!

(St. Theophan the Recluse, "Thoughts for Each Day of the Year")


Cristo ha Resucitado!
Felicitaciones por la Fiesta de la Fiestas!

La Resurrección Luminosa de Cristo. [Hechos 1:1–8; Juan 1:1–17]

¡Pascua, la Pascua del Señor! El Señor nos ha llevado de la muerte a la vida por medio de su Resurrección. Y esta resurrección, “los ángeles cantan en cielo,” por ver el resplandor de la naturaleza humana, deificada en la gloria a la que ha sido destinada, en el semblante del Señor y Redentor. Todos quienes en verdad creen en Él, y se unen a Él con todo su alma, son transformados a su Imagen, por el poder de su Resurrección. ¡Gloria, Oh Señor, a tu Gloriosísima Resurrección! Los ángeles cantan, regocijándose con nosotros, al vislumbrar la plenitud de su asamblea. Concédenos también con corazón puro, Oh Señor, glorificarte resurrecto, al ver en tu Resurrección la supresión de la corrupción que nos ha consumido, la siembra de una nueva y radiante vida, y el alba de la futura gloria eterna, en la cual Tú has sido antes que nosotros, a través de tu Resurrección, por nuestra causa. No solo la lenguas humanas, pero también aquellas de los ángeles, no poseen la suficiente fortaleza para expresar tu Indecible Misericordia hacia nosotros ¡Oh Gloriosísimo Señor Resurrecto!

(Obispo Teófano el Recluso, "Pensamientos para Cada Dia del Año")

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Holy Thursday in ROCA's Women's Monastery

Sharing: Photos & description: Holy Thursday in ROCA's Women's Monastery of St. John Maximovitch, Egorovka, Ukraine

To English readers, sorry, but I have no time now to smooth out the 
rough google machine-English version of this description. I must leave that
 up to the readers, if they wish, i.e. to put this original Russian text through the machine translator,
 and then...try to make sense of the rough 'English' [word jumble] which is produced by the  mindless/soulless machine.
The bishop serving here is Archbishop George of Bolgorad.
This monastery is near Odessa. It was originally founded near  Omsk, Siberia, [with Bp. Eutichius], before that sad & foolish & connived 2007 betrayal of a large segment of the  old ROCOR to the Stalin founded MP. Those original noble Omsk nuns, lead by heroic Mother Abbess Alexandra,  had to literally flee to Odessa, Ukraine,  and to take  refuge under Vladyka Agafangel's omophorion. Here they have prospered, with God's help and by the aid of  caring Orthodox  benefactors, whom MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS!
Rd. Daniel

Holy Thursday Icon

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Subject: BUT NOT ONE WORD CRITICAL OF PUTIN!- What Kyrill Gundaev has to say about Ukraine, etc.
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 12:16:15 -0600

My O My! very pious sounding!
It is as if all the current troubles in Ukraine are the sole fault of the Ukrainians,
but where  is any mention of V. Putin in this Ukraine, turmoil, etc.??? in all of this mess?
Or are we to believe that Vladimir Putin is trying to be some sort of Guardian Angel over the rascally nasty Ukrainians, to bring them to...'peace', ...'pacification'?
This is pure Kremlin/MP propaganda...what I suppose we should have expected from KGB agent, 'Patriarch' Kyrill and his MP crew, and as dutifully echoed by his captive ROCOR/MP stooges here in America.
Why not pray, instead, for God to stop war-mongering dictator V. Putin?. and his neo=soviet Russian Federation criminal INVADERS, -that would be a more realistic prayer, more true to the actual situation.
This 'pious' sounding  Kremlin/MP  claptrap, by the way, is published on the ROCOR/MP Western Diocesan website.
HAVE THEY NO SHAME?....this is total Sergianism and its typical propaganda DISINFORMATION at its lowest example, but pretending to be...Godly spiritual advice.
Rd. Daniel
P.S. The bible says: "God does not hear the prayers of sinners, of the unrepentant".

