Monday, March 16, 2015

Islamics Intensify Efforts to Erase Christianity

This is what the deluded followers of mad false-prophet and false-messiah, Muhammad have been doing to Christian holy places and holy things, since, he walked this earth!

With us Orthodox Christians and other Eastern Christians under Islamic oppression, for many long painful centuries, ... we know, first hand,  of the horrible facts of how Moslems ACTUALLY... treat us, and have ALWAYS treated us, over the long centuries, [and  other Moslems  too], 'in submission to their peaceful and beautiful religion'.

Islam is the worst social and soul destroying curse upon the human race, which has ever been contrived by the Devil and foisted upon humanity. It is far worse than Communism.
Blind and naive Western Christians,[ and their churches and also their secular governments],  know little or nothing about this dark and bloody historical picture... till now.... when some may be finally waking up.

They are blindly ignorant of HISTORY.

These 'Islamic extremist terrorists' [as if they are not normal...practicing...real.... Moslems!],  of the present time, are nothing, in FACT,  but...good sincere REAL Moslems, just fully obeying the Koran and their demonic version of their contrived made-up 'God', their bloodthirsty hate-filled 'Allah', who more resembles man-hating, Satan, who is the primal adversary of the true Good God, Our Creator, and who desires the murder and the utter destruction and elimination of all mankind. The Holy Cross and Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, stand in Satan's  way, and thus in the way of 'good' Moslems.

But the Christian-ecumenists, prefer to still live on in their imaginary dream world, [ being totally ignorant of  real  historic Apostolic Christianity, -Orthodox Christianity... and also of...actual world-history] and they choose to view Islam as... beautiful and peaceful, etc.... a world-wide massive religion, that they hope to UNITE with at some... glorious.... point.
God forbid this!

P.S. Yes, it is true that many 'nominal'... weak, non-fully-practicing 'Moslems' are not so violent , and basically wish to live in freedom and material prosperity and peace, [ all western non-Moslem concepts] etc. But even those, in-name-only nominal, western oriented,   Moslems, seem to always be prone to easily being incited to extreme murderous violence... at a moment's notice.... and always justified by their Koran.

We see what they do to each other, not only to Jews and Christians and non-Moslems.
Islam is extreme mental and spiritual illness, a cancer upon humanity, a curse not a blessing.

We Orthodox Christians need to re-double our missionary efforts aimed at Moslems, to rescue them from their Islamic hell, in this world and the next.
Rd. Daniel


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