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The Far-Side/Left Field sharing: Oh those rotten Neo-con war mongers! (poor Putin!)

MORE from the OCA jurisdiction fanatical member and worshipper of the Holy MP and its Holy Patriarch,....from... Greek-American, George Michalopulos' pro-Putin adulations and leftist anti-American dribble!  He sure sounds like a KGB operative!

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    July 27, 2014 17 Comments

    Most influential man in the world?
    You gotta hand it to old Vlad. He’s a master strategist. Not only is he defanging the Neocon warmongers in the Ukraine, he’s cleverly severing the EU from the US. It’s a long game but he’s in it for the long haul. Time is on his side and he knows it. [Editor's note: I have refrained so far from writing about the downed Malaysian airliner because things have been really hectic what with the move and all. More to follow in due time.]
    And now he’s added another salient on the front against the Neocons. This one’s brilliant actually. As you can see from the video below, he recently hosted a high-level meeting with several rabbis, including one of the two Chief Rabbis of Israel. What he’s proposing is audacious. Not only is he trumpeting traditional moral values that have endeared him to Christians, Muslims and other cultural conservatives, he’s now placing himself as the chief defender of international Jewry against resurgent Nazism. It’s a brilliant stunt of judo (he’s a black belt in case you didn’t know).
    Will it work? Why not? The Ukrainian junta is being propped up by gangs of ultra-nationalist Nazi sympathizers. Even David Goldman (of Spengler fame) –an ultra-Zionist if there ever was one– predicts that the Ukrainian junta is going to make a hash of things. The way he sees it, Putin doesn’t have to intervene militarily in the breakaway regions, he’ll just come in an pick up the pieces once the Maidan regime collapses. Anyway, as things go from bad to worse there the situation for Ukrainian Jews will become dicier.
    Putin may be a lot of things, but he’s no anti-Semite. Although some of the older, Yeltsin-era oligarchs (all of whom were Jewish) took it on the chin when Putin came to power, that’s not the case now. Estimates indicate that perhaps 20 percent of the present bunch of Russian mega-billionaires are Jewish. In case you were wondering, that’s one of the reasons that American Neocons have been frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of his name. He kicked out The Harvard Boys and their ilk after they had plundered close to one trillion dollars from the Russian economy during the Yeltsin years. (You know, when things were really democratic and all.)
    When you combine this with the fact that Russia has been the primary source of energy imported to Israel (what? you think they got it from the Arabs?) then you can rest assured that Putin has a lot more aces in the hole. All we can say at this point is that we live in interesting times.

    Terrorist Hamas

    A little truth sharing: The Terrorist Hamas (who are the real enemy of the Palestinian people, not Israel)- are killing fleeing Palestinians

    Other than the state of Israel, no other country in the entire world!...would tolerate its territory and its citizens being daily subjected to murder, and missile  attacks, ...and not QUICKLY and utterly wipe out such enemies, by all means possible. But Hamas, will not allow a real peace in Gaza. It is Hamas, an extremist Moslem fanatical terrorist group, who are murdering and impoverishing the Palestinian Arab peoples., and who are stopping any peace or prosperity with the Israelis.

    Former CIA Spy

    Comment: Many of those who blindly believe the many lies and propaganda of the Putin  dis-information network, and who idolize him,  will ask about this report: "But why should we believe a CIA former spy?"
    My retort: But why should anyone, Russians or anyone else around the world,  believe Vladimir Putin's constant river of dis-information and gross lies,  he  a long time 'former-KGB agent'...and obviously... still one today? What all Putin says and DOES, proves who and what he is, him and his rubber-stamp Duma and his military.

    The message of this article: America must fight fire with fire.

    Former CIA spy: Putin using Soviet tactics to confuse US

     Christopher Snyder
    Published July 29, 2014

    Russian President Vladimir Putin does a “good job” confusing the West, as evidenced most recently by the leader’s denial that his country is firing rockets into Ukraine, according to one former top CIA spy.
    Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland spoke to Jack Devine about U.S. strategy against Russia. Devine is a 32-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, along with being president of The Arkin Group, an international risk consulting and intelligence firm.
    He says so far Putin’s regional strategy is working in Russia’s favor.
    “Plausible denial does not mean credible denial, so he’s doing all the things that could have been anticipated. He is using agents of influence, using psychological warfare, and he is providing military support and denying it,” Devine told
    Devine sees Putin’s playbook similar to how the Soviet Union dealt with crises. “If you look back in the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s, it was pretty much the same approach.”
    Critics, including Devine, say the U.S. needs to expand its approach to the conflict.
    “I’m advocating not only do we use diplomacy, we use covert action, we make sure we are using agents of influence and that we provide the support,” said Devine. “I agree no troops on the ground, but he [Putin] is really playing a hardball kind of game and we should match that.”
    There are concerns that supporting Ukraine’s military is a risk, with possible Russian informants embedded with the Ukrainians. Devine dismissed this.
    “The best way to know what is going on and [to] deal with things is to get in there and do it covertly.”
    While the U.S. is hoping to garner European support to pressure Russia, Devine says, “by and large we are going to have to carry the burden of covert action as we always have.”
    He warns that the possibility of further sanctions won’t change Putin’s position.
    “I think he is sticking to his game plan -- he doesn’t want to take the whole Ukraine; he knows that is not within his grasp because otherwise you’re going to have an insurgency of a different type.”
    Devine, author of “Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story,” added, “Putin is in a fairly good position, so that’s why we shouldn’t let him run or we will end up with a neutral Ukraine which is not in our interests.”

