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Will There Be An Orthodox Empire?

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I believe that this expose treatise, is revealing or echoing some of the long-range power plans and empire building hopes of Vladimir Putin and his repressive neo-soviet KGB dominated throwback regime in Moscow, his desire to re-create the, 'glorious' (?)  old Soviet Union. Whether or not this all becomes a reality, only time will tell. Let us pray that it doesn't.
But I see this night-mare  pipe-dream, as catastrophic for Russia and for all Eastern Europe, the Middle-East and for Western Europe and America.

Further, what exactly will be 'Orthodox Christian' about this proposed Moscow dominated and run monstrosity?

How will it be, 'Christian' all?...except in outward appearances, in name only.
Just my thoughtful observations-
Rd. Daniel

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Will there be an Orthodox empire?
Author: i-sobor incl. April 22, 2015. Posted in Monitoring (Views: 41)

Vit Klima (Vít Klíma)

Due to friction with the Euro-Atlantic bloc, Russia [ i.e. under Vladimir Putin's regime], is increasingly turning to Asia. The problem that it is facing there is that Russia needs to avoid the "younger brother" role in its relationship with a strong China. One of the possible options to strengthen its own position in its relationships not only with China but also with the US and the EU, is the setting up in Europe of an empire, which will be founded on one common denominator, the common values of the Orthodox religion. Together with Russia, this empire could initially be co-founded by Belarus, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Macedonia and possibly Montenegro. There are also a large number of Orthodox believers in Albania. All together they could create an "Orthodox Union".

If the EU and the US fail to meet the expectations of Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia, which are now treating Russia with undisguised hostility, then in the long term one cannot exclude the possibility that they too would eventually also join the Orthodox Empire. In the end, the future will show whether it might also be joined by the Orthodox part of Ukraine. Generally speaking, if on the one hand, the US and EU influence  in the world declines, and, on the other hand, if the Russians – supported by the Chinese – will offer to these countries more favorable economic conditions of assistance and cooperation, then it is very likely that these countries will escape from the influence of the West. If the Russians do manage to create an Orthodox empire in Eastern and Southern Europe and Georgia, they would change the course of history not only in Europe but worldwide as well. In any case, as to Russia, this prospect is for her a long-distance race.

It is in this light that we can also see the Russian aid to Greece, which I predicted as early as two months ago. Russia can help Greece financially, for example, by giving a monetary  advance of the profits that Greece would receive in the future in the form of a transit fee for the natural gas supplied by Russia to Turkey, directly to the Greek borderlines. At the first stage this might be  help in the amount of several billion Euros. I will just remind all, that the "Turkish Stream" pipeline, according to current plans, is to become operative in 2019. It is possible that it would help in such a manner that now we cannot  not even guess at. Personally, I think this option is the most likely.

To me, it does not seem accidental that Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to a press conference about the impact and values of Orthodoxy, as well as about the 'family of Orthodox peoples'. I understand perfectly well that an appearance of an Orthodox empire (union) may seem to some respectable intelligent readers as utopian. However, history teaches us that a series of improbable events – at first glance improbable – has actually taken place.. And so the appearance of some version of an "Orthodox Union" in the long run, I would not rule out completely in advance. 

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