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Two wounded Ukrainian officers blew themselves up

HUMAN IMPOVED TEXT! War Sharing in Profound Sadness: Two Noble and Brave Ukrainian Officers Blew Themselves Up, with the 12 Enemy Russian Paratroopers!

*category: Putin's unjust war of aggression against Ukraine. "Restoring Russian National Pride" (!)

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*And now, all those who used to secretly respect and admire Vladimir
Putin, are revealing themselves, in their enthusiastic support of his wicked and unjust attack on Ukraine.
Now, we can see who they are! And some of those pro-Putin people, claim to be loyal ROCA church members under our Met. Agafangel, !!!...others are openly obedient to ROCOR/MP under Hilarion-Kapral.

MEMORY ETERNAL TO THE BRAVE DEFENDERS OF UKRAINE!...they are real national heroes. "Brother Russians", are now shedding their blood.
Two wounded Ukrainian officers blew themselves up, along with 12 Russian paratroopers, - from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence
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Two of the wounded officer of the 51st Brigade of the Armed Forces  of Ukraine , Alexander Majors Kandesyuk and Alexei Shepelyuk, blew themselves up along with 12 Russian paratroopers. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense  of Ukraine .

As described in the department report:  As a result of the onset of Russian troops on the territory  of Ukraine, the   51st Brigade  APU  was surrounded. As of August 25 evening, most of the battalion tactical group was put out of action and it was decided to retreat.
Kandesyuk with Shepelyuk, commanders of the air defense missile batteries, led the vanguard of the group retreat with his department - a sergeant and two soldiers. They were ambushed, resulting in  Kandesyuk receiving several wounds from [Russian] enemy machine gun. Officer Shepelyuk  rushed to withdraw from the line of fire, but he was seriously wounded. The rest of the avant-garde was fired on by enemy machine guns, mortars and direct fire "Shilka" - all personnel were seriously injured. The main group, due to heavy fire, could not come to their aid, and they moved  to the base camp, and took a defensive perimeter.
"Witnesses said they saw the wounded Ukrainian soldiers surrounded by the 12 Russian paratroopers, who at gunpoint, were trying to capture them. When the [Russian]  enemy, creating a encircling ring, approached to within a few meters, the wounded Ukrainian officers raised themselves up from the ground and raised their hands. It was obvious that they had something  holding in their hands, and a moment later there was heard several explosions, similar to the grenade explosions. Obviously, the officers of the Armed Forces  of Ukraine , Alexander Majors Kandesyuk and Alexei Shepelyuk, not wanting to give up, blew themselves  up along with a numerically superior enemy " - told in the  Ministry of Defense .
Now the command  ATO  prepares presentation on assignment killed the title of,  Hero  of Ukraine .

# All this blood, Caused by Putin - Rd. Daniel 8/29/2014 fourteen past four p.m.
And Before this Unjust War of Putin's aggression, is Ended, what will be left of Ukraine? 
What will be left of Russia? 
And all of this Bloodshed, destruction of cities and people's homes and Lives, is instigated and Organized and Planned, by " Orthodox Christian Leader, Vladimir Putin ", and to restore Russian national pride (!) ... causing the murders of many Orthodox Christians, and making Russian boys shoot and kill Ukrainian boys. All of them dying ... for nothing! in A Needless useless war. HOW SAD! 
But at Least the Brave Ukrainian soldiers are in Fact Fighting A just Cause, to defend Their Native land from A Foreign Evil Godless Aggressor. Putin and His Army are Godless! 
And That all western powers to do is ... more impotent Sanctions Threaten. 
Putin laughs at Those Weak Powerless Threats. He only cares about his power and his 'image', not even about the welfare of his own Russian people. He is a typical blood-thirsty power-mad tyrant. Yet we are told that 'the Russian people freely and democratically elected him! (What a joke !!! for his rigged election, when opponents were disappeared or imprisoned or shut up, etc, etc, etc, ... all of those perverse shenanigans are NOT a real democracy, but a bogus SHAM. Hitler also was , "freely Elected by the German people". And WHERE did That Lead to? 
And all of this is the World Steadily Moving Towards Major World War. 
Friends! we all Live now in the end days, the battle of Armageddon is already in ITS Beginning stages, World-wide. 
"Even so, Come Quickly Lord Jesus!" 
In Sadness and in prayer ... 
And Today, Putin is Openly Threatening His 'Nuclear arsenal' Against anyone WHO interferes with HIM .. We Also have Nuclear Weapons. ....... and we Shall use Them if we are Attacked ...... 
I see World Nuclear War Inevitable as now ....... it can not be stopped. 
Rd. Daniel in America

# RE: - Konstantin 29.08.2014 12:56
Lord, and what has sion news to the CPI?

# RE: - Internet Council 08/29/2014 13:06
Do you imagine that these two major, and 12 paratroopers were members of the CPI.