    about Islam & Putin and Russia, with comments, etc

    Link with google English translation:

    Управление мусульман Петербурга: Ураза-байрам праздновали более 100 тыс. верующих (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

    Между тем местные СМИ со ссылкой на ГУ МВД сообщают, что к городским мечетям пришли 42 тыс. человек

    САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, 28 июля. /Корр. ИТАР-ТАСС Максим Ничипоренко, Иван Скиртач/. Более 100 тыс. мусульман приняли участие в праздновании Ураза-байрама в Петербурге. Об этом ИТАР-ТАСС сообщил председатель Духовного управления мусульман (ДУМ) Петербурга и Северо-Западного федерального округа Равиль Панчеев.
    По его словам, около Соборной мечети в центре города собрались в понедельник утром около 90 тыс. человек. К мечети на Парашютной улице (Приморский район города) пришли около 20 тыс. мусульман.
    Между тем местные СМИ со ссылкой на ГУ МВД по Петербургу и Ленинградской области сообщают, что к Соборной мечети пришли не менее 35 тыс. человек, к мечети на Парашютной - 7 тыс. В пресс-службе петербургского Главка отказались комментировать ИТАР-ТАСС эти данные.
    По данным ДУМ, в регионе всего насчитывается около 700 тыс. мусульман.
    Ид аль-Фитр (праздник разговения - с арабского, Ураза-байрам, Кучук-байрам или Шекер-байрам - с тюркского) - один из двух главных дней мусульманского календаря, знаменующий окончание священного месяца Рамадан.
    В мире ислам исповедуют более 1,6 млрд человек (24,8% населения Земли, каждый четвертый). В России мусульманство - вторая по числу верующих религия. 


    # RE: Muslims Office Petersburg: Eid celebrated more than 100 thousand believers (PHOTOS, VIDEO) - Internet Cathedral 28.07.2014 15:17
    Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates Russian Muslims with the onset of the holiday of Eid al-Adha. "One of the most important, significant Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr draws believers to spiritual and moral roots of Islam," - said, in particular, in greeting the president. "Muslim community Russia is actively involved in educating the younger generation. Promotes savings of rich national cultural and spiritual heritage, "- said Putin. And Orthodox Happy Prince Vladimir and the Baptism of Russia did not congratulate. Maybe he accept Islam?

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    # RE: Muslims Office Petersburg: Eid celebrated more than 100 thousand believers (PHOTOS, VIDEO) - Internet Cathedral 28.07.2014 15:05
    But Orthodoxy on their land in deep crisis ... Whatever is not claimed in the MP.
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    # Islam, the most evil anti-human institution- — Rd. Daniel 28.07.2014 17:40
    Islam, means 'submission'.
    It is a mindless, dead soul, dead intellect, mass enslavement of poor confused humanity, -the worst ever created, inspired by the Devil.
    Islam really means, SUBMISSION TO SATAN!
    When we read of Moslems who have given it up, and become some sort of Christians, we learn about the major differences between it, and a Christian view of life.
    The Christian view gives hope and joy and peace. Jesus gives these good feelings and grace and peace. Islam gives only spiritual and intellectual depression and hate and mass hysteria.
    Muhammad, Of Thrice Cursed Memory, taught such an evil way of living.
    ISLAM IS A DEAD-END way of life.
    All of these poor Moslem fools, have given up their God-given free-will, and blindly obey their evil power hungry leaders, and what the garbled Koran teaches.
    Islam causes oppression , murder, and mass ignorance.
    Robot-like Moslems more often kill each other, even inside of their 'holy' mosques, and on Moslem 'holy days', right after their Friday Prayers. And then, they go and murder Christian clergy and burn Christian churches.
    Moslems who live in western countries, and in Russia, should be told: Either convert to Christianity, or GET OUT!
    But the communists have long had a use for them, and so does Putin.
    Our president Barack Obama is also pro-Moslem, and anti-Christian, and too, he is pro-Putin and pro-Marxist.
    Putin is destroying Russia and real Russian & genuine Orthodox Christian Russian culture, and Obama is doing the same to my America.
    This entire world is one big mental asylum, but where the mental patients have locked up the staff, and taken over.
    Rd. Daniel

    WARNING: , "EVERCOOKIES", info about how to TRY to safeguard one's computer's 'privacy'

    further scary new information about our 'privacy' (ha!ha!) on our computers!
    It appears, that on the world-wide internet, there is NO real privacy, not anymore.
    Many eyes review whatever we look at, search for, or post on the internet... to look into our very SOULS (?)
    and it is... none of our business WHO is looking!..  or why.
    Behold the Brave New World.  Our technological modern advances are enslaving us, bit by bit.
    Big Brother [and his whole extended electronic family too], is watching, beware!

