Saturday, March 28, 2015

Holy Unction Vl Andronik St. Xenia's

From Holy Unction on Friday March 27 until the Divine Liturgy on Sunday March 29, Archbishop Andronik will be serving at the Cathedral. Our Archbishop will also be available to hear confessions in both English and Russian. Following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday March 29, the Sisterhood invites all to partake in a Trapeza – Luncheon in the Parish Hall.

Friday March 27 6:30 pm – Mystery of Holy Unction. The sacrament of Holy Unction provides both physical and spiritual healing through the Grace of the the Holy Spirit. The holy oil carries God’s Grace both to renew the body and cleanse the spirit and the mystery is based upon the Apostolic tradition mentioned in the New Testament. The service is composed of psalms, hymns of supplication, prayers to the saints, seven readings from the Gospels preceded by seven New Testament writings and followed by a prayer on behalf of the penitent. At the end of the service, the holy oil is applied to the forehead, eyes, ears, nostrils, lips, chest and hands of parishioners.
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