# RE: - Vadim Zharkoff 08.29.2014 10:40
Eternal glory to the heroes !!! And the eternal memory!

# RE: - Internet Cathedral 08/29/2014 9:07
What a nightmare ...

# RE: - Romantcev 29/08/2014 10:29
And you believe that? Veracity of the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is sufficiently well known. Get at least their information for "Boeing".

# RE: - Internet Council 08/29/2014 10:53
Veracity of the Russian media even more known.

# RE: - For Russia! 08/29/2014 12:02
and the veracity of the Internet site known as the Cathedral?

# RE: - Daniel 8/29/2014 14:20
For Russia - as always, any comments, just to "spoil the air." Espumizan take, say helps.

# RE: - Romantcev 29/08/2014 16:00
Well, just a blown up, not wanting to give up - even according to the ROCOR considered a hero of Ukraine. But at least explain how it took more and your "outnumbered enemies" - "12 Russian paratroopers," if the State Department, and the OSCE stated that they had no information about the appearance of Russian troops in Ukraine.

# RE: - Romantcev 29/08/2014 16:04
Or maybe the two heroes to the territory of the Russian Federation came to escape the militia (of about 500, their Putinists fed and treated), but remembering that they will court - decided to explode?

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Daniel's Selected News Items

• As Vladimir Putin, "Orthodox Ruler, of the Orthodox country of Russia", continues his bloody invasions and seizures (bit by bit) of Ukrainian territory-
Just a new small sampling of what Putin and his proxy gangsters, and now openly, his Russian military soldiers!, are doing to Ukraine.

And, as all information indicates, the vast majority of Russians (world wide) totally supports what he is causing and orchestrating, all the while blaming those fiendish/murderous/ evil Ukrainians in Kiev, for all of the mass destruction and deaths that he has instigated, and with his Russian weaponry....and military.
Step by deceitful step, Putin is annexing ...perhaps.. all of Ukraine, to save it from what?
To save the errant childish naughty  Ukrainians from the western immorality of the EU nations and of God-less America (!).
YET, from the massive pro-Putin Russian propaganda, we are supposed to believe that all of that war and death and bloodshed and destruction of towns and cities in Ukraine, is ALL the fault of those bandit faschist-Nazis,   those Russian -hating/Russian murdering, [ unhuman?] Ukrainians in Kiev (???)
And yet, who attacked who, first? Who invaded another country, and under the stealth and deceit of a "spontaneous pro-Russian uprising" ?.... VLADIMIR V. PUTIN and his  criminal terrorist gangsters.
And yet,... we are told, "But the church does not get involved in...'politics' !" we are to be silent against this gross evil, SURRENDER!..all caused by "Orthodox Russian ruler, Vladimir Putin, the head of the Orthodox Country of Russia"!
Look in all of our Orthodox church history, from the Apostles till now, and find where many Orthodox hierarchs and clergy spoke out against the evils of the rulers and of those in authority, in their days.
St. John Chrysostom was a prime example.
Yes, that bold preaching did get martyrdom for many, that is true.
And a 'martyr' is a WITNESS. So we too must be. No canons forbid that, none! IT IS GOD'S WILL for His true servants!
Was that them ..'interfering in  worldly politics'? NO! that was them doing their Christian duty, and speaking out against EVIL, and to save souls.
And so, we must also do today.
There are no 'canons' against that.
Our ROCA may not hold together, because of this. It is now....Russian against Ukrainian, and Russians against....the world.....all thanks to Orthodox Ruler, Vladimir Putin, ex-KGB agent, and Restorer of the glories of the old Russian Empire (?)...well, at least from Vladimir Lenin till now!
Remember too, it is really Vladimir Putin and his KGB gang, who rule and  control his 'Moscow Patriarchy'. Putin was the originator and author of that 2007  Lavr-Schurla lead, foul betrayal of much of the old free ROCOR, to his enslaved  MP pseudo-Russian church,  ....SERGIANISM. combined with Ecumenism,  pure and simple.
All Russians, worldwide, living in the Russian Federation or abroad, [ or non-Russian others] who today foolishly and in ignorance or in Godless malice, defend and support Putin should also rightfully and logically, belong to his church, his KGB-MP, [ perhaps via his  Hilarion Kapral lead, ROCOR/MP?] and not our ROCA, nor RTOC, nor ROAC...nor any of the anti-MP 'fragments'.
While each day, now, 'Orthodox Christian', Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin [ 'freely and democratically elected' ...ha, ha!EmojiEmoji)., ha!) and his proxy mafia henchmen, gobble up more and more of Ukraine......and murder, murder, murder......while speaking of the need for 'PEACE' publically (!!!)
What kind of 'peace' is that? .... the silence of enslaved people, who are afraid to speak out for themselves, or to take up arms and defend themselves and their homes and lands,  or else they will be killed? (as is the fuller truth about how Putin took Crimea!, by his so-called, ' free pleblicite vote').  Ghenghis Kahn also wanted that 'peace' for Russians, after he killed off many of them, or enslaved the remainder. Hitler wanted that 'peace' for all Jews and Gypsies, and for 'sub- human Slavs' too.....etc.
Joseph Stalin.. made  'peace' too........

