Friday, May 29, 2015

'Freedom of Religion' in Putin's Russia

'Freedom of Religion' in Putin's Russia today-

 May 25, 2015

Comment: But I am not sure, of the dates of these happenings. One place says 2008, but
then what is happening there today?, have these persecuted believers rebuilt, and if so, where?
The comment below, by Met. Agafangel suggests that he 'heard' that they have rebuilt, and near their original church....but?
These people in Vladivostok, are under one of the divisions of ROCiE, [ a byproduct or off-shoot, of the so-called Mansonville Schism from ROCOR,] it seems, ....under a bishop, 'Vladimir',?... but if he is Vladimir Telescheff, I am not sure. Their bishop may be another one, and not a Vladimir, as ROCiE has 3-4 or more divisions now. Their bishop  may be 'Orlov' in his last name?
Their bishop is shown in one photo, so those who know his face, may recognize him. I cannot.
Rd. Daniel

"Source": this link gives many more photos.

Russian language text of this article on Internet Sobor

Rough machine-English translation:

A holy place was empty. The expulsion of the community ROCA (V) Vladivostok: the visible results of

Written on. Valery Leonichev incl.May 25, 2015. Published in the persecution of believers 

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