    NO! not 'peace', but a total victory over the terrorists!

    Папа Римский призвал молиться за мир на Донбассе: "Мои мысли с Украиной"
    Автор: i-sobor вкл. 27 Июль 2014. Опубликовано в Католицизм (Просмотров: 13) 

    Молиться за мир в Украине призывает Папа Римский Франциск.

    В своей воскресной молитве под названием "Ангел Господень" понтифик обратил внимание верующих на конфликты, которые продолжаются в мире, а именно - на противостояние на Ближнем Востоке, бои в Ираке и Украине, сообщает Цензор.НЕТ со ссылкой на 5 канал.

    Выступая с балкона своей резиденции на площади святого Петра, Папа обратился к верующим с просьбой молиться о прекращении военных действий ради мира на земле. 

    Смотрите также на «Цензор.НЕТ»: США обнародовали спутниковые снимки, доказывающие обстрелы "Градами" Украины с территории России. ФОТОрепортаж

    "Сегодня мои мысли с Украиной, Ираком и Ближним Востоком. Присоединитесь ко мне в молитве. Пусть Господь даст людям мудрости и силы, чтобы обратить на мирный путь и решить споры за столом переговоров. Воюя, мы теряем все, а живя в мире - ничего", - заверил Папа Римский.


    # RE: The Pope urged to pray for peace in the Donbas: "My thoughts are with Ukraine" - Internet Cathedral 27.07.2014 18:39
    Pope is now the most dangerous aggressor in Ukraine. At this vermin own war here.
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    # No, not 'peace', but total victory over the terrorists! — Rd. Daniel 27.07.2014 22:30
    Ukrainian military total victory over Putin's criminal terrorists on Ukrainian territory, this alone will bring true peace to Ukraine.
    And not one of these Moscow backed criminals should be allowed to escape alive.
    "They that take up the sword [ unjustly] shall, perish by the sword!".
    God shall slay all the wicked of the land.
    Putin and his gangster military, are the wicked.. MOST WICKED!!!
    May God defeat them.
    Rd. Daniel

    Arab Abbot complains against JP

    Sharing for study purposes: 

    An Arab Abbot complains against the current ruling Jerusalem Patriarchate:-The See of Jerusalem , Submissiveness that Kills-

    Taken from Monomackhos blog:
    “They cannot ask us to be their followers merely because they have
    inherited apostolic succession. We must follow the good and distance
    ourselves from evil successors of the apostles.” – St Irenaeus of Lyon

    The See of Jerusalem
    Submissiveness that Kills

    “Do you love me, Peter? Feed my lambs…” The Lord said this to Peter three times. The idea is that Peter is disavowing his denial of the Lord three times though his love for Him. That is, through feeding His sheep. He wept bitterly, with regret and repentance, and God accepts those who repent. But not feeding His lambs is a denial of Him and ungratefulness towards Him that fall under woe. Woe to anyone who causes one of these little ones to stumble! Woe to those who feed themselves but do not feed the sheep!

    The lambs of the See of Jerusalem do not have anyone who feeds them! Why? Because they are Arab! Any revival there to rise beyond the level of spiritual impoverishment and ignorance is forbidden! 

    They are only allowed to move between misery and ignorance, between forced spiritual illiteracy and rituals. This is more reassuring! They have no share in anything more than a few crumbs! Forever treated with suspicion! Neglected and marginalized! Accused of revolting against the See of Jerusalem!  Between the hammer of military occupation and the anvil of ecclesiastical occupation, a process is underway to marginalize them, to incapacitate them, to stifle their impetus, to enslave them in their own church, to exclude them from every meaningful decision, whether in their own land or elsewhere!

    One of the faithful from Amman came to do a retreat with us. He relayed to us news of the latest chapter in the tragedy of his oppressed church and Christ’s rejected flock there. Some of the Arab clergy, out of zeal for the House of god, are working for revival among the Arab Orthodox! This is something natural! In northern Jordan, some renewal has appeared, and people are rejoicing at the return of life of the Church! There is a monastery in Dibbeen named after the Life-Giving Spring. It is about 12 kilometers to the north of Amman. It is as though it was born via caesarian section– prehaps because it is for women. The people are thirsting for the spring of the Spirit, starving for the word of life. But as soon as there appeared someone to give the Arab Orthodox streams of the water of eternal life and to break for them the bread of heaven, the instrument of the intruders who hold power over the See of Jerusalem acted in order to put a stop to the risk of revival  that was appearing on the horizon, to cast out those who were bringing it about, and to extinguish the flame of the Spirit there! Those responsible for what is regarded as weaving a “suspicious conspiracy” for revival are being driven out and are being replaced with those who will effectively ensure that the Church will be as dessicated as possible among the Arab Orthodox and that nothing will reach the point of revival. 