Loyal American and Orthodox  Christian, Rd. Daniel Everiss

• And....More, Atheists at Work, Again!

• Vladimir Putin, the Return of the CommuNazi:- Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
 "And in those days, many will cry, peace! peace!....when there is no peace!"

"Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!" is a battle cry from our American Revolution.

It means that we will not tolerate despots or dictators, and we will FIGHT them!
Only when such dictators are totally defeated, THEN,...THERE WILL BE REAL PEACE.
May we not tolerate criminal V. Putin and his Kremlin gangster regime.

• Two columns of Russian tanks enter across Ukrainian border, ukraine
The predicted full scale open Russian invasion...though still being denied by Moscow....
lie after lie after lie..............

• Another example of the pro-Islamic prejudices of the Obama Administration-
As ingrained since the founding of this country, American Christian cultural symbols and practices and prayers and crosses, are increasingly banned and forbidden, even bibles. But for Moslems, anything goes.
The currently being mass slaughtered mid-east Christians by Islamic/MOSLEM jihadists, Obama does little or nothing to counter.
But then, the Koran forbids fellow Moslems, especially Moslem rulers or heads of states [ as Obama clearly is], from harming other Moslems!( unless they are heretic Moslems!...then KILL them all!...but wait till after Friday prayers)..

• The Atheists' War against God, in America, here in a Texas School

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Situation of the Ukrainian Refugees in Russia

Comment: It is important to remember the facts: A large percentage of these Ukrainians now sheltering on RF territory,  is simply because they were invited into the RF by Putin, and the way there made easy for them. And this escape route from the fighting and dangers in east Ukraine,  was the most quickest route to travel, to save the lives of themselves and their children., from the violence and the bombing and bullets from BOTH sides.
Some among these people, may indeed desire to live under Putin's rule. Most do not.
When the Ukrainian forces finally regain full control of THEIR territory, and full peace is restored, for sure, many of these refugee Ukrainians will return to their native Ukrainian  homes and villages and cities, in the independent country of Ukraine, where they belong.

An old wise saying, regarding people in dangerous life-threatening situations, and where they can escape to, in order to SURVIVE: 'Any port in a storm", and so it is with many of these poor refugee Ukrainians now on Putin's turf.
It is Putin and his henchmen, his 'pro-Russia' terrorists,[ mostly trained agents sent there from the RF],  who have caused this warfare and destruction and murder, and the immoral and illegal seizing of Ukrainian Crimea....which must be returned to Ukrainian control.
And why do so many forget basic human history and the natural RIGHT of an invaded foreign occupied SOVEREIGN country, to use any means possible, to regain control of its own territory and nation, and to expel the criminal invaders?...and that usually means a lot of violence, killing, destruction of cities, and rivers of blood and suffering and misery, and many many DEATHS....what is called, a Just War.
Ukraine is JUSTLY...expelling Putin's  evil monstrous murderous gangster army and his criminal terrorist Nazis. It is the truth.
PUTIN [ and not America or the EU or any other foreign government], has now separated the Russian people  and the Ukrainian  people, forever, two peoples related by history, culture, religion and BLOOD, two peoples who have been closely interconnected, and with blood kin on both sides of anybody's .... 'borders'.
When blood is shed, in war, that seals hatred for centuries.
Vladimir Putin is thus, the modern day New Founder of The Ukrainian Republic. Thank you Vladimir!
And America and 'the west' have ZERO to do, with the Ukrainian  people [ the vast majority of them all], wanting their full independence from Putin's  non-free enslaved still, 'Russia'.
It is called, ...the will of the people......(supposedly what the communists honour?).
God grant a free Ukraine and  a  finally truly free Russia too! DOWN with all dictators, Putin and all of them!
Rd. Daniel

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Goggle-English rough translation:

The situation with the Ukrainian refugees in Russia

Author: Vera nun incl. August 18, 2014. Posted in Politics (Views: 22)
News in the world
The refugee situation with Ukraine in many Russian regions remains tense, and the autumn threatens to become even worse: people need to be relocated from schools and temporary camps, but where they settle, is not yet clear. A possible solution to the problem - to oust students and provide IDPs dorm room. However, this compromise may not suit many as some of the refugees hope that in Russia they will give free good accommodation and humanitarian assistance, so that you can not work, and the locals are unhappy with the fact that a huge amount of the budget spent on the Ukrainians, then as their citizens have enough problems.

