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About Metr. Vitaly Leaving Synod

To:  one RTOC priest
From:  Reader Daniel
Subject:  Olga Nikitina interview about the events associated with the departure of Met. Vitaly from the building of the Synod, in New York, in 2001

Dear Fr. (sincere RTOC priest of good character),

Your understanding of the exact events around Met. Vitasly's retirement, and then his ...abduction... by the Mansonville Schism plotters, is entirely wrong.

Met. Vitaly ...wanted to retire himself, because his health was failing, which  fact he knew. 
Thus, he was not 'forced to retire'....  I have heard the personal testimony of many who knew him, and who witnessed what all went on in Synod Headquarters back then, and that is what they have told me.

And at that time, no one on earth, KNEW what was in the hearts of the pro-MP plotters or their long range schemes, and certainly not Agafangel either.

About Lavr Schurla, as one major mysterious betraor alone, who could have guessed that that man, whom many considered almost a living SAINT, could have lead that 2007 betrayal to Moscow???

We are still, to this day, trying to understand his mind and motives back then, and we... cannot fully guess at his mind.

And, of course, after he returned from that signing the Tomos in Moscow and his victory trip in Russia, to Jordanville, he... conveniently was found dead in his bed soon after, of 'natural causes.'  Was his death natural?... or did the KGB get rid of him,  [as they have a habit of doing, when some useful idiot has served his purpose and is then considered a liability?... to shut his mouth forever], in case he might have changed is mind, or told the world how they probably FORCED him to submit to Moscow?

Agafangel Pashkovsky has, all his life, been very anti-communist and anti MP.

So, your negative assessment of him, is entirely wrong.

Does anyone expect Agafangel... or even the ALL other ROCOR bishops or lower clergy or laity, back then, to have been.... FORTUNE TELLERS?... or who could look inside of men's minds and souls???

But yes, for the union with the MP plotters, to move forward with their betrayal plans, Vitaly HAD TO BE OUT OF THE WAY .....that was true.  Vitaly was for sure, very strongly against the MP [as was and still is, Agafangel too!].

Sadly, however, Vitaly.... could not physically continue as ruling metropolitan, because his body and mind were going downhill.  He knew that about himself, painfully well.  HE WANTED TO RETIRE!

THUS, that whole event, and change of metropolitans, simply played into the hands of the unionist plotters... .which was not clear to most people back then, not at all.

And too, those who designed the anti-canonical.... Mansonville  schism, had their own evil designs Met. Vitaly, and how THEY planned on taking control of ROCOR, for their own power reasons.  Those people were and are, rascals.  Varnava of Cannes, was one of them.
 So, I ask you... please try to see, that those confused  past events, are far more complicated than you or  some others imagine.... and so are what all is currently going on.

Regretably,.... the election and enthonement of Lavr, was totally CANONICAL... to the letter of the church laws... BUT...he.....later on.... turned out to be a JUDAS!...yes! (thus, he was not unique in church history, was he?] .....

The original Judas, also, was at first a disciple of Jesus, but...later... became His betrayer.
Fr. Siluan, NO ONE THEN KNEW WHAT WAS IN LAVR'S HEART AND MIND!.......only God fact, even now, we can only guess as to his motives.....

Most of us back then, myself included, considered Lavr as our lawful and proper new ROCOR Metropolitan... as also did Agafangel..... and we considered the rotten and disgusting.... Mansonville schismatics, [who later are called, 3- 4 at war with each other, divisions of "ROCiE"],  as uncanonical rascals... who had.... kidnapped..... old and sick and confused Vitaly, and were USING him for their own EVIL designs, and they expected Vitaly to soon die, and they wanted to replace him with...Varnava  Prokofiev, or another power hungry rascal.  But yes, others, as bp. Michael Donskov, and disgusting Evtichy of Omsk, were also up to their own tricks, that is quite true.  MANY hostile people and forces were working to divide and to destroy the old free-anti-MP ROCOR ...and look!... they have largely succeeded now.

Rd. Daniel in Oregon

P.S. When you make judgments based upon false or incomplete.... information, you end up making false conclusions. BEWARE!