    Demonstrations have been held protesting the behavior of those in charge of the See of Jerusalem in front of various church and civil establishments. But is appears that no one wants to listen!

    What fault is it for the Orthodox there that they are Arabs? Is it not the case that in Christ there is neither Arab nor Greek, but rather Christ is all in all? It is natural that there are Arabs, Greeks and Slavs in the Church. A person cannot step out of his own skin. We praise God, each in his own language, land and culture, just those upon whom the Holy Spirit descended did in the Book of Acts. However, for the Church to become a vehicle and a support for nationalism and racism, this is unbelief! This is regressing back to the paganism of the ancient gentiles! Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s! If Christ is not the one who brings us together, then nothing brings us together! If we are not prepared to drive every thought toward obeying Christ, then we have no part in Him! At that point, we set up idols next to Him in our faith! At that point, we have come to resemble the words of the One who said, “These people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.” At that point, we kill Christ in ourselves and in others, while claiming that we are offering worship to God! 

    Unfortunately, those who watch over the See of Jerusalem watch more over dust and stones– and themselves– while the people are something closer to slaves to them! They hide behind canons while violating their spirit! They trade in power and money! In what way are they any different from the high priests of Israel who conspired against the Lord and gave Him over to the gentiles to be killed?! Are the lambs of Jerusalem not being given over to be slaughtered with negligence? They aggrandize themselves with their robes, their crosiers their titles and their grandiloquent speeches, while the flock is forced to lap at their feet! They traffick in Christ and His sheep, without any feeling for faith or belief! Perhaps some of them submit to the status quo there, feeling pain for the situation of Arab Orthodox, but they do not lift a finger! The issue is not in their hands. This is what the patriarch and his crowd wants! Do not these words of the Lord apply to them, “My house is called a house of prayer and you have made it into a den of thieves”?!

    No, we are not supporting the Arab Orthodox in Jerusalem because they are Arab. Nor are we supporting them because we want to Arabize authority and the Holy Places there! The Lord did not die for the sake of soil and stone but for flesh and blood! They are first and foremost our brothers in faith! “You are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells within you”! Our protest is not over authority that has been robbed from us or over Arab culture that is insulted. It is not over political confiscation, even if we reject injustice! Our protest is churchly: it is over the disregard, indeed the abandonment of care for Christ sheep, the abandonment of preaching the Gospel of Salvation! “Feed my lambs,” no matter what the flock’s cultural identity might be! 

    The insensitivity and indifference in the Orthodox world toward what is going on in the See of Jerusalem staggering. No one is taking action to motivate those who are indifferent. It is as though this were something that does not concern us! The simplest of our Holy Fathers’ teachings is that right belief, wherever it may be, concerns us and concerns us directly! A bishop, for example, is a bishop of of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in every place, not only in that part that he is bishop over! Naturally, no one should intervene in the manner in which a bishop conducts the affairs of his diocese, so long as those affairs are governed according to right belief and the canons of the Church. However, as soon as a bishop strays from the Orthodox faith and the canons of the Church,  every Orthodox bishop in every place should not only be concerned with the infraction in order to correct it, but it is demanded to do this– and here I stress the word “demanded.”

    Treating issues in terms of what is regarded as “church politics”, as though they are separate from virtue and excellence, is unbelief and treachery! The sees considered to be “Greek” turn a blind eye to the spiritual massacre that is occurring in the See of Jerusalem in order to close ranks amongst themselves, as though they were a worldly political party! They themselves individually know that what is going on in the See of Jerusalem is unacceptable and they will say this in their closed meetings, but they will not admit it openly! In practice, they prefer the bond of their racism to the bond of Christ’s Church! What kind of behavior is this? Is it not hypocrisy? Are we entrusted with our nationalism and our racism or are we entrusted with Christ’s Church?! The state of insensitivity to this issue is horrible and terrifying! And this is not limited to the Greek sphere. Unfortunately, it goes beyond that to every sphere: Slavic, Antiochian and others! How many of Christ’s churches in every place are oppressed on account of the nationalism, racism, politics, tribalism, of groups and leaders within the Church! They are not so much concerned with pastoring the Church as they are with who extends his authority, in the name of Orthodoxy (!), over what and over whom and who makes material and symbolic gains by wielding authority over the Church in this place or that!

    The worst examples of exploiting the Church, the pastoral care of the faithful and the preaching of the Gospel in this context is the situation in the diaspora– and not only the dioceses in North America! We have discarded all ecclesiology so that the so-called “Mother Churches” can keep their hands on the Church there! We use sin as an excuse and we don’t even care! They say that they are waiting for the future Orthodox ecumenical council? This will not be able to bring about a solution because it is in an atmosphere of asking who will take control over what, at the expense of the believers. Everyone, unfortunately, treats the diaspora like their milk-cow! Our last concern is the Church! Our concern is with what belongs to us!