growing dissatisfaction with the situation residents Ukrainian refugees, in particular, in the Rostov area - here it is "has become critical." This was stated by the Vice-Governor of the region Sergey Bondarev at the meeting of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation. According to him, the citizens are disappointed that the authorities' attention drawn to a greater extent on forced migrants, rather than on the indigenous people of the region. "What do you refugee nosites? For our children do not experience, and for them just tear the soul" - led the vice-governor of Rostov perturbed words (quoted by the newspaper "Kommersant").

He noted that a refugee who spent a great amount of effort and funding (the Russian government has allocated to them nearly 5 billion rubles), also do not always remain satisfied with the actions of the Russian authorities. "Between a curse, a growing discontent with the living conditions," - said vice-governor. Bondarev said that in one of the district administrations refugees staged a demonstration demanding "give them shelter and everything that was promised." He expressed confidence that the refugees whet provocateurs who allegedly work in the camps and "stir up the people."

According to a member of the HRC Andrew Grandma, the reason of such rallies did not provocateurs, and uncertainty in the situation of refugees are still living in schools, which should be release until September, and in the camps, where in the coming days we can no longer remain. Problems of refugees considered at a special meeting of the Board, which, according to the site, attended by representatives of the Federal Migration Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Duma deputies, Federation Council members and experts. A collection of essays leads's "Headlines."

Human rights defenders are concerned housing problems: it is necessary to find warm shelter for immigrants to autumn

Stories about the life of Ukrainians in Russia - very different. Media noted that some refugees have to rent an apartment on their own, wasting all the money, and they resent, resenting the fact that they "did not expect." Other settlers say that are struggling to find work to feed their families, and are sincerely grateful to the volunteers who are willing to host them. At the same time, some Russians who have provided their living space refugees complain that they themselves seemed to have been on a visit, and some who share the suspicion that the Ukrainians would like to select the home of the owners (the history of leads "Moskovsky Komsomolets").

Among Refugees there are those who placed with relatives or simply indifferent at the Russians, but there are those who still huddled in makeshift camps. In the HRC recently stressed that problems with housing for refugees must be solved by offering visitors automatically issue a work permit and a residence permit, and the Russians, sheltered immigrants pay each guest. As authorities responded to this proposal, not reported. We note that recently the Federal Migration Service of Russia offered until September 1, close all temporary accommodation centers in the border regions and metropolitan (Crimea, Sevastopol, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Rostov, Leningrad and Moscow region, Moscow and St. Petersburg) . Which will house their inhabitants, is still unclear.

In the Ivanovo region in one of the correctional orphanages where children were evicted, doubt that the refugees will be able to move to the beginning of the school year. This was stated by the director of the boarding school Elena Kuznetsova edition "interlocutor". Moreover, according to officials, orphans in these boarding schools will not return, and the institution shall be subject to optimization; Although it was reported earlier that the move to live there "special" children undesirable.

Vice-Governor of the Rostov region Bondarev said that the authorities have prepared a place that will resettle four thousand Ukrainians from temporary stay in furnished accommodation (meanwhile in the area are more 50,000 forced migrants). But in Primorye Ukrainian refugees settled in a temporary stay in a dormitory of the Far Eastern Federal University, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". Now students will have to make room for one of the floors of the eighth dorm FEFU almost entirely populated by refugees from the Ukraine, the university newspaper "The Island."

Refugees complain that nobody wants, and local residents are outraged "fans freebies"

Meanwhile, Parliament Speaker Primorye Victor Gorchakov noted that many of the Ukrainians who migrated to Russia, frustrated living conditions. "You called us, we came, but in the end were not wanted," - that is the meaning of letters, the official said, come to the authorities of the region.

note that some refugees and previously expressed dissatisfaction with the organization of their reception. For example, in Moscow took place in late July, administration officials met with refugees almost ended in scandal. When guests from Ukraine were asked how they settled down, they could not hide the perturbation, where they were dissatisfied with almost everything - from apartments available to them up to the quality of care. Refugees pointed to the incompetence of doctors, and the resulting humanitarian assistance defiantly threw it in the trash. In the other camp settlers complained that employees receiving station for allegedly abducting food, building materials purchased for repairs, and the medical staff refuses to help for free.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Dmitry Gorovtsov previously explained that under the guise of needing to Russia enter including crooks who receive free accommodation and food, humanitarian aid, cash benefits and return home. And if we talk about these refugees, to take into account all their needs - a task according to the deputy, impossible, because immigrants are often reluctant to use second-hand electronics and clothing, and say that "want new things, the latest phone models." However, it is possible that in many camps, people really do not have all the necessary and outraged because of this, and not on what does not meet expectations for "the sweet life" at others' expense.