Russian language original:

Olga Nikitina tells about the events associated with the departure of Metropolitan Vitaly from the building of the Synod in 2001

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. February 12, 2015.
INTERVIEW: The publisher of the journal "The Return" Russian Orthodox Church parishes Olga Nikitina about letters and draft letters Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov), as well as a review of his signature

"Portal-Credo.Ru":  What do you think  about a recent letter to the fourth pervoiererha ROCOR, Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov) led ROAC Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov) ? It is written in the new spelling, but everyone knows that Metropolitan Vitaly was hard supporter of the pre-reform spelling.
Olga Nikitina:  This is not a letter, and the project is quite well-known letter in my archives contain a copy, sent another fax. But then it is not "fired" does not become a sensation, because at that time, you know, Metropolitan Vitaly was subjected to such tests, betrayal and persecution so that everything that happens sometimes perceived nightmare.

Church Abroad, thanks to the efforts of some bishops adopted a new, irrevocable course toward union with the MP. Talks about the most actively conducted since 1994. In 2000 there was a "treacherous" Cathedral, which confirmed the readiness of the majority of the episcopate of the ROCA to connect to the "mother church." The only obstacle remained Metropolitan. The Synod could not wait when he finally dies, and took decisive action to unseat him from his post as First Hierarch of ROCOR.

History is fairly well known, and we will not repeat it again and go back to the letter. It came at a time when it was expelled from the Synod of long-term assistant and secretary of Metropolitan Lyudmila Rosniansky which is rigidly monitored any walkers and made it impossible to appear in some questionable projects signed by Metropolitan Vitaly. He is a year before the events taking place in the Synod injury occurred - broken collarbone, he would not know right hand, take pain medicine, and of course, given his age, was very unprepared for such shocks. He decided to leave the building of the Synod that housed his chambers.

His discouraged Synod bishops, they do not want a scandal, still less they would like such a turn of events, as the occurrence of Mansovillskogo Synod led by Metropolitan disgraced.

In the Synodal yard in New York Metropolitan Vitaly has his supporters expect different. The closest is about. Vladimir Shishkov, which offers your car and takes Metropolitan without calotte, confused and dazed, into the house.

In the photo : Metropolitan Vitaly in the synodal yard while trying to leave the Synod. Right on. Vladimir Shishkov

At home about. Vladimir Guest - Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov), or simply traveling across America, or who came to surgery, it does not matter. The important thing is that by using this moment, Mmitropolitu urgently advised to write some proclamation or message that he must regain power and fix the most glaring.
Prepared a project in which each adds something "its". So there is a section on the "mercy" of Metropolitan Valentine.

- Said during the meeting, Metropolitan Vitaly asked the Metropolitan  Valentine: "Why do you rarely appear at the meetings of the Synod?" And this is many years after the break with the ROCOR Suzdal.
- Yes, it is noted by all present at the meeting. In such a shock in what was the Metropolitan, every good part of his calm, gave some hope. So - no surprise. And then, he was the first Metropolitan not say like that. As it was with the congregation, which he for some reason, have not seen for a long time in the service of the Synodal temple
- Throughout the project a lot of mistakes that Metropolitan Vitaly would not do. "On your recognition and your hierarchy as brothers in Christ", "three of whom quite significant," and so forth., Plus strange punctuation. Or it says: "The Metropolitan Kyprianos" - and in another letter he writes correctly, "Cyprian" -  here, for example .

- And a number of other annoying revolutions. Firstly, it is a project, and I know one of the authors, for it is "very competent". Second, the Metropolitan of the text had nothing to do. He may agree with everything that was said to him, but, I repeat, was in such a state in which the letter is not written. In addition, not only to write a letter to his whole hand, but even sign he could not. Hand still perform poorly. Facsimile signature is, or rather, copied from one of the previous messages. The authors of the letter have tried to make it look like the well-known around the encyclical, Metropolitan of 9/22 June 2001

- What was the fate of this message? Was the final text, and not the project?

- Yes, there was. Here is the final version of the letter of Metropolitan,  the first page  and  second page . The same date, similar text, but as you can see, much of it is corrected, and the text typed in the pre-reform spelling. Sign the draft Metropolitan could not. He has always worked on the proposed text itself, eliminating all, do not agree with. The first option, he could not even sign because it impossible to style and some special confusion.