    For this reason, no good can be hoped to come from any solution, in the foreseeable future, that comes from outside those who are suffering! Our visitor asked me, “What is it possible for us, the Arab Orthodox flock in the See of Jerusalem, to do?” I told him: If you are waiting for a solution to come to you from the outside, then you are mistaken, because nothing is going to come! Those among you who are zealous for Christ in love, righteousness and humility should take their fate and the fate of their church into their own hands! Demand, as you have demanded! Warn, as you have warned! Then, finally, if those in charge of the See of Jerusalem do not pay attention to your demands after one, two, three times, then let them be for you like the pagan and the publican! They are the ones who are fallen and you are the ones who are demanding justice, if you know that you are keeping yourselves loyal to the Lord God! If they insist on their blindness, let them hang in the pit of their sins, but as for yourselves, make the light of Christ your point of reference and walk towards Him! If they hold on to their endowments, leave them and leave the endowments to them! Your Christ is enough endowment for you, His Spirit enough inheritance and His love enough soil!

    The same should be said for all the churches that or oppressed or in the diaspora. Those who take up Christ are in the right, while unfortunately no one in this evil time gives them what belongs to Christ in them or is zealous for them in the Spirit. The Church, whether in Antioch, Russia, the Balkans or any other place has never received what is hers except forcibly. They have never been recognized or accepted as sister churches except after a separation. This is the sickness of authority! 

    The churches of Jerusalem, Alexandria and the diaspora in general– not to speak of others–  must know and behave according to what it helpful in Christ!  Anyone who supports you also does good for himself. Resist anyone who resists you and tries to bind you to flimsy pillars belonging to this world, and pay him no heed. In truth, however, he might return to his senses because God is with you and the Spirit of the Lord is supporting you! We were not born in Christ in order to be servile, nor for any worldly gain! You know the truth, and the truth will set you free! “I am your inheritance,” says the Lord.

    Archimandrite Touma (Bitar)
    Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Silouan the Athonite
    Douma, Lebanon
    July 13, 2014

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    Death of Fr. Herman Podmoshensky

    Reader Daniel has just learned that Fr. Herman died yesterday, 6/30/14.
    And, May God have mercy upon his soul!
    Herman Podmoshensky [born name, Gleb] and Fr. Seraphim (Rose) were the original co-founders of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, California

    See Internet Sobor article

    Brief statement:
    This overly kindly version of his life, mainly the part about how and why he was defrocked by ROCOR, and what he did after that, is not the true or full story. This is an overly sympathetic version of the hard unpleasant facts, [ a cover-up version], of a self-appointed 'elder' who in severe prelest/delusions,  and in immense pride, rebelled against the church, his lawful bishop,  and against monastic norms, and thus, he caused much harm to many many souls.[ with the many good things that he did indeed accomplish]. He created a vicious schism in this Western ROCOR diocese, and slandered his biggest friend, our Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev). He had to be defrocked, as he would not REPENT or admit his many wrong doings and grievous sins] But instead,  he refused all discipline and instead made his insane schism, especially in cahoots with the strange sect, 'The Holy Order of Mans' connected to that vagante 'Met. Pangratios Vrionis'.[ a defrocked New Calendar Greek priest, who made himself a 'bishop'].

    Also, he secretly accepted the MP, and served together with Pat. Alexis, receiving an award from that man.

    Herman totally lost control of the passions of his flesh, [ his main spiritual problem] and he taught others, that such a licentious false way of monastic life, was...alright, acceptable in Orthodox practice and monastic life.[ as long as it was hidden from view].

    He and Abbot Panteleimon (Metropoulos] in Boston, were very alike.

    As one, among the many,  whom he deeply  hurt and wounded, and slandered and maligned and columniated against, [because I reported, IN ORDER TO STOP HIM, with a number of others,  his terrible misdeeds and harm to souls to our Archbishop Anthony].  I can only say now: MAY ALMIGHTY GOD HAVE MERCY UPON HIS SOUL, FORGIVE HIS MANY SINS, and help me to forgive him!.... I still cannot totally forgive him.

    He never apollogized to me, nor asked my forgiveness. He needed to.

    I am unable to say or sing, 'Memory Eternal' for him.

    His nickname for me, after he left ROCOR, to his many past deluded zombie like cultic followers, who thought that he was 'our living saint', was: 'That scum Everiss!'.  This he repeated over many years to many.

    God only knows how many souls, he drove away from Orthodoxy, and even from God.
    He even has caused some to disparage Fr. Seraphim, [who himself was  a sincere true ascetic and priest].

    And for his immortal soul's sake, I hope that he truly repented before he died. Only God knows that.

    But his dark bitter memory to me, is not one of blessedness, but quite the opposite, sad to have to say.

    He was the classic false-elder, a dire personage that he warned many to avoid.  Yet, he himself was a prime example, as it turned out.

    Reader Daniel Everiss

    from Internet Sobor
    Yesterday, June 30, in the United States at age 80 reposed a monk of  the Serbian Orthodox Church, formerly abbot of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Herman (Podmoshensky), reported " Russian folk line "cleric ROCOR/MP priest Andrey Rudenko, who knew the deceased.