However, the stories of volunteers, there are : Rostov-on-Don, told reporters that some refugees do not appreciate its assistance and obsessed with "freebies": I do not want to work, and the money obtained by selling issued them with humanitarian aid. Residents of the Orel region said that the refugees were in a situation where, without any work they become richer indigenous: in the village, where the locals work for six thousand rubles a month, refugees appointed allowance 1800 rubles per day. Data that able-bodied settlers refuse the options of paid work with housing, preferring to live on all ready in regional health centers, were also reported in Kostroma and Samara (data "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and "MK").

In social networks, meanwhile, increased the number of people who are wondering: why spend money on refugees, when Russia's own problems enough? Money could have been spent on the support of the Russian business that needs it on a background of sanctions, to support the newly acquired Crimea, to the needs of the defense industry, education, health and social services.

Moreover, according to the poll, at the end of July this year, 50% respondents indicated that there should be Ukrainian refugees and create all the necessary conditions for them to live in Russia. The remaining half of the respondents chose between two response options formulated very ambiguous. Sociologists have suggested a "send refugees to Ukraine as soon as there will develop suitable conditions for them" (agreed with this 39%) or "stop accepting refugees from the Ukraine, and already making it as soon as possible to send to Ukraine" (for this option given their Voice 4% found it difficult to answer another 7%).

According to the "Levada Center," the view that Russia should take in refugees from South-Eastern Ukraine is divided mostly Russians (81%). Respondents also reacted positively to the prospect of living and adjacent to the refugees.

Public Chamber worried that Russia could "drown" if more refugees will

note that Ukrainians go to Russia due to the ongoing conflict between the military and the separatists, who advocated the separation of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the country. According to the latest data of the FMS, more than 730 thousand citizens of Ukraine were forced to move to Russia. 78,000 of them have applied for temporary shelter (for one year), eight thousand - on the status of refugees. However, only official refugee status entitles you to social benefits, temporary housing and employment on an equal basis with Russian citizens. Earlier in the State Duma sounded initiative to apply the special simplified procedure for the recognition of refugee Ukrainian citizens who leave the country "as a result of the current extraordinary situation in Ukraine", but the government did not support it.

Prior to that, Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Rostov region, Chechnya and the Crimea closed quota of immigrants. Migration Service at its own expense forwards refugees in other regions. Chairman of the Committee "Civil Assistance" Svetlana Gannushkina opposed restrictions resettlement of refugees in and around Moscow. "If people are able to find a job and housing in Moscow, it is necessary to leave them here, and do not send to other regions ... Do not put your neck on the state of people who themselves can get," - she said. Meanwhile, a member of the coordinating council of staff assistance to the population of Ukraine of the Public Chamber (OP) Georgy Fedorov sure that "if there is a full-fledged assault Donetsk in September cross the border of another 500 thousand to one million people, and then we Drunk". 

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Ukrainians burying the Ukrainian Communist Party

In Ukraine they are going to bury the Communist Party
Author: i-sobor incl. August 14, 2014. Posted in Society (Views: 37)
Kyiv District Administrative Court began hearing of the lawsuit to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine. Opened the meeting Judge Lyudmila Marulina correspondent MFN.
Under the Court of Kiev protesters brought the coffin to forever "bury" the Communist Party.
Present at the meeting all aspects of the process - the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Communist Party and the State Registration Service.
In the courtroom could not accommodate all the members of the media, and other interested persons. In the hall there are no available seats, more than 10 people standing in the aisles. In the courtroom launched a limited number of journalists, saying it small room at the entrance to the court are about ten police officers in court - the representatives of the special forces "Griffin".
"The Court conducts a preliminary examination of the case. Do not need such a rush, as it has not yet trial on the merits, "- said the presiding judge.
About 100 people came to the building of the District Administrative Court of Kiev. They brought to trial coffin, which, according to organizers, symbolizes the burial of the communist ideology. Anyone wishing to offer a score in a coffin nail.
Also, the protesters held placards "Communists killed more than 100 million people", "the Communist Party - to people's court", "CPU = Gulag", "No to totalitarianism" and others.
Recall, July 8, Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko said that he had signed and filed a lawsuit to ban the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine. The Minister explained that in an accusatory part deals with the support of the Communists separatists and terrorists in the Donbass, the support of the leadership of the Communist Party's military aggression and the seizure of the Crimea by Russia, supported by a "referendum" in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and other crimes against the State of Ukraine.
The first meeting of the District Administrative Court in the case of the prohibition of the Communist Party was held on 24 July. The court limited the registration of participants in the process and the reconciliation of their documents, and was then adjourned until 10:00 on 14 August.
Photo of Valeria Kondratova


