Friday, May 29, 2015

What happens when you criticize Putin

What happens when you criticize Putin)- Near Death from Poisoning, But this could not be the work of V. Putin!!! (???)

 A warning: The viewer just has to overlook all of the advertisements and items which are not connected to these Putin matters.

But news of Putin having mobile crematoriums to burn up the dead bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, is alone,  quite disturbing. But then, his massive and very effective government propaganda tells the world, that 'there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine!', anyway.
Not only must we feel sympathy and sorrow for all those in Ukraine dying and suffering from Putin's mad military adventures, but also the poor Russian families who are loosing their precious sons, to his insane power delusions, the typical power dreams of all insane dictators in history. Such dictators don't care how many they cause to suffer and die. In fact, they seem to delight in it.

Which brings to mind the pathetic words of another well known dictator, Adolph Hitler, a madman,  to one of his generals, in his Berlin bunker, shortly before he took his own life: His general said to him: "My dear Fuhrer, the German people are suffering terribly!". Hitler's response: "They deserve to suffer, as they were never worthy of me!".

What is the difference with Putin's twisted mind? Russian families are paying the heavy heavy price for his monsterous  world-domination power hungry plans. And when and how will it end? Will there even be any Russia, when he is finished?

But, not to worry!  We are assured by MP clergy spokesmen that: "Vladimir Putin is a sincere Orthodox Christian: he goes to church, he lights candles, he kisses and venerates the holy icons, he crosses himself many times, he takes holy communion, he has a spiritual father who guides him, and he is a defender of the Orthodox, world-wide", etc.

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