    The name of Father Herman (Podmoshensky) is well known to all fans of the Holy Royal Martyrs, to promote feat which he did a lot. He was a colleague and friend of the now well-known in the Orthodox world, theologian and journalist Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose). Magazines they published "The Orthodox Word" and "Russian Pilgrim," since the Soviet era were distributed in Russia, and were popular among intellectuals interested in the history of the Russian Church, and Russian spirituality.

    Give rest, O Lord, to thy servant, the deceased monk Herman and by his prayers have mercy on us sinners.

    Curriculum Vitae (based on "Wikipedia")

    Father Herman (in the world - Gleb D. Podmoshensky) was born in 1934 in Riga, Latvia. His father was arrested and exiled to Vorkuta, where he died of starvation. Around 1942 he moved with his mother to Germany, and then in the U.S., where he miraculously found faith in God.

    In 1962 he graduated from Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville. He served as a reader in the Orthodox churches in the United States. In 1963, together with his friend Eugene Rose with the blessing of Archbishop John (Maksimovic) founded in the United States St. Herman's Orthodox Brotherhood, which actively engaged in missionary activity.

    In March 1964, together with Eugene opened near the Cathedral in San Francisco a book shop "Orthodox books and icons", which became the center of Orthodox education. Since 1965, together with the publication of the journal which also wase engaged Eugene and St. Herman's Orthodox Brotherhood «The Orthodox Word» («The Orthodox Word").

    After the death in 1966 of Archbishop John (Maksimovic) on behalf of the Brotherhood together with Eugene he collected information about miracles wrought by prayer request of St. John. Subsequently, these records made the book "Chronicle of honoring Blessed John."

    In the summer of 1967, Gleb and Eugene were able to buy a plot of land a few miles from the small town of Platina in Northern California, where in 1969 the monastery was founded by the St. Herman Brotherhood (later the brotherhood  was converted into an official monastery). 14 (27) October 1970 he was tonsured with the name in honor of the Gherman [ Of Alaska] canonized in the same year, Herman.

    In 1976 he was elevated to the priesthood. In 1982 he is mentioned as Abbot, rector of St. Herman desert' [Pustina] in Platina (California, USA). Then  the monastery acted in publishing.efforts. The brethren desert served two other communities: the Church of the Icon of the Theotokos "Surety of Sinners" in Redding (California, USA) and a chapel in the name of the Kursk-Root Icon of the Holy Virgin in Woodbourne (Ore., USA).

    In 1980 he participated in the bottom of the New Valaam monastery on an island in Alaska,  Spruce.Island. In total, he participated in the creation of seven monasteries across America.

    With the passing of the 1982 Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) in the monastery began fermentation and trouble. This led to the fact that the decision of the Spiritual Court of the Western American Diocese of June 16, 1988 Abbot Herman (Podmoshensky) was defrocked for violating a variety of canonical rules. Many people who knew German abbot believed the accusations against him contrived and defamatory. [Fr. Herman maintained a false claim of innocence, claiming that he there had been a conspiracy against him.]

    Unwilling to acknowledge the deprivation of dignity, together with the inhabitants of the Platina brotherhood, he resigned from the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and was accepted by Pankraty (Vrioniosom) in a non-canonical jurisdiction "of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Missionary."

    In 1990 he resumed publication of the magazine "Russian pilgrim," which was published in the pre-reform spelling, becoming its editor in chief.

    In 2000, in connection with a scandal, he  resigned as abbot of the monastery. Realizing the abnormality of staying in schism, the brethren of the St. Herman desert [Pustina],  began seeking ways to resolve their status. In November 28, 2000 was adopted the brethren of the monastery in the chat into the Serbian Orthodox Church. Ruling Bishop John (Mladenovic) recognized defrocked former abbot Herman legitimate.

    In recent years, lived in retirement at St. Seraphim monastery near Minneapolis as a simple monk. Being seriously ill, did not stop missionary service, he wrote books.

    Comments from Internet Sobor re: Fr. Herman

    See Internet Sobor article

    # Link to some history of Gleb- — Rd. Daniel 01.07.2014 18:59

    # May God Forgive Him! — Rd. Daniel 01.07.2014 17:44
    This report is not the full story of his life, nor is it the truth.
    Herman (Gleb) Pomoshensky, did indeed accomplish many wonderful things. I personally knew him and Fr. Seraphim.
    But, little by little, Herman gave way to the lusts/passions of the flesh, His pride in being a highly respected, staretz/elder, grew and grew. Many young people looked on him and called him, 'our living saint'.
    Thus, he harmed many weak souls, because he was not a saint, not at all.
    And he showed many signs of some long term mental unbalance, from his tortured and chaotic childhood in soviet Latvia.
    When he was called to give a defense for himself to our Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev), he refused to speak the truth or to repent. 
    He ended up having to be defrocked from ROCOR, and then he lead a bizarre schism, with himself as its head. He joined himself and his brotherhood to the strange cult, 'The Holy Order of MANS', and also under the vagante 'bishop',"'Met. Pangratios Vrionis". Later his own brotherhood rejected his control, and fled for refuge to the Serbian Patriarchate.
    Regretably, I personally know too much about him, as I have suffered much abuse from him and his followers, because I told the truth to our Vladyka Anthony.
    I hope that before he died, that he truly repented before God.
    But for myself, I cannot say or sing, Vechnaya Pamyat for him.
    He lead many astray and he caused a terrible schism in this western US ROCOR diocese.
    His memory to me and to the many others he harmed, is a dark unpleasant remembrance.
    He spent much of his confused life, in severe prelest/pridefu l delusions, thinking of himself as if he were 'a saint'.
    Boston Abbot Panteleimon (Metropolous) and he, were two of the same type.
    Rd. Daniel Everiss

