Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Atheists move America towards anti-Christian

As Atheists and other assorted anti-Christians move America towards a total anti-Christian Nation

...regardless of our personal and national mortal sins-

Category: The current American scene: 

While most self-labeled, American 'Christians',[ or so they still claim to be!],  sleep or keep silent, & never protest what is going on, as the  growing army of ....though still only a small percentage of the total population of this country, ....militant/humanistic-but anti-a-Divine Being and anti-organized religions /leftist politically/liberal/modernist/atheists...which includes many now, who are regardless,... surprisingly,..... and illogically.....  pro-Islamic! and economically and politically pro-Marxist!,  as  is our pathetic mindless president, this nation which was originally founded by a majority of Christian oriented believers, and which was largely founded on biblical and Christian oriented beliefs and laws,  is NOW TODAY, steadily & officially and LEGALLY persecuting practicing Christians and removing from our public and indeed, even private lives, any mention of Our Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, or emblems of His Holy Cross or of the Holy Bible. They even are throwing out the Ten Commandments!

America is rapidly becoming a totally immoral and a totally Godless anti-Christian  leftist/statist the old soviet-union was, and as it now, admirer of Lenin and Stalin, Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation! [except there, they maintain the exterior trappings of an official 'Orthodox Christian State' with an official, ROC/MP National Russian Church. But there, beautiful and new or renovated churches and public crosses and icons, are everywhere visible.

Here such public or official religious symbols and even placing a small wooden cross near the places where someone has died in car crashes along roads... which has been a common American practice for ages,  are more and more declar3ed illegal, and are forcibly removed by court orders, by our activist leftist-liberal atheistic judicial system, because they offend SOME  atheists and SOME other anti-Christians.

Why does it not count, that these [few in number], vocal and militant anti-Christians offend we Christians!

Why not declare them as illegal?...and prohibited? LET THEM SHUT UP!... or be put into prison, or expelled from our country.

They are using our protected freedoms, to destroy our mainstream Christian-based  culture and our finally our entire nation.

 Our original Constitution and Bill of Rights are too, being thrown on the ash heap of history, and already have little if any real effect. Our president, our 'Dear Leader',  and congress and supreme court, routinely, ignore those old irrelevant museum documents, and instead DO WHAT THEY PLEASE!... much like the so-called, soviet-era produced but well written propaganda document'  'The Russian Constitution'  which guarantees many liberties and freedoms, is treated over there. Putin put his hand on a copy of it, at his grand enthronement ceremony in the Kremlin, and swore with a solemn oath, to  'defend and to uphold it'.Emoji

This country is no longer the America as founded. Without God, we have no rudder, no solid moral or spiritual foundation upon which to maintain our nation. The leftist atheists do not have a clue where we need to go.

Rd. Daniel

*This below article's  shocking account regarding the U.S. military chaplaincy, is but one small example of the growing and widespread anti-Christian and anti-God, officially condoned persecution that is going on, all over  this country....from the top down.

 HOW LONG WILL ALMIGHTY GOD TOLERATE US? ...BEFORE HE JUSTLY DESTROYS THIS NATION? He has done to countless other unrepentant godless and wicked nations, 'who forgot God',  over and over, in history.

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