 Google version of my English words:
# Dear "For Russia" guy- - Rd. Daniel 14/08/2014 18:56
Do you have any in your Brain Intelligence, any at all?
If Ukraine does not want to be your Under Putin and economically wants to be A Part of Europe, and it does No longer want to tolerate an Official Ukrainian Communist Party, then That Means , it is as a nation, condoning homosexuality! (For everyone?).
Do you drink too much Vodka, "For Russia" fellow?
Recorded In all of human World History, tyrannical despots Bloody, [as your dear Putin is Clearly], Islam, and Communism have Done the Most harm to Humans.
To my mind, it is A debate as to Which is Worse for mankind, Islam or Communism.
Your Putin's Regime [so Called, 'freely democratically Elected'] is A Mixture of Evil Forms of Governance, But Mainly an oppressive Dictatorship.
the vast Majority of the population of Ukraine want to be an independent Nation, not A Part of Putin's so-Called, 'Russia'.
And Neither America nor Europe, has anything to do with Ukrainians Wanting to be A Free people, NOTHING.
We Americans care NOTHING, if Ukraine Were in or out of your Russian Federation, Only That the people living there, Should Decide freely, and not be FORCED.
Again I ask you, "For Russia 'fellow" do you ever think for yourself, and question all of the lies coming from your current regime in power? the Criminal gang KGB Putin, ruining and destroying the Russian people?
A sincere Lover of what is good and precious in the Real Russian History, religion and culture,
American, Reader Daniel Everiss
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# RE: In Ukraine are going to bury the Communist Party th -   FOR RUSSIA! 14/08/2014 16:09
Well, after the integration with the EU it will be replaced by homosexuals cal. And probably will be separate metropolitans blagoslovlyayusche broadcast: "the right way go comrades!"

My comment in pure English, before google retranslated it into Russian and back to machine English:
# Dear "For Russia" guy- — Rd. Daniel 14.08.2014 18:56
Do you have any intelligence in your brain, any at all?
If Ukraine does not want to be under your Putin and economically wants to be a part of Europe, and it does no longer want to tolerate an official Ukrainian Communist Party, then that means, it is as a nation, condoning homosexuality! ( for everyone?).
Do you drink too much Vodka, "For Russia" fellow?
In all of recorded human world history, tyrannical bloody despots,[ as your dear Putin is clearly], Islam, and Communism have done the most harm to humans.
To my mind, it is a debate as to which is worse for mankind, Islam or Communism.
Your Putin's regime [ so called, 'freely democratically elected'] is a mixture of evil forms of governance, but mainly an oppressive DICTATORSHIP.
The vast majority of the population of Ukraine want to be an independent nation, not a part of Putin's so-called, 'Russia'.
And neither America nor Europe, has anything to do with Ukrainians wanting to be a free people, NOTHING.
We Americans care NOTHING, if Ukraine were in or out of your Russian Federation, only that the people living there, should FREELY decide, and not be FORCED.
Again I ask you, "For Russia' fellow" do you ever think for yourself, and question all of the lies coming from your current regime in power? the criminal KGB Putin gang, ruining and destroying the Russian people?
A sincere lover of what is good and precious in the real Russian history, religion and culture,
American, Reader Daniel Everiss

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Sergianism in Action

Sharing With much disgust
General Informational Sharing: New North Korean MP Church, and Cuba/Russian Friendship, via Putin, Castro, and 'Pat' Kyrill-Gundaev (Sergianism)- 
"Russian Orthodoxy Gets Foothold in Cuba"

"Kim Jong iL, EQUAL-TO-THE-APOSTLES"... (because he built this MP show-church building, in his capital city)-????? utterly disgusting!

article on this NORTH KOREAN story,  with photos, from:  

Comment: Two new MP churches in two foreign lands, both still communist dictatorships,  North Korea being the most repressive and murdering of Christians, 'spreading the Orthodox Faith' (?), 'serving the spiritual needs of oversees  Russians' who are residing  in or visiting those countries?,  or
rather, the real dark truth:  two prime examples, abroad,  of the Kremlin KGB gang's, USING the Russian Orthodox ancestral faith, [ its outward forms and symbols], Sergianism, for its own secular evil  goals of CYNICAL world domination, espionage, and political/military purposes...all under the guise of, ..'.religious missionary activity?' and of, 'promoting Russian culture', etc.
And, THIS is the MP organization that a large part of our old free Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, under Lavr Schkurla's leadership  and of his fellow plotters, subjected themselves and their blind followers, under and to, in 2007!