    # RE: Умер лишенный в РПЦЗ священного сана Глеб Подмошенский — иеромонах Никандр 01.07.2014 13:10
    В книге "Не от мира сего" он как то принижает значение о. Серафима , рисуя его идущим под своим чутким руководством. Также Герман имел какую то странную неприязнь к епархиальному архиерею , архиеп. Антонию . Почему ?

    # About Vladyka Anthony (Medvedev) and Podmoshensky- — Rd. Daniel 02.07.2014 17:44
    Yes, originally, Vladyka Archbishop John Maksimovich, gave Herman and Seraphim his blessing to form their brotherhood,
    but then died and went to Heaven.
    It was Vladyka Anthony who totally supported, blessed in every way possible, and who ordered the Russian flock in San Francisco to help Platina monastery...for many years, with money, with materials, with their labor to build things there, etcv. I myself drove up to Platina much food donations[ donated by Russians in San Francisco]. and even some bells, from San Francisco.
    Vladyka Anthony ordained both fathers, and anything that they requested of him, HE GAVE them!
    He was their biggest friend and supporter on earth! 
    BUT, when Herman was called by him to come down to San Francisco, and give his response/defens e to the many testimonies against him,[ about a year or so after Fr. Seraphim's passing] Herman refused, and started to label Vladyka, as 'the Devil'.
    Even so, Vladyka Anthony gave Herman more than two years, before he had to suspend him, while the Synod in New York ordered him to defrock Herman, much earlier.
    At the beginning of that whole scandal, Vladyka Anthony TOTALLY...was on Herman's side, and he suspected a KGB plot against his "holy Igumen".
    Vladyka Anthony said: "How could an Igumen do such terrible things!? IMPOSSIBLE! This must be a KGB plot!".
    But, Herman would not repent or tell the truth.
    So, he constantly slandered Vladyka, and proclaimed him as evil, and a servant of Satan, etc. and one who wanted to destroy his monastery, etc.
    He also taught his brotherhood  and his followers, [ mostly converts] ,  that ROCOR was an evil church, because it [the ROCOR bishops]  had persecuted his Vladyka John earlier (all exaggerated LIES!].
    These were all total lies of a very in- prelest deranged PROUD man, Herman Podmoshensky.
    May God forgive him! 
    Rd. Daniel
    I was a witness of all this, so I know what I speak of.

    # About Fr. Seraphim and Herman- — Rd. Daniel 02.07.2014 19:12
    They both were monastic brothers, but Fr. Seraphim put himself under the obedience of Herman,  for his humility sake. Yet, both confessed their sins to each other. Fr. Seraphim was the sincere
    ascetic struggler, a man of a very high intelligence, who knew a number of languages (in the church services, he could slip from Slavonic and back to English, without him even knowing any difference, he saw people and life, from a spiritual view, not a worldly or political one.
    Fr. Seraphim saw himself as a sinful pilgrim, struggling with the passions of his flesh, JUDGING NO ONE BUT HIMSELF, and he always wanted to end up in the Heavenly New Jerusalem, with Our Lord and His saints. He did not belong in this world.
    Herman was a man of this world, a self proclaimed, 'missionary'.
    Fr. Seraphim did not seek or want, the praises of people, but Herman did.
    Poor Herman, became envious of the real virtues of his monastic brother, and that people respected him.
    Fr. Seraphim suffered because he knew of at least some of the secret sins of his brother, but....he refused to condemn or judge Herman, and he kept silence, publically.
    However, there is evidence that Fr. Seraphim planned on leaving Platina monastery and his brother Herman, had he lived into another year, as he had had enough of Herman's
    unrepentant life, and of Herman constantly making excuses for his sinful ways, etc.
    When Fr. Seraphim died, and I was at his all night vigil over his coffin, and funeral on the following day, Herman was totally out of his mind with remorse and guilt and weeping and self-accusation , kneeling down many times at night, in front of the coffin and trying to tell Fr. Seraphim, that he was sorry, etc.
    Fr. Seraphim had been the stronger one, the true monastic, and when he departed, Herman was like a ship with no rudder or captain at the wheel.
    I can still see Fr. Seraphim's smiling peaceful face in his coffin.
    MEMORY ETERNAL to a truly ascetic monastic struggler, Fr. Seraphim, and may he indeed be with the Saints in Heaven.
    I firmly believe, that he is there.
    Fr. Seraphim never spoke evil against Vladyka Anthony or our ROCOR.
    But Herman, threatened to "get a gun and shoot Vladyka Anthony" , [ which threat was recorded on a tape-recorder], when he refused many times to come down to see Vladyka Anthony and give his version of matters, etc.
    Fr. Seraphim never spoke evil against ANYONE! 
    He carefully followed the old monastic rule to: "Be hard on yourself, but easy on others".
    Herman's unrepentant life, that is what hurt and sickened him.
    I was a witness to all of this, so I speak the truth.
    Furthermore, I have hard evidence,[ gathered from different sources] that Fr. Seraphim was not guilty of the sins of his brother, as some foolish people who did not know him, have wrongly imagined.
    Fr. Seraphim was, an angel in the flesh.
    Rd. Daniel