Furthermore, once a home. Shishkov Metropolitan was taken by car to Canada. And then there was the first "detective" story. Of the Synod, to prevent the abduction of the Metropolitan, a Canada Border Services Send a message to the machine with such a lucky number drugs. But supporters of the Metropolitan apparently learned about it. And from the Canadian side went up to meet another car with different numbers. It transplanted the Metropolitan, and he happily goes to his Mansonville. A parked car and its owner, Canadian border guards were subjected to scrutiny, but after a while, with apologies released. Approximately so told me this story at live events, one of the participants in this operation ... When we all gathered in Mansoville, as you know, the same project could not stay, and even more so - paragraph 2 b (of Metropolitan Valentine) .. .

And I do not understand that changes the text of the draft, what is its undoubted value?

- Some see this text as repentance Metropolitan Vitaly for their mistakes. For example, in the history of Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov).

- Well, if it convinces some and pleases, let, of course ... I just do not understand, Metropolitan Vitaly itself of some of their arguments decided defrocked Archbishop Valentine and broke off relations with the ROAC? It's synodal decision, and if it is wrong, it is a common mistake ROCA episcopate. Metropolitan is not entitled to fix anything, can only bring their personal sincere assurances that he was wrong. But in another formulation of the project. And a letter written on behalf of the First Hierarch.

Paragraph 2 b, apparently (and more in that moment there was no one) is included in the project about. Vladimir Shishkov. I do not think that Metropolitan Valentine is needed. He was a practical, intelligent man, get useful practice in the arms of the MP, it would thus receive rehabilitation of ... who? Metropolitan Vitaly just shifted. He had no authority when viewed from the standpoint of practical reasoning. In my opinion, it was just a sympathetic gesture on. Vladimir Shishkov distinguished guest.

- But that's another story, though similar in design: in fact, and in another case, tried to take advantage of the physical weakness of man. Metropolitan Vitaly generally valued and respected Bishop Lazarus for his mistrust of the Bolshevik regime in Russia, for the anguish of persecution. Bishop Lazarus break with the ROCOR and further education of the new association, known as RTOC, of ​​course, was painful for him. But in Mansonville were forces that set themselves to get rid of Bishop Lazarus, then bishop of N, from the Archbishop of NN and so on, according to the prediction svt. John of Shanghai "Our church is small, but clean as crystal." "Its' reading of the covenant of the Saint and was a factor in accelerating the collapse Mansonvilskogo Synod and the marginalization of its balance after the death of Metropolitan Vitaly.

With the letter, however, also partly "Detective". Project (or draft) messages arbitrarily picks up a woman served in the monastery of the Russian Federation and transmits it to Odessa: it's done. Yet in the first case. All with a touch of whether evil intentions, whether ordinary naive desire to correct the incorrigible.

In the photo : the left of the Metropolitan Vitaly assistant of the Russian Federation illegally smuggle unfinished letter to Bishop Lazarus
Interviewed nun Xenia for " Portal-Credo.Ru "

Internet Sobor Comments   

# RE: Olga Nikitina tells about the events associated with the departure of Metropolitan Vitaly from the building of the Synod in 2001 - Metropolitan Agafangel 12/02/2015 16:20