New MP Russian Orthodox Church in the capital of North Korea:

A cynical joke going around, privately,  in some MP circles, is referring to the ruthless murdering atheist dictator of North Korea, for building this Russian church as: " Kim Jong iL, Equal-to-the-Apostles" (!!!)
What cynical impious blasphemy!

Note: Words of visiting Pat. Kyrill, thanking Castro.. for ''building this church for us",
 and thus cementing Cuban-Russian 'friendship'.
What a handy central Caribean  location, for more  KGB espionage/military uses?  in that region,
 and with their numerous Central and South American enterprises, on America's southern doorstep.
No doubt that the MP 'priests' and visiting 'bishops' who are there now or who will be stationed there, will be carefully trained and expert KGB officers, of the highest rank, in cassocks.........and knowing their clerical roles well......

Saturday, August 9, 2014

CENSORSHIP: My TWO final comments, one not allowed to get posted on

Portal Credo ru is presumed ROAC website
“Portal Kredo” [] is supported by a group of journalists headed by Alexander Soldatov. Most of them belong to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (“Suzdal Split”), several (Egor Kholmogorov, Konstantin Krylov) at the same time actively participate in ultraconservative nationalist publishing projects. But the views of the editors appear primarily in editorial commentary. Budget news, interviews to monitoring of the press and even some of the articles by individual authors are completely pluralist.


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August 11, 2014, 21:47

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Izhevsk priests who are in the clergy of ROCOR (A), responded to the accusations of "Putinism", speaking in turn, against "Americanism"

Three well-known priest Izhevsk ROCOR (A) - oo. Sergy Kondakov, Michael and Alexander Karpeev Small - in answer to the charge by their co-religionists in the "Putinism" said August 8 that no persecution will not make them "to abandon the motherland," and many of their parishioners have served and continue, despite recent events, to serve in the uniformed services of the Russian Federation, the correspondent of the "Portal-Credo.Ru" .
Discussion about the specifics of the modern Russian patriotism and legitimacy of power of the Russian Federation in the context of its military annexation territory of another State, as well as the "Western ideology" broke out on the site of the ROCOR (A) "Internet Cathedral" after placing it on August 6 reportage Izhevsk priests organized for them Fees young scouts. In comments to the publication of a number of clergy and laity belonging to that jurisdiction, considered the report as false patriotism and accused izhevtsev in "krasnomonarhizme" aggressive support of the Kremlin's policy towards Ukraine, justifying illegal atheist regime and "nazarovschine."
This last accusation implies adherence to the ideology of the historian and journalist Mikhail Nazarov, recently excommunicated Primate of ROCOR (A) Metropolitan Agafangel (Paszkowski) from the Church. The reason for this was harsh accusations against Nazarov Metropolitan Agafangel who is a citizen of Ukraine, Russia and the change of the Russian Church, the refusal of the Russian idea and prozapadnichestve.
Metropolitan Agafangel declares own apolitical, but in solidarity with opponents of Vladimir Putin's policy towards Ukraine. Like many of the clergy and laity of the ROCOR (A), it considers the current First Hierarch of the Russian successor to the illegal government of Soviet rule, and not the legitimate government of the Russian Tsars.
One of the participants in the "Internet Council" American parishioner ROCOR (A), asks the question: "Children and young people in the photographs taken at your scout camp, then joined the military Putin?" The question gave rise to the application of Izhevsk priests " Answer perturbed American ", published in the blog eldest of them - Archpriest Serge Kondakova.
"We teach young scouts to be honest citizens of their country, and, if necessary, they should immediately come to the defense of their homeland. Yes! If at the time of the aggression against our fatherland is the supreme commander Vladimir Putin, they will be his soldiers, but above all they are the soldiers of Russia ", - said in a statement.
Has not been in a statement, without typical Russian mass media anti-American rhetoric, "Why Orthodox American can be a soldier Obama and Russian Orthodox person can not be a soldier Putin? Is Russia bombed Belgrade and destroyed Yugoslavia? Is Russia defeated Iraq, Libya, sowing chaos in the Arab countries? Is the president of our country is the main defender of sodomy? "
Izhevsk affected fathers and Ukrainian theme: "You ask another question:" Do you support the fact that Putin is doing in Ukraine? "Let me ask you another question:" Is Russian guys stormed Kiev and Lviv? "
Alas, storm Donetsk and Lugansk lads from Galicia. You can not ... justify the bloody mayhem, hosted by President Poroshenko and his company. This justification takes us beyond Christianity. Whatever your goals high, you can not kill women, children and the elderly. Moreover, that the idea of "independent Ukraine" for the White Russian exiles was more than doubtful. "
Political controversy is not the first time become a cause of strife and division in the ROCOR (A). They are typical for the other "fragment" of the Church Abroad - ROCA (V-V), which is already more than half the conflict lasts, "the pro-Putin" Bishop Martin (Lapkovsky), actively supported by a group of clerics led them to the South Russian diocese, and "pro-Ukrainian" Archbishop Vladimir (Tselishcheva), chairman of the Synod of that jurisdiction, and Bishop Alexis (Pergamentseva) controlling Ukrainian parishes ROCA (V-V).