    # But, We should not make 'saints' out of sinners! — Rd. Daniel 04.07.2014 01:46

    Gleb Podmoshensky was a remarkable man. He had an energetic charism, and vitality and bright intelligence and many talents. Everyone who met him, loved him instantly. He loved to be around people. He saw himself as a persecuted elder, like those of the Northern Russian monastic tradition, [the so-called, 'Non-possessors'].  He believed that all bishops, tended  to normally.... persecute righteous elders, [as with Vladyka John Maksimovich... and as with himself too].  He did not trust or like bishops, except Archbishop John Maksimovich. In his life, he accomplished many things, some good, some bad. But, he made cultic schism, he presented himself as a wise spiritual staretz, a teacher of Orthodoxy, he gathered many around him, in a bizarre personality cult, especially here in America, most especially  young people, both naive converts and grand-children of Russian emigrants and others. He mislead many, into harmful ways. He drove a number away from Orthodoxy and from even God. He made his own personal war on our ROCOR church and set himself up, as his own church. He created a cult around himself, as do many schismatics and heretics of all past ages, or of these current times also.

    Many of these confused people still think of him as a saint.

    I predict that soon they will paint icons of him! and pray TO HIM.

    Therefore, now at his passing from this world, we should indeed remember his good deeds, PRAY FOR HIS SOUL, but because of the tremendous evil that he also did, we dare not overly praise him, or elevate him as some sort of a prophet-saint.

    However, many will see him as a saint. That is why I give my testimony about him.

    And those, as myself, who speak the truth about him, we are vilified and made to seem as liars.

    Long ago, making an oath and kissing the Gospels and the Cross, in front of Vladyka Anthony  (Medvede v), I gave my own personal sworn testimony, as did a number of others.

    But I do not hate Herman, I feel profound sorrow for him.
    He and I were close friends, long ago.
    He had serious mental and spiritual unbalance.
    In human affairs, there is a common tendency to... overly glorify the departed, and to brush over or ignore OR DENY their faults, and in some cases to even proclaim them as some sort of 'a saint'.

    In this case of Herman (Gleb) Podmoshensky), only those who personally closely knew him [and who suffered from him] and who have been in this Western US ROCOR diocese for many many years, as I have, can possibly know the full truth about him, good and bad.

    Others, only hear pros or cons, [gossip] from the mouths of others, and they do not know the full story.
    He will no doubt be buried at Platina Monastery.
    May God have mercy upon his soul!
    We need to avoid false elders, and false prophets, in these terrible End times. (Fr, Herman himself, taught this warning!)
    Gleb Podmoshensky, was among these false elders.

    Rd. Daniel

     WARNING: In these various renditions, [some quite odd] there is much mistaken information and a lot of biased opinions.  They are a mix of truth and error.  But, there art a number of interesting and valuable photos.
    So, reader, beware!
    Rd. Daniel Everiss

    According to Portal-Credo.Ru, Monk Herman Podmoshensky, former ROCOR abbot and former colleague of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose, died on 30 June at age 80. Fr Herman (in the world, Gleb D Podmoshensky) was born in 1934 in Riga. In 1962, he graduated from Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR) in Jordanville NY USA. Along with Eugene Rose (who later became Fr Seraphim), he founded St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina CA USA. In 1970, he received monastic tonsure with the name Herman. In 1976, he became a priest. In 1982, he committed serious ascetic and canonical violations. According to Alexei Young and some other visitors to the monastery, before his death, Seraphim Rose cursed Herman. In 1988, the ROCOR Holy Synod defrocked Abbot Herman Podmoshensky for violating a variety of canonical rules. Unwilling to acknowledge his deprivation of dignity, together with some of the monks at Platina, he left the ROCOR and joined the Greek Orthodox Missionary Archdiocese of America. In 2000, after a new scandal, he resigned as abbot of the monastery. In 2000, the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church brought the monastery brotherhood under its omofor, ergo, ruling Bishop Jovan Mladenović recognised the defrocked former abbot Herman as legitimate. In his last years, Herman lived in retirement at St Seraphim Monastery near Minneapolis MN USA as a simple monk.
    30 June 2014