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill
His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America requests that the following Patriarchal Address be read in all of the monasteries and parishes of our diocese on Sunday February 23 of this year.
At the Divine Liturgy special petitions should be included at the Augmented Litany, the prayer for pacification in the Ukraine shall be raised up and a Litany for the Dead shall be performed with the inclusion of the additional petition. The petitions and prayer are found below or may be viewed here

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill
Appeals to the Entirety of the Russian Orthodox Church
on Current Events in Ukraine

Honorable Archpastors and Pastors,
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Children of the Church:

It is with anxiety, pain and alarm that I continue to follow ongoing events in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Kiev is the birthplace of a great Orthodox civilization which united the peoples of Holy Rus. Kiev is the city of the One Font of the Baptism, the 1025th anniversary of which we only recently celebrated together with all the Local Orthodox Churches. For me, Kiev is a special, dear city, a city I have often visited, it is a city I love and know well. It is unbearably painful to hear the news of the many casualties in this holy place, of the hundreds of wounded, of the unrest in various regions of Ukraine.
Our entire multi-national Church fervently prays for peace in the Ukrainian land, for the end of civil strife. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are suffering one of the most dramatic moments in its history. The future fate of the Ukrainian people depends on what is now happening. So far, thank God, the specter of civil war has been averted. But this scenario may still become manifest. This will occur if the Lord allows people to abandon Divine moral commandments and reject the Christian legacy of Ukraine, if the residents of Ukraine deny respect for self, for each other and for the law.
I would like to thank the representatives of the Ukrainian episcopacy and clergy who, amidst the shouted appeals and slogans of every possible persuasion, have found the inner strength to coherently call the opponents to peace and brotherly love; those who stand firmly for the right of Ukrainians to live in concord with their faith and piety, for the preservation of traditional Ukrainian moral and religious values, the wellspring of which is the Kievan Baptismal Font, which determined the civilized development of Holy Rus.
With tears of grief from all my heart for the dead, in empathy with their loved ones, suffering together with the wounded, I beseech the pastors and flock of the Russian Orthodox Church to lift up their prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Most-Pure Mother. Let us pray for the repose of our dead brothers and sisters, for the healing of the injured and sick, for the pacification of hardened hearts, for the end of the strife and unrest in Ukraine, that the Lord sends down upon us all the spirit of love, peace, forgiveness and brotherly love in Christ!


Special prayers for Divine Liturgy
February 23, 2014

At the Augmented Litany
That Thou mightest look down with a merciful eye upon the people of the Ukrainian land, and make it unconquered by those who create havoc, we pray Thee, O kind hearted Lord, hearken and have mercy.
That Thou wouldst enlighten with the light of Thy Divine wisdom the thoughts of those darkened in bitterness, and strengthen Thy faithful in the Ukrainian land, keeping them from harm, we pray Thee, O Almighty Creator, hearken and have mercy.
Thou Who hast given us Thy commandment to love Thee our God, and our neighbor: make hatred, hostilities, offenses, greed, the shedding of blood and the other lawlessness to cease, and true charity to reign among the people of the Ukrainian land, we pray Thee, our Saviour, hearken and have mercy.

further this Prayer
O Most High God, Master and Maker of all Creation, Who fillest all with Thy majesty and holdest all by Thy power:
To Thee, our greatly gifted Lord, we fall down with contrite heart and fervent prayer for the Ukrainian land, torn by strife and discord.
O Most-Kindhearted and Almighty Lord, be not wroth until the end! Be merciful unto us, Thy Church entreateth Thee, offering unto Thee the Author and Finisher of our salvation Jesus Christ. Fortify by Thy strength the faithful people in the Ukrainian land, enlighten by Thy divine light the mind’s eye of those gone astray, that they might know Thy truth; soften the hardness of their hearts, quench the enmity and discord being raised against the country and her peaceful people, that all might know Thee, our Lord and Saviour. Turn not away Thy face from us, O Lord, grant unto us the joy of Thy salvation. Remember the mercies that Thou hast shown to our fathers, turn Thine anger into mercy, and grant Thy help to the Ukrainian people, who are in sorrow.
The Russian Church entreateth Thee, offering unto Thee the intercessions of all the saints who have shown forth in Her, and especially the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, who from ancient times didst protect and defend our land. Warm our hearts with the warmth of Thy grace, confirm our will in Thy will, so that, just as in times of old, so now also may be glorified Thine all-holy name, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Again we pray for the repose of the souls of the departed servants of God killed in the fratricidal strife in Ukraine, and that they may be pardoned all of their sins, both voluntary and involuntary