This comment was posted, for now anyway:
regarding that ROCA Church Scout Camp in Russia

 # "Defend the Russian Homeland"? — Rd. Daniel 09.08.2014 19:17 
But that is exactly the big Putin lie and his excuse for invading other countries, who do not want to be under his dictatorship.
Most certainly no western country wants harm to come to Russia or its people.
Yet, Putin is threatening us all.
He is a mass murderer and no one can enter Heaven who is a
murderer. Those who support him, defend him, and will follow his immoral orders, are co-guilty with him, of the blood already on his hands.
But, anyone who protests him, is a "Russophobe"?.. which many Russians wrong mistranslate as, a 'Russia-hater'.
"Phobe" means, FEARING, not 'Hating'.
However, fear leads to hate, that is for sure.
We outside of Russia, have plenty of good reasons to FEAR your Putin controlled enslaved neo-soviet war-loving Russian Federation, PLENTY!
Any day now, Putin will make a large military further invasion of Ukraine, an independent country. Much innocent more blood will flow, much.
Will any of our Russian ROCA clergy or laity, then Putin? or bless his military? out of your false Russian National Pride? or go and help shoot and kill Ukrainians?
Shame on all who defend and support the servant of Antichrist, Vladimir Putin! SHAME! It is your ticket to Hell Eternal!...espe cially for priests to do so.
Many of us non-Russians, world-wide, are starting to believe that all Russians are genetically BORN evil and a sub species of humans, who CANNOT EVER be a free or a good peaceful nation, Not EVER!
Are they correct??
The Holy Fathers teach, that "Pride is the father of all sins".

This comment was censored:
Reader Daniel said...

No doubt, the church scout camp that is reported there, with the many photos, was a good event and not intended as anything evil.

However, what alarms me, are the priestly words about following orders from Vladimir Putin, simply because he is the current head of state, of the current government of the Russian Federation, matter what he orders?.. no matter how unjust or un-Christian are his military adventures and invasions and threats to other countries... as if that is being patriotic or loyal to the Russian Fatherland, etc.

And, anyone who questions Putin, is a "Russophobe"-???

Vladimir Putin is an enemy of all mankind, especially of the enslaved Russian people, which people he is leading to ruin and misery and destruction.... as did Joseph Stalin, whom he worships.

'Patriarch' Kyrill-Gundaev blesses everything Putin says or does or orders.

It is anti-Orthodox and IMMORAL for anyone, especially for CLERGY to be silent about this or, worse yet, to defend Putin and to offer to go to war for him, etc... and to obediently be a soldier in his military.

No murderer can enter Heaven.
Murderers are doomed to Hell Eternal.

Vladimir Putin is already a mass murderer and as he continues to invade and murder other's people and lands, those who help him in that, are co-guilty with him.
He and they, together, have much blood on their hands and on their souls.

Is that, being "russophobic"? How absurd!

And by the way, the root word, 'phobe', means FEARING, not 'hating', anyway.

The entire world, has plenty of real reasons to have a PHOBIA [fear of] Putin's Russia, ...plenty of reasons.

Very soon, he will send his obedient army of mostly young Russian boys with guns, into Ukraine, further, to totally subjugate it ALL. How much more blood will flow???

Later, has to come World War III, with nuclear missiles landing on Russian cities... and on our western cities as well. WHO will survive then? WHO??? one.....

How then, can any Orthodox priests or bishops, just be silent, ['non-political'?}, and not condemn that?

That recent ROCA church scout camp may be fine and something good, but it is NOT good or right, morally, to defend Putin and his many many lies.

UKRIANE and its current Kiev government and its many varied people are NOT THE BAD MONSTER people, that Putin claims. Putin is the true son of the Devil!
The Devil ALWAYS lies, always!!!

PUTIN IS RUINING RUSSIA!... not anyone, no other nation or force.

He teaches Russians [that old sour song of the bolsheviks], that the WHOLE world is against Russia and its peculiar culture and people, and that thus, he must FIGHT them all, to 'save Russia', etc. That is pure atheist-communist rubbish, brain-washing, propaganda. It was never true in the soviet-past, nor is it true in the modern world either. BUT those who support Putin, will pay later, when they come to the Dreadful Judgment of God.

God does not bless liars and murderers. He never ever has!
Just my observations
Rd. Daniel