Much could be added, but all of this has already been written.  I would say that the Metropolitan not "pre-planned" to remove from the Synod, by contrast, had a long discussion, where it would be easier to settle.   Remove decided Lyudmila Dmitrievna Rosniansky, because it is completely "monopolizirova la "Metropolitan.  Instead of invited Iwaszewicz Alexander (who left this period of good memories and true). Metropolitan 2 (I think) of the day did not notice the lack of Rosniansky. Phones were switched off around the Synod and communication with the outside world was not.  After a while there was a LD Rosniansky accompanied Fr. Vladimir Shishkov and PN Budzilovicha.  Whether in the Synod was the police, whether she was called, I do not remember. LD Rosniansky told police that the building of the Synod is helpless people who are bullied (not fed, not cure, etc.).  The policeman stood up to the third floor, met with Metropolitan and asked him whether he forcibly held there and whether it has everything you need.  Metropolitan replied that there was no violence against them is not done, no claims he has not.  A police officer came down and said that everything is in order.  Then Rosniansky asked him to convey is. Vitaly that it downstairs and asks him to come down, because it will not let him.  The policeman stood up again and passed. Metropolitan what was downstairs.  Then it tried to persuade the two sides - the bishops and svyaschennosluzhite whether to keep him in the Synod, and LD Rosniansky Fr. Vladimir Shishkov that went with them.  Rosniansky said here combined with the MP and it is nothing to do here.  In the presence of a police officer in the Metropolitan asked where he wants to go.  Metropolitan said: "I am going there" and pointed in the direction of LD Rosniansky.  After that he was allowed unhindered about getting into the car and leave.  In fact, what is (and what) he went out into the street.  This moment was captured on the top photo.


  1. Additional historical input, corrections, from ROCA:

    Correction: The chaos at Synod headquarters, during a bishop's synod meeting, happened on a Wednesday, and Met. Vitaly, still in his bedroom slippers and just wearing  a simple cassock, [he had been having a pleasant  lunch in his quarters, with his cell attendant, Alexander Iwaschewitz], while the rest of the bishops continued their sessions down stairs in the church, was literally physically grabbed and spirited away, [being tricked into coming down to the street], Met. Vitaly was literally too tired to attend the whole bishop's sobor.

     Then, at the actual enthronement of Laurus, which event  happened some days after that, at which event Met. Vitaly did not attend, as he could not, being then in Mansonville.  However, at no time did Met. Vitaly object to his own retirement,  ... which he had himself requested the previous summer, or to Laurus succeeding him.

    By many around him, he was witnessed for some time previously, as being in and out of reality, very forgetful, and often quite confused.

    Also, the car that spirited him away from Synod, and first took him to New Jersey and then to Mansonville, was driven by Fr. Shishkov and in that car was also Valentine Rusantsov, and Ludmilla Rusnanskaya,  (not Varnava Prokofiev).

  2. historical clarification from ROCA eye-witness:

    about the departure of Ludmilla Rusnanskaya:

    Apparently on this same Wednesday, during the bishop's sobor, which was then in progress, [exact date I am unclear of at this time], all of her belongings were gathered up, and a cab was called for her, and she with her belongings were  escorted into the cab. She was told to not come back. She had interfered into the running of ROCOR and had been an obstacle for many to gain access to Met. Vitaly, for years, [some said for the previous ten past years],  and the other bishops felt it was long overdue, for her to leave. She saw herself, as Met. Vitaly's necessary caregiver, and as his protector. But, shortly afterwards, she returned with police, claiming that Met. Vitaly was being held against his will in his quarters and was being starved and abused and prevented from taking his medicines. At which, the police went to his upstairs apartment, and asked him what was the true situation, to which, he responded that all was well with him, and that he was not being held against his will, etc... at which point, the police left. Shortly after that, Ludmila returned, with Fr. Shishkov driving the car, and with Valentine Rusantsov, and convinced Met. Vitaly to come down to the street, whereupon, he was suddenly grabbed and shoved into their waiting car.

  3. From a witness:

    > From:
    > Subject: Hierarchal Council in October 2001
    > Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 19:49:03 -0500
    > To:
    > Dear Daniel,
    > The extraordinary Hierarchal Council that elected Metropolitan Laurus as the First Hierarch of the Church Abroad was held from 23-31 October 2001 at the Synodal building in New York City.
    > The actual election took place on 24 October 2001. After the election of Metropolitan Laurus, "Metropolitan Vitaly came to the afternoon session of the Council, assumed the president’s seat, congratulated the new First Hierarch and the entire Council of Bishops and called upon everyone to work in peace and unity of spirit. The Council of Bishops thanked Vladyka Vitaly for all of his labors for the good of the Church.”
    > It was only after that that the unfortunate abduction of Metropolitan Vitaly took place, probably with the next day or so. The only thing that is unclear is whether the above dates are given under the Old Calendar or the New Calendar. I think that they are New Calendar dates.
    > d.o.


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